How Much To Pack For The Hospital When Having A C Section

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Dawn - July 11

I will find out tomorrow the date of my c-section, but I was wondering how much stuff I need to pack to take to the hospital for myself and the baby? Any ideas would be great, thanks


Nerdy Girl - July 11

I am a__suming this is your 1st baby. You don't need to bring any clothes,diapers, or really anything for the baby other than clothing to come home in. The hospital provides clothing for the baby during your stay. For yourself, I would say almost the same thing except for maybe slippers and a robe for when you get up to walk around. Even with a c-section (I had 2) you will have so much v____al bleeding afterwards that you will NOT want to wear your own underwear or pajamas... trust me on that one! Bring some very comfy pants and shirt to wear home, and maybe a few overnight maxi pads for the trip home. Don't bring pants with a zipper because you don't know how your incision will feel. Stick with soft elastic waist pants. The hospital will provide you with underwear, huge maxi pads, hospital gown for your stay.


Nerdy Girl - July 11

I forgot to say GOOD LUCK! :)


Been There - July 11

I'm scheduled and there's not much more you need to pack for a c-section versus a v____al delivery. Just extra underwear for the extra days in the hospital. Probably extra things to do or reading material. My last delivery I had an emergency c-section, so I wasn't prepared for extra days of being bored at times. This time, I asked for a personal DVD player from DH for my birthday so I could play movies to keep me company when I don't have company. I'm a__suming you're in the states, so usually the hospital provides everything the baby needs. All you'll need to provide is the outfit for the picture and an outfit to bring the baby home in. If you're comfortable with the hospital gowns, just take a robe and slippers, like normal. I just use the hospital gowns because I'd rather not stain my own. Just take all the normal toiletries you would take with you to a hotel and you may want to bring your own soap. Oh, and some snacks too. It's cheaper than the vending machine. Good luck!


sahmof3 - July 11

With my first I was totally unprepared because I was in labor and figured I'd have a natural delivery and be out in a day or so. I ended up w/ a C and was in for 5 days (1 whole day of labor and 4 for recovery). I had everything needed for baby (which isn't much- see Nerdy Girl's), but had to wear a hospital gown for the first 3 days, until I couldn't stand it anymore and gave DH a list of things to get from home. #'s 2 & 3 were scheduled C's and I brought clothes for 3 days, my own pads (I've gotta have my favorites :)), and my own undies (I'm a heavier person and my hospital had these annoying fishnet tight undies- ewww.) I brought shampoo, body wash, etc., too, because I knew that I was taking a shower ASAP:) I had my clothes along- shirts and elastic waist pants and the nursing staff didn't mind, as long as they had easy access to checking the incision site. I don't know how you are, as far as if you'd mind being in a hospital gown or not, but I can't stand it, I wanted to be fully dressed and hair washed, etc. when visitors came. Good luck to you and let us know the date you get for your C!!


AmyB - July 11

dawn i made the mistake with my first c and i took night gowns thinking i would wear them...all you do is bleed on them and ruin them! for you take an outfit to come home in unless you plan on wearing the one you wore in..lotion is always nice your legs start to itch really bad from the ted hoes..slippers a robe, magazines or a book may be nice to have also in case you get bored...and for the baby just an outfit to come home in, maybe a blanket, car seat, and thats about all....dont forget your camera/recorder...maybe a list of people for you dh to call after baby is born..i think thats all good luck dawn!


prin12 - July 11

Wow I wish I had this information before I had my c! I took the whole huge bag for the hospital and didn't bother repacking it when I found out about the c. I agree with ruining your nightgowns, but as a different option. My mom gave me some cute comfy shirt/short shrit/pant pajamas as a gift before the baby was born. They were great because I could wear just the top while I was in bed with heavy bleeding and when I was ready to get out and walk around I just slipped on the bottoms. It worked out well. Also I don't want you to be too scared of a long recovery, I had my c at 10:00am on monday and was out of bed by Tuesday morning and went home on wednesday morning. I don't recommend that unless you have good help at home. I had both mom and MIL. And of course DH. I LOVE the idea of the personal DVD player and will have to get one of those for my next c!


AmyB - July 11

i know for me it seemed like the faster i got up and started moving around the better the recovery was! with my first one i had to have the morphine pump (yuck) so i had to be in bed for 24 hrs and the 2nd one they gave me duramorph through my spinal and the pain relief lasted for 24 hrs but i had to lay flat for 6 hrs due to spinal and then i wa up sitting on the side of the bed..and that recovery went a little better! and walk the halls the day after to move the gas!!!


olivia - July 11

Pack lots of snacks and something for gas. I think it was peppermint tea that finally got me going. Check the herbal tea section for one that helps expell gas -- believe me you'll be glad you did. I did not have a lot of bleeding after my section and enjoyed having a nice robe and pajamas. It was August so I did a lightweight robe, so it wasn't a big deal to pack it. Bring maternity clothes with elastic waists, maybe cut a little higher than the real low style. Hmm, and a notebook to keep track of gifts. After 4 days in the hospital I had no idea who had given what... Good luck Dawn!!


Nerdy Girl - July 11

These ladies are right about the gas thing. They won't let you eat until you fart. LOL!


lilmomma88 - July 11

Honestly...I didn't take that much. The whole time your there (until you can get up and walk around afterwards and your catheter gets removed) you will be wearing a hospital gown...I just brought a robe, PJs, and a comfy shirt and shorts to come home in for myself. (Of coarse you need toothbrush, hair brush, stuff like that) For the baby I brought some onsies for him to sleep in, a hat (if you dont have one they will provide one), socks and a cute outfit for him to come home in. They give you diapers, formula (if your not b___stfeeding), wipes, burp rags and changing pads. I brought all of these things just to be safe, but ended up using theirs so I had more for when we went home (hehe) Hope this helped


Dawn - July 12

I now have a date for my c-section, it is the 25th July. Thanks everyone for your advice, at lest now I have some idea of how much stuff to take with me, and if I need more then dh can always bring them in for me.


Been There - July 12

Hey, Dawn! That's the same day I'm scheduled. Although I know I should savor these last few days, I can hardly wait for the day to arrive. Are you excited?


Dawn - July 12

Been There-Yes and no about being excited. I can't wait to meet my baby, but this is my first pregnancy and I'm very nervous about the c-section. I just hope that my baby turns before the c-section.


kcll - July 18

If you're like me and don't want to walk around in hospital gowns and pad thongs than bring plenty of panties and pj bottoms. Old clothes that are comfortable but you don't mind if they get dirty as the bleeding can be quite bad. If you are planning on b___stfeeding b___ton down shirts are good also slippers and/or socks for your feet. I also packed toiletries with soap shampoos etc. As for the baby I packed a couple different size sleepers as I have big babies but I always pack smaller ones just in case. The hospitals provide diapers and formula if you aren't b___stfeeding at least they do in Canada. They also make sure you have a safe infant seat for the baby before you leave. If its sunny a sun hat or if its cold a warm hat to leave with also for the baby. A warm blanket for the baby if its cold when you leave as well. I can't think of anything else I didn't have time to be bored personally Any extra time I tried to rest because I knew when I got home there would be so much to do so I just took advantage of what little time I had. i hope this helps.


Been There - July 18

Dawn, if the baby turns, does that mean you won't have to have the c-section?


Dawn - July 21

Been There, yes if my baby turns then I won't have the c-section and will have to wait until she comes by herself. I found out today that the hospital do not provide nappies so I have to take all that type of stuff with me.



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