I Didn T Have Great C Section Experiences At All

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Carissa - November 19

After reading other posters, it seems some feel a c-section is great, easy and painfree! That was not my experience at all. I was in more pain than labor even with my 2nd scheduled c-section. Please don't attack me if you are one of the pro-c-section posters, I want to hear from others who can relate to my situation..thanks.


Susan - November 19

Thank you! Finally a forum where we can say how much we did not "enjoy" our c-sections! If you try to say that on the other sites there is always a few who jump on you like you are a big whiner and just can't take pain and that no matter how painful your c was, their v____al had to be worse. I too, had lousy experiences aside from my babies. It is no fun to get infections, loose bladder function, have adhesions the make it so you can't even stretch at all over you head without it feeling like a knife is stabbing you in your side...yeah, that's nothing like the v____al moms. They always have it worse according to them.


hey - November 19

isn't that what is on every thread in here? As soon as someone asks about a c-section all you guys come out of the wood work to scare the c___p out of them. Hell, I asked a question awhile back about having a planned one, because I had an emergency one and the only responses were wanting to know why and how I shouldn't have another, yadda yadda. It is between the doc and the woman. I understand the pain, and the limited motion and the long hospital stay, but I am soo happy that my son was ok, that I can't really remember how much pain it was. I just can't believe how hung up some people are about this topic....


Huh? - November 19

All you guys? Why are you even reading this post if you are not "hung up about this topic'? Get off here, go back to the pro-choice c-section forum, PLEASE!!!!!! Everytime someone wants to commiserate with others who did not enjoy having a c-section people get on their backs and rag on them...there is a place for you, on the other elective c forum. Just go away.


hey - November 19

Pro choice c forum? Is that what you call it-I personally don't find it too be that big of an issue to say pro this or pro v____al. Read the threads-I come here for information- mine wasn't a day at the beach either! But I am alright, so is my son. I just don't see why people start these threads, when it sucks all the way around. Either way, I have seen by friend get slip in two doing a v____al and I have my painful experiences. Ithink these threads just try to show one worse than the other-and I don't see the need to continue with these topics.


Carissa - November 19

To Hey, you are welcome here of course, but I too wanted info from others with experiences such as mine. I do not want to hear how the v____als always end up with worse pain and damage than what happened to me. I am not going to disclose what I have endured, but it was gruesome. I chose not to post on the other site while silently wondering why anyone would choose this for their FIRST baby...every time someone said "have a c...it's enjoyable...yadda yadda.." I wanted to scream, that is a lie! Sometimes, but many times not. You say there is no need to continue these topics? Then have all the "I Chose An Unnecessary C" people stop too. I want to know if others are wondering why we have no voice that is respected on the other forum's debate (if you can use that term...) If you say you had a bad c experience and you wouldn't recommend it to the first-time mother who hadn't even tried birth, you are jumped all over sometimes in a very hostile way. I want to talk to people who feel they still need to connect with others like themselves and are not able to recognize the "easy way out..." label applied to us on a regular basis.


Huh? - November 20

What I meant by pro choice c forum is pro the choice of c over v____al...as it appears by some of the most "vocal" posters that a c is always the less painful and less damaging. Pro choice doesn't always mean abortion rights if that is what you were getting at.


hey - November 20

I completely understand wanting to inform people how a c sections ISN'T the easy way out. I, too, have posted here that a woman should, at the very least, attempt labor and see where it goes. Because nobody knows until that woman starts how it is going to end up. I hadn't even thought about a c-section. My point is that I get tired of the "who had it easier" because the two aren't really up for a comparison in my eyes, ya know? For instance, I never got to the pushing stage, and some women get meds for that and some do it without. And I am sooo certain that has to hurt, but I don't know to say so. However, I had to be rushed of in a state of panic to get my baby out because his heart rate dropped real low, and no one can tell me that that wasn't so bad because they don't know. . So, I don't think that fear for me, and the pain of being opened and that burning sensation is up for comparison. And, for those who have had both, and like to compare, well, more power to you. Everyone's experience is different, I just think that since this is a c section forum, why do v____al birth people come here to say women are being "cut up" I wasn't cut up. I have one incision. I wasn't sliced and diced as is implied in some. I don't understand the whole pro c or pro v____al, I quess it is just the side one takes in this issue-I never knew that until I came to this site. I thought if you needed one, that is what they did to save the baby and prevent harming the baby. I didn't know that a woman could just say"I don't want a v____al birth because whatever," and the doc goes with it. I wonder if c sections were only given to people who docs thought it was neccessary, how many people wouldn't have kids?


Beth - November 20

The problem with giving labor a try, is that "seeing where they end up" - meaning, you might have a cesarean anyways - is scary because emergency c-sections are much worse than a planned one. Almost every case where anything has gone wrong with a c-section, it was an emergency. So alot of women want it planned out. They aren't stupid, they know the risks, and everyone knows it's not pain free - and in knowing all of that....it's up to the patient. You can get a b___b job (which no one needs) and you can get a cesarean, that you might not need. Man oh man, are there some botched b___b jobs. It's about choice. I'm sorry you don't like it, but that's why you don't have to do it.


Carissa - November 20

Thanks for your input, but again, I was reading the OTHER forum and was horrified that many of the posters were advocating cesareans for first time mothers. Why doom yourself before you even try? My sister is tiny like me (we are fraternal twins) but apparently had a wider pelvis and a normal sacrum and thought OH Gosh, I'll need a c too...3 that's right 3 hours after she broke her membranes she delivered my 7 pound neice!!!! She had a natural slight tear perineal only, a couple of st_tches and a pretty amazing experience. She labored for 1 hour in the hospital (because of my birth) and everything that could go right did. So I just am very sensitive when people tell me I had the easy birth, no, women who labor for a reasonable amount of time and only need a couple of st_tches have the easy births...I have had tomedicate for relief from my c-section damage and have an IV infusion pump in place for when I can't stand it any longer so I know ALL about excruciating pain. Cesareans are a lot more complicated than cosmetic surgery for one and for two there are TWO patients involved. The non-chalant people always talk about me me me me....you rarely hear them do anything but pay lip service to the baby. By the way, unless it is BP, Heart Rate, Ph, tetanic contractions, some meconium situations, twins, prematurity, shoulder dystocia, emergencies like that, etc....it is NOT an emergency just because you labored for 20 hours. I know that too. Failure to progress is very hard, long, defeating but women shouldn't say they had an emergency C. Neither are failed inductions, the over-used CPD, and the occaisonal (and normal) decel of the baby's heart beat. Most women have emergency C's based on heart tracings that would be picked up on many perfectly normal and healthy births. The only way to know if you really needed an "emergency" c is if they took your baby's blood PH after...and when they do, they find they have an unbelievably HIGH rate of false emergencies. If you save one baby, that is great, but if you lose a mother and her baby to an unnecessary c, that kind takes all the gain away now doesn't it? Any way, I am rambling. And Beth, read my post, I DID have to do it.


hey - November 20

how is failure to progress not an emergency? And, it is not healthy for a baby's hert rate to drop suddenly. I hate to see that your implying what is considered an emergency. Babies shouldn't go longer in the womb without any fluid for 24 hours, it isn't safe. so, that could call for an emergency c-what else would it be called? When 10 people are on you all at once preping you for surgery, it sure feels like an emergency, for whatever reason-I am surprised at your stance on this subject, I can see why people get all heated up.


Carissa - November 21

I mean, if for example there is failure to progress you have an "UNEXPECTED" C, if none of the emergent conditions apply. And of course I don't mean a baby should stay in the birth ca___l without progress for 24 hours! I did not say that. When a c-section is called, there are always several people doing there individual jobs simultaneously and whether someone is losing O2 or not. I don't have a bad stance, I just said the term "emergency" is over-used a bit. Please don't start being vicious on this forum, as asked in the original question. This is for women who want to say their experiences were not what others say they should have been and to let women know they are not all fun and "easy" and "enjoyable". I will not fight with people on here, that's why I dont post on the elective C forum.


Susan - November 21

It's getting mean on here too! When is failure to progress suddenly the "emergency" at 10:00 or 10:05...that is what Carissa was saying, no one was dying at that point or anything more than very tired. There are plenty of women who are laboring along (they think..) just fine and it is only when the doctor informs them that they are going to do a C because their cervix hasn't changed in X amount of time that things change. There is no emergency there at all, just a decision. I think everyone knows darn well that is what Carissa meant....c'mon. Let people who had bad c-section experiences have a forum too.


hey - November 21

I am not being vicious, I was just trying to understand things-but I am done here, If I need any info. I will ask my doc.


hey - November 21



Charlene - November 27

Hi Carissa, I also had a very bad c-section experience. It was nothing like I heard it was supposed to be. My friends had their babies normally and while they were very sore, they healed up pretty quick even though they hated labor. Well, I had the chance to have a c-section because of a medical condition so I CHOSE one thinking it would be easier. What a mistake, I was in so much pain for weeks afterwards, got an infection which my doctor said is pretty common, lost a lot of blood and still feel wrong 3 months later. I will try VBAC next time...no more c-sections for me.


TLC - November 28

I had an awful C Section experience! I will try to make a long story short. First of all, I planned to delivery v____ally, and my epidural only lasted 1 hour. Five hours after that it was determined I needed a C Section. I seizured as soon as they injected me with anesthesia. They put some tube over my face that felt as though it was suffocating me. I was drifting in and out of consciousness and began feeling them cut me. I yelled that I could feel it and heard them say "put her to sleep" I began crying saying "NO" but then got really drowsy. Everything went gray, but I was conscious in my mind.. and again felt them cutting. I had a tube down my throat so I couldn't talk.. so I tried wiggling my feet and moaning. I felt like I was on a Discovery Channel show! It was awful and my husband and I both missed out on seeing our son born. I am thankful that he is healthy, but will always feel robbed that I missed that important moment.



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