How Much Pain Is Normal After A C Section

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Robin N - August 25

I had an emergency c-section nearly 10 months ago after two previous easy va___al deliveries. In the hospital I felt pretty good, a little tenderness, especially with walking but I figured that was to be expected. However, when I got home my pain increased to an unimaginable level. It felt just like I was in surgery with no anesthesia. When I would move I would literally be blinded by the pain, and couldn't even stand without assistance. My external incision looked fine and all the pain was coming from the internal incision. My doctor ordered different pain killers, and the pain improved a bit withing 3 weeks or so, so that I could at least hold my baby without help. I got to the point of walking and carrying my baby, but still had a constant achy pain that ibuprofen alone wouldn't touch and had to resort to painkillers. After 4 months my doctor decidend maybe something wasn't normal. I have since that time had steroid injections which only made it hurt more, physical therapy which almost sent me to the ER, and several different medications, everything from Harmones, to valium, to darvocet. Although the medication can make it tolerable, it is so sedating I can't live that way. I had a CT scan done, but the radiologist didn't comment on the abdominal wall were my pain is coming from so my doctor has ordered the films. I have been sent to a general surgeon who says he might be able to help, but maybe not and I might just need to go to pain management for the rest of my life. I have been told it could be a reaction to the sutures, a sponge, a granuloma, a wrapped nerve, an incisional hernia, or that I am just creating a pain that isn't really there. At this point I am in Limbo. I am so desperate, I am doing the laprascopy in hopes of finding something, but am at the same time terrified that they won't. IF that happens they will send me to pain management for a possible nerve block, or an accupuncturist. I would appreciate hearing if any one has had a similar problem and if they had any resolution


jacqueline - December 2

gee, i don't know what to say. i'm sorry for your troubles. i hope all is well with you now. i agree painkillers and sedatives aren't the longterm way. if they do send you to pain management, i believe acupuncture is the answer. they have really good acupuncture centres in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. If you want you could even look into visiting acupuncture centres in China or Hong Kong. Good luck.


Eileen - January 1

I think somehing very serious has gone wrong with your operation, I suggets you go an get at least 2 private consultations. I would not rest with this "pain management c___p". I was in hopitla for 6 ays dying with pain, on day 7 they said, ok what is this pain all about, I had a ma__sive infection. The infection could not see prior to day 7 as it had only just come to the surface. Please go and get your pain checked out and ask to see your medical records and xrays at the hospital where the section took place.Remember : freedom of information act.



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