How Long Does Recovery Take For A Larger Woman

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janine - January 6

i had a c section on the 23rd dec, and am wondering if n e 1 cud tell me how long the recovery period is likely to take, i had my first c section 11 months ago, so i have had 2 c sections within 12 months, will having 2 within 12months make recovery time n e longer? also being a larger woman does that slow recovery? and is it normal to get really bad tummy pains?


Jbear - January 7

I didn't have my c-sections that close together, so I can't help with that part. I had really bad pains right after the c-section, cramps I guess, and then gas pains later on. The only challenge when you're larger and recovering from the c-section is keeping the incision dry. I kept a maxi-pad against my incision (in the "roll" of my belly, if you have one you'll know what I mean) and a couple of times a day I lay on the bed, held my stomach out of the way and let the fan b__w on the incision. The other thing that really helped me was control underwear, with the spandex. They supported my stomach so the muscles could heal. It only took me 3 weeks to feel totally recovered from that c-section, as opposed to 6 weeks with my first c-section.


djh - January 7

Hi Janine~I am tiny so I can't address one part of your question, but I did have 4 c-sections in 4 years to the day+4 hours. ( I waited at home until midnight of my oldest's 4th b-day so the youngest could have his own day!) but he was a preemie and the meds weren't stopping labor....Anyhow, I found it to be fairly difficult to recover quickly even though I HAD to do things right away with so many babies. I think you might want to understand that you may feel more pain than normal because you have TWO babies to care for. I functioned, but honestly I took a while to heal because of instant activity. Take it slowly and try to get both babies to take at least ONE nap at the same time so you can get some rest. I would take older baby and newborn with me into my bed for oldest's afternoon nap and try like heck to get some sleep with them. I feel for you and yes, I think it is normal to have tummy pains when you can't possibly avoid lifting and carrying your first baby. Stay in touch with your doctor. My docs were VERY concerned about me going home with each new baby and had me come in more frequently for check-ups. Good luck and congrats on your babies.


Charlene - January 7

janine I had an ectopic almost three years ago now that requires the same cut as a c-section - I had severe gas pains that almost brought me to tears and when I had to go, better look out, cause I could not hold it! LOL I had a c-section Dec 30 2005 as my placenta was tearing from my abdominal wall. This time I find things much better, less gas and less pain. I am not sure why and I have no tricks. My staples just came out 4 days ago so I still have some tape to cover and things are starting to get itchy :) I do not think that healing time is any different for us plus size people. I think it is good to let the area "breathe" for some of the day and make sure it is clean. I have never had any issues with oozing so I have never used a pad there - if you do, I would definitely make sure it was non scented or perfumed. This type of surgery usually takes about 6 weeks to heal. I have been told that we heal from the outside in, so even though you may feel really good, take things easy for that period as you will still be healing. I am one to talk as it seems that I cannot sit still :) If you do notice any redness, swelling or oozing, I would check with you Dr to make sure that all is ok!! I am trying to recall how I managed to get through all those gawd awful gas/stomach pains a few years ago........ I know that I did try and get a lot of walking in to keep things moving. I recall that the pain seemed excruciating sometimes. Best of luck to you and hang in there :)


janine - January 15

thanx jbear, djh and charlene, i seemed to recover alot quicker after my first section but this second 1 is alt harder to recover from, i never had n e of the probs first time round, av started doing a bit more walking and the gas pains av eased, but my mind want to do alot more than my body is able to do right now, and if i try to do too much i really feel it at the end of the day, the thing that i am aving most probs with rite now is alot of lower back pain, but i think thats due to the spinal that i had, i was sterilised when i had last section but i'm glad i was, i have 4 beautiful children now ranging from 12 yrs to newborn, but i wouldn't want to got through another section, i'v had 2 of them and for me thats enought


djh - January 15

Hi Janine, wow, no wonder you are feeling slow to recover, taking care of a large and active family means less time to kick back and recover yourself! Are you getting enough rest (I way)? Every c-section is different as you know, and some bodies don't care for the added insult of multiple surgeries. I remember after my last c w/sterilization that I too felt abdominal pain much like my first c. And the gas pains don't necessarily present LIKE gas if you know what i mean. This is going to sound graphic, but if you can find a private area get on your hands and knees and lower your chest down to the floor keeping your bottom in the air, stay that way for a bit and the gas may escape. A wonderful RN taught me that in the hospital with one of my c's and it really helped! It is a chemistry thing, methane and albumin gas are lighter density than room air and so it will travel it will find the nearest exit. I can't believe how funny this must sound, but pain is NOT funny so if you can do this it may help. Oh, make sure you lock the door, no one wants to be found in that position, and if your spouse or kids catch you you will never live it down! Hope it helps :>) Your back is probably as you say, the spinal site and the fact that you still had some loosening of the joints due to pregnancy hormones like relaxin, your body didn't know you would be delivering by c-section and so it tried to prepare for birth. I found I had a loose, achy feeling back for several weeks after my babies too.


jen - January 16

hiya, with my 1st, i got an infection, it started when i was in labout tho, so i think it got into my wound and got very bad, it was 2 months before i could start to feel better, quite scary, because im preg again, and so scared of getting another infection!



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