How Many People In The Room

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Tjane - June 20

Is or has anyone been allowed to have 2 people in the room for their c-section? As far as I know the hospital only allows 1 with a non-emergency c-section but someone told me depending on the staff that day they could allow 2. I would love for both my mother and babys dad to be able to stay with me... Anyone know?


Lynne - June 20

Can you talk with your doctor about it? I would think they would make the decision unless hospital policy dictated otherwise.


vjr - June 20

Its up to the Anesthesiologist how many people are in the room not the doctor. They usually prefer 1 extra person only in case of complications. You can check with your when they come in for your epidural.


Tjane - June 21

Well, I asked my doctor and they told me I had to call the hospital and its hosptial policy that they only allow 1 =-(


Lynne - June 21

I thought an anesthesiologist was a doctor.


vjr - June 21

An anesthesiologist IS a doctor, however your comment Lynne was talk to YOUR doctor about it, your doctor has no say so in the matter. I wasn't trying to make your point wrong i was just offering Tjane the information i had found... Tjane don't worry about only one person in there, whoever isn't able to be in the room at the time of delivery will be able to hold your baby very soon after, as a labor and delivery coach i can tell you, you and baby are out of the delivery room so fast and into recovery where everyone is welcome!!


Lynne - June 22

Tjane I am sorry you can't have both in the room with you. My C was an emergent case as my son was delivered at 25.1 weeks but in that case as well only my husband was allowed with me. Please keep me posted on your progress and congrats on your baby. -L


Tjane - June 22

Thanks, I had an emergency with my first and wasnt allowed to have anyone with me as I was put to sleep, so I am greatful for the 1. I called the hospital and got clarification though and I will be in my room from the time I get to the hospital until the actually surgery, and they said the most the surgery will last is an hour and that would be rare... probably only about 30 minutes....but they said I can have as many people as I want in the room and just one for the actual surgery so I am alright......



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