How Long Can You Hold Your Baby After C Section

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Kris - September 1

My doctor is considering a C-Section for me, and the only thing I'm worried about is not being able to hold my baby right away. How long after a C-Section can you hold your baby?


Jamie - September 1

For me, it was about half an hour...but I could see her the whole time, and her daddy was right there with her the whole time.


Michelle - September 1

I held my daughter on the way out of the operating room.


Donna - September 1

I was put under and I didn't get to hold my son for a few hours. It took me a while to come out of it.


Barb - September 1

I had a c-section I got to see her right after she was born but when I was shipped off to recovery they took her to the nursery, so I didn't get to hold her again til about 2 hours after she was born.


KH - September 1

my hubby stayed with baby for about 45 mins while I was st_tched and then I was brought to the rec. room and held him right away. It will not be difficult for you to hold the baby believe it or not.


Amy P - September 2

i got mine in the recovery room and then as soon as i was out of the recovery room and in my own room they brought the baby in right away!


EM - September 2

As they were st_tching me up they did all the stuff they had to do to my baby and then brought him right back down to me in recovery (@30min) THe midwife in the hospital helped me get him latched on right away and I held him (well, draped my pretty numb arm over him) for quite a while. THen they brought him to my room after we were set up.


Amy - September 2

i have had 3 c-section and could not hold baby till later 1st like 10hr 2nd 5hr 3 2hr


Tennielle - September 2

I wasn't able to hold my daughter until i came out of recovery and the drugs wore off... i came out of surgery by 8:00 am and out of recovery until 1:00 pm. after that it was about 3 hours before i was able to hold her.


Jade - October 1

I held my daughter while they transported me out of the operating room, but that was about 5 min. after they took my epidural out. Soon after being in the recovery room I could not hold her anymore because I was in too much pain.


mt - October 1

Why is your doc considering a c-section for you? Don't do it unless absolutely necessary. I had 3 and 1 v____al...while I got to hold my first when (if you can call it that) on the gurney when they wheeled me out of the OR, I didn't really hold him again for hours later. I had a general for my my first section. The next 2 I didn't get for like 2-3 hours after due to recovery room and bleeding problems. I would certainly be more worried about other things than holding your baby right away. Don't do surgery unless you need it. With my v____al baby I got to hold her while she was still connected via the umbillical cord and she never left my room. Good luck!


Katrena - October 1

I had 2 C-Sections and am due to have a third in Nov I agree with MT don't have a C unless absolutely necessary it is a longer recovery than a v____al and you get to go home the same day most times if not the next day with a C you have to stay in hospital for 3-5 days you can't shower for 3 days just wipe off and I had 20 staples in abs and had to be careful with sneezing and coughing I also had to do breathing therapy to keep from getting pnemonia but on yuor question about holding the baby I think it all depends on the DR I held mine right after they were born they cleaned them up did the apgar test weighed them measureed them and wrapped them up and brought them over and laid them on my chest it was amazing



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