How Did You Feel During Your Section

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Mandy1984 - May 24

I don't mean physically but emotionally. My 1st section I was put right out under a general ansethic so Knew nothing about what was going on. My 2nd I was induced and had to have an emergency c.section... It was AWFUL!!!! I didn't feel any pain nor did I feel the 'tugging or pulling' sensation I felt nothing but it was the thought of it, I yelled and screamed the whole way through it, I was trying to leep of the table but only my arms and head were moving, I was screaming at my partner to pick me up and carry me out.... I just paniced!!! HAving an operation while WIDE AWAKE!!! being cut open and people rumaging around inside... NO THANKS!!!! Am I being silly? When I visit the dentist I pay extra to I can get the sedation called twlight sleep. Am I just a big chicken? I am 20 weks pregnant again (UNPLANNED) and it will be a section so I am terrified!! I do not want to be put under a general anesthetic but I would like some sedation so i am still awake but I would not be just as aware of what is going on.... The doctor has agreed to mild sedation so I was just wondering if you know of anything I could do to help calm myself


olivia - May 24

I think either nerves or something they gave me made me talk talk talk. I am so embarra__sed still. I kept feeling like I was being crucified but it came out that I just asked everyone who came in the O.R. if i looked like Jesus. One of the doctors finally understood what I was saying and said, "no dear, we aren't going to crucify you". Then I was shaking so much and could not relax. I just kept talking about nonsense. I felt tugging and kept moaning out. The doctor asked what I was feeling and I said it felt like someone was rearranging my guts, and they all sort of chuckled. What I was really feeling was it felt like someone had tied a piece of dental floss around my c___t. Whenever the doctor did something inside me, it tugged on the string really hard. I couldn't bring myself to tell him that, but that was the worst part. Then he said it was a little girl and she was so beautiful, and then they knocked me out. Mine was an emergency c-section, I had an infection and a fever during the surgery. I am now 10 weeks prego and will probably have another. I am freaked out too, but i think just focusing on the baby will get me through. I wish you luck. Beware of the sedation, it might make you talk like a crazy person! Your panic may also have been if you were in transition with your labor. That makes us all crazy. Anyway, trust your doctor and focus on baby :) That is all I can think of!


lovemy3 - May 25

hi there, I have had 3 sections and now how you feel. It is very "weird" to think that you are being operated on. Generally I am not an overly calm person but during my c-sections I pray for God to give me peace and He does. It is very weird because even my husband says I am unusually calm during my surgeries. So if you have a faith in something maybe you can try that. Also, you can think to yourself that by staying calmer it will also make the surgery safer for you and baby. If you are actively moving around and raising your blood pressure by upsetness that could be dangerous. Not to mention it is not a good idea for the surgeon to be working on you while you are squirming. Take deep breaths and think of how exciting it will be to see your baby. I have also found that the anestesiologist has also been helpful and chatty. He/she always tells me whats going etc and helps put my mind at rest. Good luck, remember deep breaths and prayer and you'll do great!!


gracie - May 25

When I read your post, I showed it to my mother and said, see she sounds just like me.... When I had my son last year I had an emergancy csection and because his heartrate was droping they didnt give the epidural much time to work. The doctor decided to cut anyways. Well I actually felt it on one side and I convulsed off the table and kneed the doctor twice in his chest. they immediatly put me under and I remember my last thought being I am going to die. It was awful. the only amusing thing is I had such a silly doctor who went out and told my husband and mother that it was a little hard to make prescision delicate cuts on a wild kicking woman. So my scar is crooked and longer by quite a bit on one side. I am now due for a csection on July 19th and my doctor (different one) sais she will wait till I am numb, but its like the dentist how sometimes they dont quite get you numb. I am convinced I may feel it again. I am terrified, however as it is inevitable as I get more and more pregnant and uncomfertable I am not obsessing about it as I was. The idea of being awake and knowing that although I may not feel the surgury (at least I hope I dont) but nowing my body is in complete distress and I dont feel it is so unnerving and scary. When are you due??? I have heard scheduled second ones are always easier and hope it is for us all......


kcll - May 25

First of all Gracie, that is horrible. They actually didn't wait for you to freeze..that's terrible! Ow! In my case I wasn't at all prepared for a c/s. I was induced and trying to give birth naturally but my body had other plans..I wasn't dilating enough so I had a c/s. I became sick and dry heaved pretty much the whole time and I shook really bad. I told my husband after that I didn't want to see anyone I felt so horrible. My next preg I scheduled one because I figured it was still alot easier than the pain of labour. It went alot better I still got sick but they gave me anti nausant so that I wasn't too bad. I just kept thinking that I would see my baby soon and kept praying that God would give me strength and bless me with a healthy baby. It's funny..even when you are prepared it is still a surreal experience..alot easier but surreal..I also kept breathing and relaxing..I think nerves are what makes the situation hard so if you can relax you'll have a much better time..good luck


Lovely - May 25

I have had 2 c's. One emergency (first) and one planned (last). I was scared as hell for the first one, and it all happened so fast, it was hard to get worked up about it. I was actually more scared for the second one, because I knew what was coming. You all seem to have horror stories, though, because you should NEVER feel more than 'pressure' which feels like someone leaning on your chest/stomach/belly. That is pressure. Nothing more. If you have a GOOD coach- husband, doula, what-ever to talk you through it. I found, actually, that my anastesiologist was the BEST! She was chatty, and upbeat, it was as if she was there for me, personally (not just to watch my ... what ever it is they watch) she was like my best friend. In fact, SHE was the one to announce that it was a girl. Support helps GREATLY! If it's your hubby, make sure he's more into you, than what's happening. It can be a great distraction! Good luck!


Been There - May 25

I had an unplanned c-section. I wasn't scared about the surgery at all. I was even annoyed I couldn't watch it or see it in a mirror. However, the only thing that did worry me and make me cry was when the thought hit me that something could be wrong with the baby. That was upsetting, but my (now) husband wiped my tears, looked me in the eyes and told me to stop upsetting myself. He said everything would be fine. I think it had just really hit me that a c-section after being in labor all day may have meant something was terribly wrong. Fortunately the baby was perfectly fine. I'm scheduled again and, right now, the only thing that I'm afraid of is sitting through getting the needle put in my back. I'm more worried about moving and being permanently injured than I am about being cut open.


Mandy1984 - May 26

I think about it in my head and have everything planned out, I will do some relaxing breathing techniques even try meditation even a MP3 player during the surgery to help me relax, I can be rational now but I know when the time comes I will be terrified!!.. With my 1st c.section I was right out so at the time it was easier but when I woke up I was in agony!! I didn't sit up in the bed until 3 days later!!.. With my 2nd section it was a spinal it was Horrible at the time but I was up walking about 6hrs later so I think the spinal somehow made the recovery easier. I am just sooo scared and when I mention it to th edoctors they just kinda shrugg it off like I am being silly


Chem400 - May 27

Hi Mandy1984, hey, you are NOT being silly! For some women a c-section is "easier" than complicated v____als, but for many of us they are not easy at all, and we who experienced labor for hours and hours would prefer that to another c-section. I would personally take labor any day over the stuff that went on during my sections and for years after. I had high spinals that caused my blood pressure to drop so low people were screaming at each other and I hemorrhaged and vomited and felt alot of stuff going on that was way more than "discomfort". Anyhow, you are not silly, surgery can be just as painful as v____al deliveries both during and after and in many cases more so. Best of luck to you this time.


Lynne - May 30

Hi Mandy: I am pretty sure you can ask for sedation in your epidural. I had a spinal for my emergency cerclage and I was sedated for that and then during the actual c section a few days later I was given all kinds of wonderful medicine in my epidural. I had been through so much between the opening of my cervix at 24 weeks, the emergent cerclage then 3 days later having an emergency cesarean I guess they felt I needed all the drugs I could get. I think if you explain how you feel about this and your past experience to your ob they will be more than happy to order additional sedation. I think you will do just fine since you know what to expect. Congrats on your pregnancy. -L


kad - June 1

i was really upset getting my section i cried and screamed when they tried to give my the spinal as i have a phobia of needles but the doctar was really good she just held me and and rubbed my hair till i was calm enough to let them do it, before it took effect i was sobbing and crying as it was started to work crying became harder lol. i felt like someone was sitting on my chest i could hardly breath let alone cry, and worst part was when my baby was born i couldent talk to ask for my gla__ses and between the drugs and lack of gla__ses all i saw was a pink fuzzy lump dangling in front of me hee hee! but when they tried to take her away by god i found my voice and screamed at them to leave her with my or id sue there a__ses off lol, they looked a bit freaked and they left her ha ha!



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