How To Deliver 2nd Baby After Tailbone Injury

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Tina - February 14

I had a easy va___al delivery and recovery with my daughter...with the exception of major tailbone pain following her birth. It was triggered the first morning while I was nursing her. I couldn't sit in a chair for 3 months, let alone drive. Pillows and other common suggestions, just didn't cut it. For 8 months I went to therapy to help reduce the pain. It is tolerable now, but needless to say I am investigating what to do now that I am pregnant with my 2nd. Doctors are telling me that it is really my decision if I want to have a c-section or va___al. Apparently, this is an area where doctors really don't know how to guide me. I would love to hear anyone's advice/experience with this decision! Thank you.


Shannon - March 4

Hi Tina, Same exact situation with me. My daughter is now 2 and a half, and I'm due in less than 3 weeks with my son. After many pillows, xrays, mri's, and finally, physical therapy, I have opted to do a c-section. I wanted one the first time due to terror of v____al delivery and all my ob could say was, "You'll be in pain for 2 weeks healing from a C" don't want that. Well, I've been told I'll probably have this tailbone pain for the rest of my life. So, there you have it. Oh, and I was basically treated like the tailbone pain was all in my head for the first few months and really never have been taken seriously about it. There's just not much that can be done! The bone healed, but the problem lies in all the ligaments, tendons, and soft tissue damage surround the popped tailbone. That produces terrible scar tissue and contines to atrophy and pull the tailbone out of alignment into a painful position. SO FRUSTRATING. If you care for a good cry, go to comisserate with the folks at After feeling like I was crazy, I found that site and found out that broken tailbones are far more common w/ v____al delivery than any doc will let on.


Bronwen - March 14

Hi Tina, I broke my tailbone in a fall when I was pregnant with my first one. I ended up having an emergency c-section therefore it didn't affect my tailbone that time.Almost 3 years later when my second baby was nearly due I asked my midwife and a doctor what to expect with my tailbone as it still caused me pain when sitting for any length of time. No had an answer or took it very seriously. I gave birth naturally and then I tried to sit down. Holy......! Severe pain for about 8 weeks. Could not b___stfeed sitting down. I felt unable to truly experience the joyfullness I felt at having my second daughter due to the extreme pain I was in. I was prescribed Tramol for the pain but after looking up the side effects on the internet I threw them away.Anyway my point is that yes it can break again. If I was having another I would consider a c-section unless someone could help me heal this thing.


Fran - April 5

Hi Tina, I'm 47 years old and about five years ago I started having severe tailbone pain. Since I didn't fall and injure my taibone I was told that sometimes when you've had a difficult delivery, tailbone problems can show up years later. The only relief I've found is a coccyx pillow that I use at work and I have been getting cortisone shots in my tailbone once or twice a year. Sometimes they help, sometimes not. I'm in severe pain for a day or two after the shot and then about three weeks later, I can tell if the shot is working. Good Luck



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