How Long Does It Take To Recover From A C Section

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Dawn - June 28

My doctor has said that he will book me in for a c-section when I am 39 weeks as my baby is breech and the doctors don't want to turn her as she is small. What I want to know is how long does it normally take to recover after a c-section and what type of excercises can I do after the c-section?


Nerdy Girl - June 28

It's different for every person and every pregnancy (even for the same person). I had two c-sections and they were both radically different. Regardless, you should wait 6 weeks before exercise (your doc will give you the go-ahead). With my first c, I was feeling pretty good before the 6 week mark and starting getting out and doing some long walks with the baby in the stroller. My 2nd c had some complications and I was not able to really do much until about 8 weeks after, and even then I felt bad after I exerted myself. Seriously, my first c-section went so smooth that I did not have an ounce of hesitation to have the 2nd c-section. Hopefully you will have no complications and you will be up and about quickly.


snugglybugglys - June 29

Yeah each one is different. With my first, I started feeling pretty good after about 4 weeks. With my second, I felt great after just 2 weeks. With my 3rd, I couldn't really do much, and didn't feel anywhere closer to myself until around 8 weeksish. Good luck! :)


Dawn - June 29

Thanks for the advise. I'm just getting so nervous about having a c-section.


snugglybugglys - June 29

I know what you mean, this will be my 4th, and I'm soo nervous! While they are prepping you in the OR, they give you this drink, and it makes most people throw up uncontrollably. That I think is the thing I'm dreading the most. It makes me sick for almost the whole day. Is someone coming out that can help out a little bit after your c-section? That for me is the best help while recovering.


AmyB - June 29

i pray that my 3rd is as easy as my ohter 2 i recovered very well and i know everyone is different but the best advice i can give is get up and moving as fast as you can that way you dont let your body set and get stiff also if you get up while you still have the drugs it helps alot the next day!!!! dawn i posted to you on baby poops about head stands have you tried that?


Dawn - June 29

AmyB-Yes I tried the head stands yesterday while dh and I were watching a Western Film. Dh just laughted while holding my legs. Snugglybugglys-What is the drink they give you for?


Nerdy Girl - June 29

I think the drink is for acid reflux or to prevent you from puking or something like that. They didn't give it me for my 2nd c-section because I told them that I had taken a pepcid about 4 hours prior.


AmyB - June 29

dawn it is an acid neutralizer so that why they are moving and shaking things in there you dont feel the need to still happens but its suppose to help..i had it with both c's and it tastes nasty but its only like a shot size and tastes like a lemon juice type thing...sour....anyhow i did hand stands in the pool..much easier and it did work?! good luck!


SusanJ - July 2

For me and many women I know it took a long time, a lot longer than labor and v____al delivery. One woman i know refused a repeat section and was jogging 2 weeks after her VBAC, you will NOT want to jog 2 weeks after a section. I understand your baby is breech and some things are just the way they are. You may recover in a couple weeks, or you may take a couple months or longer, it depends on your body's reaction to surgery, any complications and how you heal. I took quite awhile and I am not a baby about pain. Best of luck to you.


JenR - July 3

I had one 6 weeks ago - I go for my 6 week check up tomorrow. I feel great. The first 2 weeks were the worst - but in my experience, they weren't really that bad. Each day gets better. When they take the catheter out and tell you its okay to get up, DO IT. The sooner you get up and start walking (very slowly of course) the faster you recover. Take the drugs when they offer them to you!!! Also, don't overdue it at home....take it easy and get some help or you will slow your recovery a bit.


angelbebe - July 3

I had a c-section about 5 weeks ago. I'd say the first like three-four days were the roughest, but you just take it slow. I'm sure it is different for every woman. If you are healthy and have stayed in reasonably good shape during pregnancy, your body will probably heal a bit faster. Definitely get up and walk around as soon as you are able to. I started feeling almost normal about a week ago. Just taking the exercise slow for another week or so. Don't be nervous about the section. It goes so fast and once you see that little baby, you don't care about anything else! Also, I never got any kind of "drink" nor did I feel nauseated. I guess that isn't routine everywhere??


Chem400 - July 3

Hmmm...VJR, what is up with you? I went back and read SusanJ's post and she did nothing to instigate your ire. Go on with your section but she has as much right to say what she says as you do. Everyone knows you have gone after her before so please, for the rest of us just STOP! I think intelligent women know there are good and bad outcomes from both types of birth, but certainly no one looking for info only wants one point of view or only the good stories. The lady asked for c-section recovery stories, you have not had one yet. Enough said. By the way, you are incapable of intimidating me so please don't try. Dawn, each women is different, some bounce back quickly and some have prolonged, physically painful recoveries from their c's. It has nothing to do with them personally, it is a roll of the dice on which type of recovery you get. Happy birthday wishes to your new daughter.


sahmof3 - July 4

I've had three c-sections. The first was the roughest recovery, only because it followed a hard 24 hour labor. Plus, I wasn't instructed on how to get up with a pillow supporting the incision site (which REALLY helps). The next two c-sections weren't bad. The first time out of bed HURTS, but gets better after you move around that first time!! I felt pretty good after about a week. Not sure how far along you are, but I'm wishing you well, as far as maybe your baby will turn for you... good luck... ~sahmof3~


vjr - July 5

chem400 i am not intimidated by you either or anyone else and I will continue to say how i feel so you can STOP telling me your ent_tled to your opinion i know you are and so is everyone on this site. And my opinion is you and Susanj both seem to ALWAYS bring up negative information surround c-sections and i felt like i should also share some of my information surrounding vbacs, because no 2 births or recoveries are the same and you both seem to fail to reconize that...Susanj's post said "you will NOT want to jog 2 weeks after a section" and my point is how does she know how Dawn will feel?????? Also don't feel like everytime i post you need to try to put me down or even post a response unless i'm speaking to you directly.


Chem400 - July 5

VJR, reread my post as well as yours, it was stated that every woman is different, that some bounce back quickly, some don't. Re: your post to SusanJ, your statement should apply to you as well, why do you feel everytime SusanJ posts your must respond..."...SusanJ strikes again...". I don't know you and thus have no issues with you, but I will continue to post when I feel like it. These are public forums and as such I wish both you AND SusanJ would back off a bit. You have stated you are choosing a c-section but haven't had one yet, myself and others here have had them and may not have chosen them and feel we are in a position to share our experiences. This poster wanted to know about c-section recoveries, we have actually had one or more c-section recoveries. As far as jogging 2 weeks after a c-section? Maybe there is a woman or two out there, but medically prudent behavior would suggest you don't, and no one I have met really felt up to jogging after major abdominal surgery. Dawn asked about exercise after a c, SusanJ offered an example of what not to do so soon. Perhaps you will look back on this exchange someday and feel a little more kindness towards those who have not had the great c-section experiences you are hoping for?


vjr - July 5

chem400 you have to have the last word don't you, i don't have to re-read anything nor do i have to continue to have these heated exchanges with you, i was only giving my opinion and i will continue to do so. if any woman feels up to jogging or any other exercise 2wks after giving birth than more power to them. I to wondered how long it would take to start exercising and i beleive YOU jumped down my throat for being vain... public forum yes and i understand susanj wasn't talking to me directly however what she said struck a cord with me so i replied. and by the way she said nothing about whats medically safe, she merely said "you won't feel like jogging..." further more its sad to me that this is supposed to be a forum for women to help each other and anytime you read something i've posted you feel the need to jump all over me, yes i am guilt of expressing myself when i disagree with someone but you will drag this thing out until you feel you have won.. so go ahead respond tell me how wrong i am and how i should have a c-section before i get to have an opinion and the rest of your usual speech which i'm sure allows you to feel superior. I will not respond to you or susanj any more because i don't want to continue to have interaction with you. Please refrain from making comments to my posts when they don't involve you, it will make this site a much ahppier place!



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