How Do I Get My Stomach Back

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cameronsmommy - April 21

I had my son 10 months ago. by emergency c section! since then ive been cursed with this gross flab of skin where my waist used to be, and im just devestated about it. i cry alot because of it and ive worked out but it just seems to stay the way its been since i had my son, i just dont know what to do anymore..


cshaylee - April 22

Hi, cameronsmommy! First, congratulations on your healthy baby! That's the most important thing, right? That said, as a fellow woman, I know about that "gross flab of skin" that you're talking about. I call it the "shelf of fat", myself...referring to the stubborn and strange clump that seems to hover just over the c-section scar...only us c-sectioners would know about that one! I know it's been ten months but don't lose hope. My son is about 14 weeks, now, and it's been a long three months but I'm starting to feel great about my body CAN get there! In fact, I'm even thinking about having another...soon! I guess the biggest question is, are you doing enough cardio? I know it's hard to fit it in, and I know the first instinct is to do crunches, but I stubbornly persisted, even when I felt like giving up, and it's my running that finally kicked that "shelf of fat's" a__s! I do lift weights and do plenty of abdominal excercises, as well, but seriously, it's the cardio that get's everything going...the rest just helps with the overall tone-up, in my opinion. Another suggestion that I'm big on is the physio ball...I always called it the "ab ball". Either way, it's that big goofy thing that you may have even seen in your delivery room! It's great for core strengthening and since I've started implementing it into my excercise regime, (I started before trying to get pregnant so that I'd have a jump-start on things) I've developed REALLY strong abs! In fact, my midwife told me that because I got such a strong core going, I probably wouldn't really "show" during pregnancy 'till 7 months. I didn't believe her but she was right, and once I had the baby, it only took about a week to get a flat stomach again. Of course things were a little loose for a while, but as far as actual muscle control, it definitely helped. Keep that in mind for any subsequent pregnancies...and good can do it!


pregnantjackie - April 23

while you are working out wear a tummy belt, or something to hold in your tummy while you are doing cardio.


tummy tamer - May 5

ma__sage your tummy, without oil- suck tummy in and out with held breathe and while bending over hands on knees. got that? reactivate your core muscles- but ma__sage your scar everyday- hold above and below scar, then press thumbs into lower part of scar- there is a whole scar ma__sage guide with a c/s recovery it- got to a LMT or PT if youcan


RMC - May 13

cameronsmom - honestly, I've seen so many articles that say if you've had a csection you're cursed with a pooch that no amount of exercise will help. I don't know if I believe it to be true, but I do know that I'm 5'4, usually between 95-100 pounds, and I have a pooch that doesn't go away no matter what.



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