How Long After C Section Till I Can Hold My Baby

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Evansmomma - January 25

I am 36 weeks pregnant and I went to the doctor a week ago and was told my son is breech. Doc said that if he doesn't turn by next appt then I am going to have to have a c section. The doctor said they will let me look at him for a moment and then they will send him with my husband to the nursery. My question is how long after they take him till I can hold him? Did anyone feel like they lost out on immediate bonding time? I wanted so bad to have a natural labor and for him to be placed in my arms after he is born. I guess I need a little reassurance from some women that have gone through this. This is my first child.


emunah - January 25

I am in the same boat as you and I was wondering the same thing. I hope some people post answers soon.


K - January 25

For me it was 10-15 minutes tops before I got to hold her. I had an emergency C-section because the baby was breech. They wanted to check my little one out right away because of the trauma of the labor before the C-section, so they held her up quickly and then took her to check on her. They checked on her right next to me so I got to watch her little face the whole time. Then they wheeled us both out at the same time, and she and my husband went to the nursery where they got her all cleaned up and I went to my room. As soon as they got her cleaned up, they brought her right to me. While I would have prefered a complete natural labor (I had most of one at rapid speed before the emergency C-section which is another story), I don't feel like I lost out on any bonding. Your baby has heard your voice for months, the baby knows you. It will still be wonderful when that baby is placed in your arms for the first time.


K - January 25

I should have said the 10-15 minutes was the full time from when she was born, not the time she was away from me.


SuzieQ - January 25

As soon as my dd came out, they held her up then got her cleaned up right away. I'm not sure how long they took, but dh and I got to watch the entire time. Then they let dh hold her close to my face so I could admire her :) and then we went to the recovery room. I stayed there for an hour or so, and family could come vist, I nursed her for over 20 minutes. I held her most of the time. Then we all headed back to my room, and she stayed in a ba__sinet with us the entire time. I live in B.C. Canada and our hospital policy is to have the baby with the mother the entire time, unless the baby needs medical a__sistance. Anyways - congratulations and good luck!


sahmof3 - January 25

With my oldest he was born in the middle of the night (12:53 am). After they cleaned him up dh held him up to me while I was being st_tched. He was taken to the nursery and they didn't bring him back until about 7 am the next morning even though I kept calling the nursery all night. He had blood sugar issues, so I guess that was the main reason they kept him. DH actually stayed with him the whole night in the nursery lol. My 2nd baby (dd) looked up before my doc had completed her incision and took a breath and turned breech and had to be pulled out by her feet. She got fluid in the lungs and had to go to NICU, so I only saw her briefly before she went there. As soon as I could feel my legs I was taken down to see her and hold her, so that was also several hours later. With my 3rd, I had to be under general anesthesia. I woke up in recovery, was there for about 45 minutes and then was taken to my room. I was very loopy and out of it... apparently I accused my DH of intentionally keeping my son from me and threw jello at him lol... I don't remember any of it... so, yeah, I was pretty out-of-it. So, for my son's safety I didn't get to hold him (or see him... I had been asleep for his birth, so I hadn't even laid eyes in him yet) for about 7 hours (born around 2pm and I saw him for the first time around 9pm). He also had blood sugar problems that they were trying to regulate. Lucky for me, my kids took right to nursing, so that never became a problem, even with the delays in seeing them. Bonding wasn't a problem, either.


Leilani14 - January 26

When I found out that I'll probably will have to have c-section my bigest fear was that they won't let me hold him, or be with my baby. Well everything went better than I thought. When the dr took him out I saw him right away because the table where dr were examining him was just next to my head. When he was all done DH held him and showed him to me and nurse took a tons of pictures all while dr was stiching me up. When I was done they took him to the nursery and Dh wanted to stay with me. In recovery I got a little sleepy. My blood prea__sure droped a bit, which is normal after the surgery. So I took a short nap, maybe 20 min. Dh checked on our little one in the nursery and they were monitoring his body temperature and we were told that they will bring him to me as soon as they are sure he can maintain his body temp OK. So it was maybe 30 more minutes when they brought him to me. I was still in recovery and he was with me since then. I held him as much as I wanted, I wached him sleep right next to me. I would give him to nurses only to bathe him and to take him to see ped dr every day. I think that we havent lost a second of bonding time. I don't think we would get more time together if I had him v____ally. Maybe I would be more tired and sleepy. I heald very fast.


Evansmomma - January 26

Thank you so much for all the stories. Anybody else have any?


Kara H. - January 27

My hubby kept hogging our LO. He was 6wks early so they weren't sure if he would need medical a__sisitance, so they let me see him for a moment than wisked him to a heated room about 12 feet away but left the door open so I could see. My hubby (with my permisson) left my side and went to be with him while he was getting cleaned and evaluated. About a minute or two later, hubby yelled over his shoulder to me, "He's Fine!" and the he got to give him a bath and do his foot prints and such while I was getting put back together. Hubby just kept standing in there with the nurses, holding Max all bundled up and just talking with them. I finally said very loudly, "Do you think I maybe I can see him now!?!?" So he brought him to me, but I was really shivery from the spinal so I couldn't "hold" him but they laid him on my chest cheek to cheek with me. And he said there while I was in recovery and while I was transported to my room. My hands shook for a long time, but hubby helped me tuck him into the bend of my arm when I got to my room and was able to sit up a bit. The did steal him from me from time to time for blood sugar checks, and stuff. I had my c/s at 10:35 at night (after 16 hours of labor) so I was really tired when we got back to the room. I kept Max until 1am then I let him go to the nursery, since I was exhausted and my hubby had to go to work in the morning so he went home.


o0LiLy0o - February 1

When I had my c-section, My husband held Jay first. But when I went to the recovery room, They places Jay between my legs on the bed and pushed me to the recovery and then while I was still numb I held him and fed him. After I wasn't numb anymore, I was taken to a room and Jay was taken to the nursery until he was hungry again. For the first 2 nights he was in the nursery and he was given to me when he was hungry. during the day the nurse would come and help me to feed him. I started walking the second day after my c-section and it was so painful I thought I was going to die. It was so painful and from what I hear, It's much easier to give natural birth, but Hey a c-section isn't that bad because you don't have to go through the stress and pain of an actual v____al birth. I wouldn't worry too much, because in America, they are good at what they do.


momma0710 - February 1

They had her father hold her while i was cleaned up but he was able to sit right by my head so i could kiss her and she could hear and smell me, and then as soon as I was in recovery (i had feeling and motion in my upper body) they laid her next to me and she nursed. I never let go of her after that unless they needed to check her. It was about 30mins between when she was out of my body and when we were in recovery. BTW not thst you asked but ever chance i get I like to tell people my csection was wonderful (you can see my old posts under my old sign in "vjr") i would do it again in a heartbeat!!!


moescrilla - February 2

with me...not to scare you, but it was 45 minutes to an hour. I had an emergancy c-sec. because the cord was compressed. They took him out, cleaned him up and took him to the nursery. My husband went with him and I stayed there to get sewed (or stapled, lol) back up and went to recovery for a little while. But it may have been different since I had an emergancy c-sec. and stuff, I really dont know.


freebird - February 3

I didn't hold my babies until a few hours later. I had been up all night in labor before my c-section and I couldn't keep my eyes open after the surgury so I really wanted to hold them when I was feeling a little better. I was scared I'd drop them! After I slept for a while I asked the nurses to bring them in. I could have held them sooner if I'd wanted to but I really wanted to be able to concentrate on them and not on how crummy I felt from being in labor for so long.


Iwant8 - February 8

I have had 6 kids. The last 3 were breech. I still have not had a c-section. There is a chiropractic technique that can help if the problem is your pelvis. The Wilson technique is what it is called I believe. The chiro will re-adjust your hips and in the first two breech pregnancies it worked great. With-in a week they had turned. The last baby was breech and stayed breech. I had the version done. DO NOT hest_tate to tell your doctor NO to a c-section if they have not done all poible things first. The version I was told was VERY painful. However, for me it was not. In fact It did not hurt at all. Partly becuase I had a highly trained specialist who did it...that was all he did for a living and so he was highly skilled. The interent is full of ideas and information too. I know that you can ly on an irond board...for me, that was very painful. So I only did it once. You can play soft music by your pubic bone....they turn sometimes to hear the music...there are a tons of suggestions. My biggest advice would be look into all your options thouroughly. Once you have that c-section, you will most likely have a section EVERY TIME after that. It is a permenant choice. If however you do end up needing a is okay. You will heal, and you can still have more kids. My sis-in-law has had 5 c-sections...all very sucessful. It will all work out! Just educate yourself and take control of your body, your delivery and your baby! Good luck!


tiffany m smith - February 11

i was able to hold my daughter as soon as i was out of the opreating room. They laid her next to me on the bed until i was in my room and in a more up right position. i live in alberta canada so the hospitals here dont take baby unless they have too, the hospital i delivered at doesnt even have a nursery because they believe in rooming-in. your best bet is too check with your doc!!! Best of luck


NICOLE - February 12



MM - February 13

My dh got to hold him right away but then they had to take him to NICU for a bit because he'd swallowed meconium. I think I got to hold him about an hour after I was taken to recovery.



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