How To NOT Have A C Section HELP

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jenn95 - January 24

i'm 33 weeks with twins and they're breech and the dr says i will have to have a c-section. i really really really really don't want a c-section. does anybody have any ideas of what to do? (like standing on my head all day or something!) my dr said with twins they do not attempt to turn them around while they're in there but maybe i will try to find a dr that will try. help! thanks for any advice.


Nerdy Girl - January 24

I went thru an ECV (where they try to turn the baby), and I cannot IMAGINE how in the hell they would do it with twins. My ECV was done at 40 weeks, which was the first indication they had that she was breech. As you can imagine, the attempt to turn was unsuccessful and I had a C. I don't know about shopping around for a new doc at 33 weeks just to find someone who will ECV twins. I bet that is common theory not to try it --- too risky.


Kara H. - January 27

Are both of the babies breech? Or just the lower one? If the lower one stays breech - you are getting a c-section, period, end of discussion. If the lower one is head down, you can request to try to deliver in the OR while already prepped for surgery. That way once they get the lower baby out, they can attempt to turn the other baby by hand (inside of you), but if it won't turn they can quickly do a c-section to get him out. Just remember, you goal is to go home with two healthy babies. Nobody cheers aboutt a c-section, but if its best for the baby/ies then you just have to suck it up and take one for the team! Good luck!


aurorabunny - January 27

I just want to say I agree with Kara...I won't even go into the details of all of my c-section issues, but the goal is to get your little bundles of joy into this world safely. If your doctor says it's not advisable to try and turn twins, why would you want to look for a doctor that would do it?? I don't mean for this to sound harsh if it does, but unforunately many of our birth experiences go nothing like how we expected and a lot of times they go the complete opposite of what we wanted, but we have to put that aside and think of what's best for our babies. Good luck.


Kara H. - January 27

I did think of a couple of things you could try to help your babies turn that wouldn't hurt anything. First, if you know where a head is at, put a bad of frozen veggies there for 20 minutes or so. Sometimes, if there is enough room, the baby will turn away to try to get away from the cold spot. Also you can try getting in one of two positions that help give more room inside the abdomen so if they want to or if they are able to flip, they will. First spend some time on your knees and forearms for about 10-15 minutes or the other one is to lay on an incline with you feet above your head, like on a sit up bench you find at a gym. But be sure to put a rolled up towel running under one side of your back and hips so you don't compress that big artery behind your uterus. These may not work, but they might! :)


jenn95 - January 28

thanks for your answers girls. of course i don't want to do anything that would endanger the babies i was just thinking of getting a second opinion before i let them slice a hole in my abdomen! the lower baby is breech and the 2nd is transverse. today they scheduled me for a c section for feb 22 , so i guess i'll just have to pray that all goes well. thanks again!


lindsie - February 13

Personally, I would at least get a second opinion. I was in nearly the exact same situation as you and regret at least not questioning my doctor more. From the moment I found out I was having twins, the doctor said c-section. We were so overwhelmed w/ the thought of having twins we didn't question anything. My babies flipped positions so many different times that I don't even know what position they were in at the time of delivery. It may be a possibility that they can change positions between now and your C. Anyway, its very likely I would have had a-section anyway, but at least I'd know that I had asked enough questions and made an informed decision. Good luck!


punkin01 - February 18

not sure if your still checking this post but you need to read the post t_tled "How long after c section till I can hold my baby?" read down over half way to Iwant8 (or something like that she gives some suggestions on how to turn babies safe) not sure if you will read this in time but hope it helps good luck on however it turns out.......and however it does you will have you beatiful babies so it doesnt matter HOW they get here as long as they are here safe and sound.........


jenn95 - February 19

just thought i'd let all of you know that at 36 weeks (feb 11) i had my twins and IT WASN"T A C-SECTION! it was supposed to be but by the time i got to the hospital and into the operating room the baby was already coming out - FEET FIRST!!!!!! so, it was too late for the csection and now a week later we're all doing great. what ever we all plan and what ever the drs say, in the end it's really all up to God! take care girls!


sahmof3 - February 19

Congrats jenn95!!!! What did you name them... and what did you have? boy/boy/ girl/girl or one of each?


Kara H. - February 21

Congrats!! It probably was a comfort to deliver in the OR so if you your babies had gotten into trouble they could have intervened. What were their weights?


andreareed - February 26

I did not want a c-section either, but it was sooooo easy!!! I am going to plan to do it again with my 2nd child. I was in and out with hardly any post partum pain. Another good thing, is your v____a does not get stretched out which can be permanent most of the time. I was the same way about a c-section, I worried myself sick over whether I was going to have to have one or the end, I new it was better for me that way!



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