How Did You Deliver After Your Incisional Hernia Repair

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miranda - October 3

i just had umbilical hernia surgery 10 days ago with a mesh, a result of 2 large babies and c sections. i'm not sure if i'm done having kids, but i asked several physician opinions on whether to get it fixed now. i was told by a majority to fix it with a mesh now so the hernia doesn't "incarcerate" during pregnancy resulting in an emergency surgery. another OB told me she has had several patients with mesh repairs and tummy tucks do well with pregnancy and only had disomfort at the end. so, here i am, scared because i read all your correspondence! i am 34, very small build and carry my babies straight out front. can anyone offer solace? also, i'm having a lot of swelling in my stomach still from the surgery. i look 5 months pregnant, is this normal? i appreciate any response. thanks!


jewel - October 7

Hi to everyone! I found this site when looking up exercise and hernia, I am so glad I found it. I too have a incisional hernia and fear what will happen to it. I had so many complications with my children. I am 34 and have three boys 3,7,16. My childbirth experiences are life and death literally. I had natural childbirth with my first two and my last one was c-sect. Hold onto yourselves for this one, my second child was 13 pounds 23.5 inches, and I had him naturally and almost died having him. I had to have a fourth degree epsiotomy, I was really sick. My third baby was 13.4 pounds and 23.5 inches also, I had him c-sect., i had to see a high risk doc. (perinatologist) twice a week. I got a hernia about three weeks after my c-sect. , it's been three years and it hasn't been repaired. I have seen a specialist about it but he said i must lose weight to fix it. I became pregnant and seen my doc. for my pregnancy he wasn't worried but I was. It's scary, so scary to go through all of this. I feel so cheated sometimes because I have to deal with this. I lost the pregnancy in the first trimester. I am now losing weight but am scared of becoming pregnant, especially after hearing your testimonies. I was so suprised to see that there are other women going through the same challenges.


miranda - October 8

well, it's been 2 weeks since my hernia repair. my swelling has gone way down and i'm feeling great! still a little pain here and there, but otherwise feeling good. i'm still scared to get pregnant again. i want another baby but i'm scared it will be a painful pregnancy. if anyone else has had a mesh repair and got pregnant afterwards, let me know. only positive stories, please! just kidding. i'm open to hearing any of them.


jewel - October 8

hello miranda, i too want another baby but are scared. I want to have my hernia fixed but the doc. told me that i must lose weight or else it won't heal right. I have been excersing going on my second week, i am already losing weight, but i get worried about my hernia and the exercise. I too want another baby, but don't know if i'm willing to go through all that it's going to take to have another baby. I guess it is really depends how strongly you feel about having another child. I think that everybody situation is different so it really depends on how much you want another child.


nicole - October 9

I went to see the doc about the naval hernia repair and the problems I was having with the mesh & he had no real solution for me. He thinks there is a small, small chance my mesh has rolled, but needs to see the operative reoprt to know the exact location of the mesh at the time of surgery. He said it is not that common for people to have problems and that pregnancy should be fine, but I might have some pain in the naval. I am not pregnant yet, but will let you all know once I am & how it feels.


miranda - October 10

thanks for all your input. for nicole, how long ago was your mesh put in? you said it rolled? how did you know? has anyone mentioned that since mesh doesn't stretch, being pregnant may make you more uncomfortable or painful? thanks!


3rd Time Mommy - October 15

Well, I'm heading into the last stretch now and the baby is scheduled to be delivered around the end of November. So far, my mesh is holding up really well and I feel a little pulling and burning every now and then, but it's not too bad at all. I have gained right at 30 pounds so far and have only a handful of weeks to go. So far, so good! I'll keep updating!


jewel - October 17

Congratulations third time mommy, I am very happy for you, I hope all goes well. I know what it is like to go through pregnancy wondering if everything is going to turn out okay, I truly wish you the best!!!


miranda - October 19

can't wait to hear how the delivery goes, third time mommy. glad to hear the mesh is holding up well. i'm still having pain here and there, but it's only been 3 weeks since the repair. hopefully when we decide to get pregnant, all will go okay.


Ann - October 19

Hi Miranda, so glad to find someone else that just had naval hernia repair. My surgery was 2 weeks ago. It went ok, first couple of days, hurt to move and walk but after 3 days I was walking around the house. My incisional site was pretty swollen too. It actually looked like a huge hernia, but now after 2 weeks, the swelling has gone down alot. If I twist a little or sometimes bend over, I feel a little doctor said it would take about a good month for the swelling to be gone. He said not to work out for 2 months though. My hernia was small and he debated whether not to use mesh, but because I told him I wanted more children, he went ahead and put larger size piece and reinforced it with more sutures on the inside. They way he explained it was, it's like taping up a window and then nailing in the shutters. Two sheilds of reinforcements. I had this hernia from the result of 2 c-sections with two big 9 pound babies. I'm small frame girl and gained huge amounts of weight with both pregnancies. The doctor says he sees this a lot with mommys that gain so much weight during pregnancies. Anyways, I'll keep updating as to how I'm feeling. Hope your feeling ok. :)


miranda - October 21

ann, so glad to hear someone else is in the exact same boat as me! your story is just like mine. so glad to hear that your doctor recommended using the mesh since you want more kids. does your doctor think your next pregnancy could be painful with the mesh or will it undo? does he think it will require another repair? does your OB think your next baby could be even bigger? when was your surgery? mine was 4 weeks ago and i still have little twinges of pain on the right side every day when i bend over or work out. my doctor didn't say i couldn't work out but he didn't say yes either. maybe i need to not work out, what do you think? let me know!


Ann - October 21

Hi miranda, my doctor says he's confident that I'll never have to get it repaired again. That the mesh should holp up during pregnancy because of the way he sutured it OB said that her patients with the hernia repairs just felt some twinges here and there. One thing is for sure, I will not gain excess weight with the next baby, if and when I get pregnant again. I'll work with a nutritionist or something, but I'm not gaining 70 pounds again not with a hernia repair! My surgeon said try not lift much for the first month and not work out for at least 2 months. He said it's better not to aggravate it and let it heal nicely so you never have to go through another hernia left side gets some zapping pains, not painful, more like annoying. But I'm sure it's just the nerve endings mending back together. I struggled for 2 years contemplating whether or not to have the repair because some doctors would say...oh if your gonna have more kids then don't get it done yet, my surgeon said well talk to your OB, My OB would say talk to the surgeon. Basically, no one would give me an answer as to what to do about it. So, that was it, I said it's better to safe then sorry. I'm glad I got it done, it's one less thing I have to worry about.ya know. My surgery was 3 weeks ago. Keep feeling better. :)


miranda - October 22

hey ann, i think i've been overdoing it! today my right side is going into muscle spasms under my rib cage around the suture area. i've been wearing a binder every day to help with support and swelling since i have to lift my two young kids (age 2 1/2 and 14 months). i'm going to stop working out and just do walking. i can't believe you gained 70 lbs with your pregnancies! when was the last one? have you lost the weight? i gained 38 lbs with both of mine. i lost the weight quickly after the 1st c section but it took a year to lose it the second time around. like you, i have a pet_te frame and small hips. i saw two plastic surgeons about the hernia repair, thinking they would fix it nicely. they both thought i needed a mini tummy tuck too since i carried mine straight out front. i have a lot of loose skin and muscle laxity, but i really just wanted the hernia repaired since i want more kids. my general surgeon did the repair laproscopically. it was pretty painful, so i can't imagine recovering from a tummy tuck! i'm a little frustrated because my belly b___ton is still sticking out! my doctor says it's from fluid and it will get better with time. what about you?


Ann - October 22

Hi Miranda, this is too funny! It seems like I'm reading my own words. I too was wearing a binder for a couple of days, just to give it some support. I had the exact same pain on my left side under the ribs too. It seems to be more towards the end of the day. After a long day of doing motherly duties it creeps up. My doctor said I would not need to wear one for recovery but I do anyways, when I need too. It gives me instant support. Yeah, this is gonna take a little while for our tummies to heal. I'm trying to be extra cautious with it, so it heals RIGHT. ya know. My belly b___ton sticks out still too and I have some of that extra skin too around the belly. It used to bother me a lot and how i can't wear a bikini anymore, but o' well it's the price you pay to have kids. If I were single and looking, then it would be another story. LOL ! How's this for painful, the day of surgery, I come home and 2 hours later, I puke( from the anesthesia). I ran to the toilet and pushed my tummy in, ( I knew it was gonna hurt) and I saw stars. I felt my insides ripping out from my center belly b___ton. I said O please let stay intact, my repair. Then the next day, my mom said something funny and I had a laugh attack. I held onto my tummy, I was seeing stars again!!! But, here I am now recovering nicely and nothing happened to it from laughing too hard. Thank God. ( I know you'll appreciate that story)! I'll keep you posted. :)


miranda - October 22

oh my gosh! i almost puked at the hospital after surgery and begged the nurse to give me an extra dose of phenergan so i wouldn't puke - i knew it would be the most painful thing ever! thank God i never did, i can't imagine how bad that was. about the laughing too! about a week after my surgery, i was reading something funny on the internet and couldn't stop laughing. i was making these little panting noises and holding my stomach trying not to laugh, tears streaming down my face! my maid was here and came running, thinking i hurt myself. when she saw i was laughing, she was so relieved! i'm so glad to know your belly b___ton is still out, too. i didn't want to call the doctor about it since i figured it was probably swelling. i guess you just want to see progress right away when you've had surgery. how old are your kids? when do you want to try for another one? i know what your saying about the price of having children on your body, but they are so worth it! i wanted them so bad, so i shouldn't complain about not being able to wear a bikini again. thank goodness i'm not single! i'm so sick of my binder! it has "boning" in it and it jabs my ribs and hips where they are bruised! what kind of binder do you have? mine is actually a girdle i bought after my 2nd c section. i was in a wedding and i needed to fit into a dress! let me know! thanks!


Ann - October 29

Hey miranda, My swelling has gone down alot. It's been exactly 4 weeks now since surgery. There's a tiny little bump on the belly b___ton. It doesn't hurt to touch it, but I get so freaked out when I do touch it. I can kinda feel the mesh, something whatever it is. I think I remember my doctor saying that I would probably get scar tissue around the site... I haven't had to use the binder at all this week. The binder I have is awesome. I got it after my second c section too! It's from " one step ahead catalog" a post partum binder. It has no boning, it stretches and has velcro. Highly recommend those one. My kids are 6 and 4. Actually, my doctor said that you could get pregnant right away because the belly wouldn't start protruding until the 5th month or so and he said that would be plenty of time for it to heal. But, I don't know about that....I rather wait longer for it to heal REAL good. We'll I'm feeling better, how about you? keep me posted.



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