How Bad Is A Csection And A Epidural

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Lauren - January 5

How bad is a csection and a epidural?


brandy - January 6

i had an emergency c-section and the main thing that "hurt" was the epidural the nurse kept saying stay still or you'll be paralized. it felt like ice going throughout my body. you'll feel the pressure of the dr cutting you but it dosen't really hurt. the worst part is the next day when the nurse has to push on your stomach to get all the afterbirth out. and when your pubic hairs grow back where you were cut. all in all i hear its better than v____ally.


Kristin - January 6

I went through 24 hours of labor prior to my c-section, thus I think some of my pain the days following were due to the hours of labor, not necessarily the surgery. I felt nothing during the surgery, just pressure. I'm not sure why brandy went thru what she talks about the day after with the nurse & the afterbirth. My Dr. removed everything during the c-section so this didn't happen to me ~ guess all doctors are different. The worst of my recovery pain, which was helped a lot with meds, was during the week after the surgery while I was in the hospital recovering. It hurt to sit up or laugh because of my stomach muscles. I had my epidural put in during labor about 9 hours before the c-section and while I'm not going to say it doesn't hurt, it is nothing compared to contractions, so I didn't really mind. Hope this helps answer.


KM - January 7

My experience was similar to Kristen's. I went through 13 hrs of labour and 4 hrs of pushing, and most of my pain and discomfort during recovery was from those hours. The c-section was a HUGE relief because I went all these hours without an epidural because it wasnt available. I felt no pain at all when they put in the epidural. but that might be because I was also having terrible contractions one on top of the other and that was about the only thing I could feel. The surgery itself is painless, its not even scary although I know thinking about it you think you would be terrified.Its actually a neat feeling because you just feel like someone is poking your tummy.The recovery is also easier, if you haven't gone through hours of labour first. It does hurt for a few days to cough and laugh etc. but you can just hold a pillow against your incision.


Ann - January 18

I had an emergency C-section 3 weeks ago. I had planned for a natural deliery hopefully with out any aide from an epidural. I don't like big needles. But the baby had to come and we only had about 5 minutes prep time before I went into the OR. I had a wonderful nurse who knew this was my first baby and first c-section and became my mom in the OR. She took my hand and laid my head on her shoulder and told me ok, you'll feel some scrubbing, yes its scrachy, now you'll feel a poke, and some burning, but ok see its going away now. Ok that was the lidocane (numbs the area) now you'll feel another smaller poke, ok, now you'll feel some pressure, squeese my hand... ok Ann you're all done, now hold still and we'll lay you down." Can I say those words were all that I needed. I spoke with the Drs as they came in and we kept the humor light but it really helped relax me. They set up the drape and then my husband came in. He sat next to me and I was really nurvous, I asked him to tell me about his bussiness trip to Germany. Within 5 minutes we heard our baby's first cry, and then I was totally fine, my worries gone. My baby was here and she was perfect. So how bad was it overal, the recovery was the hardest, it hurt to bend or even move, but I promis get up and MOVE WALK often, I walked every hour and a half between feedings and after 3 days in the hospital, and 2 days at home, I was feeling 80%. 1 week later, I felt 90% and now at 3 weeks I'm almost completly back to normal, except for my little pooch that I"ll work on soon enough. Good luck, things will work out, just remember to relax, and keep a prayer in your heart, you've got the best working for you, and the Lord is always on your side.


Lori - January 22

Hi Lauren, Do you have to have a c-section? I had one with my first and now am due in March having another c=section. It's not the greatest, just have a good positive mind set. It is a scary procedure I won't lie and the recovery is hard and long. If you get a support belt to wear it helps where the incisional pain is. The first few days are the hardest, even the first week, but after that you'll be able to get around and your body can start functioning more like normal. Let me know if you have any specific questions. The epiduarl isn't bad. In a c-section they give you a spinal. It's a little scary but it's a quick pinch in the back, a quick burn feeling, and then you start to get really numb. Not too bad really. Lori


Jackie - January 31

I was scared to death to have a c-section. I don't want to sugar coat it, but it was as bad as I thought it would be. I had some pains in my abdomin quite awhile after, but my recovery wasn't that terrible. It did hurt to cough or poop or sit up the first few weeks, but that gets better with time. For me, the pain felt like I had done situps nonstop for the 24 hours before - too bad my body didn't look that good! ha ha ha. I didn't think that getting the epidural was that bad either...and let me tell you, it was wonderful not to feel anything! Before I could even start pushing, I had no clue I was having contractions. The only problem I had with the epidural was that I think that made me sick. I was trying to sleep, but kept throwing up every hour. I had to lean over to throw up in a bucket many times and the leaning over made the tube for my epidural come undone without me knowing and I ended up feeling contractions for almost an hour (while dilated to 10) until we decided to do the c-section. Holy cow did that hurt! I tried breathing and that only lasted about 5 seconds and then I couldn't help but push. I would definitely recommend the epidural.


jackie - January 31

oops...I was just reading my response...I meant to say it WASN'T as bad as I thought it was going to be...sorry


Cheryl - February 7

After failure to progress and an epidural, I had a cesarean after my first son. The epidural was WONDERFUL!!! I could feel when she asked me before she began, and they ended up giving me more until I could feel nothing, nothing, nothing. The only bad part is that I vomited right after the surgery as they were wheeling me out! Had a spinal the second time. It was good too.


lisa wicks - February 23

how bad is a epidural



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