I Didn T Have Great C Section Experiences At All

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jen - December 19

Hi Carissa, my gosh lady, im sorry to hear about your iv pumps and the pain you have :( Is it ok if i ask what happened? its ok tho if you dont want to say, im just curious. take care xxx


Carissa - December 28

Hello, Jen, sorry it took so long to get back. I was on holiday. During my cesarean section they ran into problems in two areas, one of the main nerves to my bladder and rectum was severed and the surrounding nerves will remain irritated for the rest of my life as far as the neuro-surgeon can tell. I also recieve unwarranted nerve impulses to my left leg so it twitches day and night causing me to have very little restorative sleep. The other problem occured when the spinal was put in, I had less epidural space between my vertebra than usual and so another nerve was injured. They can't tie off that nerve as I need it. I use the IV pain pump as little as possible, but I must wear a permanent IV port in my arm for the rest of my life and I am only 28. I am hopeful the day will come when pain management can find a remedy, until then I go as long as I can each day until I notice my jaws aching from clenching from pain and then I must inject a dose of meds...I understand I needed the first section, but this damage occured with my SCHEDULED c-section and that is why I worry so when women think they are a good and safe alternative to v____al delivery. On top of all that, my menstrual cycles are now long, hard and involve very heavy bleeding. I am sad from these aftereffects and don't wish them on anyone. Thank you for asking, while not as common as other c-section complications, these injuries are usually in the fine print when one signs the consent for surgery forms. I should have read them and tried a VBAC for my second child. I am still very grateful for my children, but again, I am very nostalgic for my healthier times as well.


mrsraiderfan - December 29

I too had a bad experience with my first c-section. I had terrible depression and night terrors of my doctor killing people. My first was an emergency and now my second is planned for this Monday, Jan 2nd. I am now stuck on the risk of dying and the nightmares are back. I have had to worry my whole pregnancy if I had any abdominal pain if I'm rupturing. I took oxycontin for at least 6 weeks while sleeping on the couch to get comfy. It has been 2 years and I still have pain if I move just right in my abdominal area.


Carissa - December 30

To Mrs. Raiderfan, good luck during you surgery and your recovery process. I wish the best for you and your little one!


Jessica R. - January 12

Carissa- FIrst of all, I'm glad that this thread got back to your question and your need to talk. It really upset me that there was arguing going on about who's in more pain, whether c's are right or wrong, etc. WHO CARES!! If you had a horrible experience, you post here to find a support network- not to get nagged by people's opinions about what they think is right or wrong. OK- I'm done with that. I was reading your thread because I had a v____al birth with my first that caused damage that makes another v____al a poor choice, and I want to be educated about the risks and hear what people have gone through with their c-sections. I wish I had read the threads about problems with v____al births before I had my first, just so that I could've been educated, known what to watch out for and how to better advocate for myself. Your thread has been helpful in that it gives me some questions I need to ask my doctor. I have never heard such a horrible story about c-sections as yours. I can't imagine the bitterness and resentment you must harbor about what they did to you in that surgery. It is absolutely terrible. Do you have any options now to deal with your problems? Jeez- no matter how bad I had it, it just doesn't compare. God bless you and good luck!!!


steph in cali - January 15

Okay guys i had my schedule c-section Dec. 15th and oh my god it went sooooo much better. the nurses were lots nicer and I opted to go for an epidural, did you know that an epidural and spinal are the same thing, just given diffrently? spinals are direct and go deeper, where as an epidural goes in 1/2 way with a cathider. anyhow it went great, i did have some IV problems where the nurse colasped mu vain but kept giving me the meds threw it, and there was the problem of having extremly intese contractions, from my uterus, b___they gave me two percodins at a time and that helped a bit. in a matter of 3 days I was allowed to go home, and i was up a running around. Im a tad sore, but nothing that is crucial .. like it was for me the last surgery. and I wasnt put on a drain tube like i was last year. anyhow i got my tubed cut and tied ... so no more kid for me, i regret it very much, but then again i have a full plate with 3 kids. two in which that are 18 mos apart. take care everyone and good luck!


steph in cali - January 15

one more thing, this epidural went so much nicer!! for one it dosent hurt as much going in the back, and two i could wiggle my toes, but not feel a thing, I felt like i couldnt breathe though, and I was trying to calm down, they gave me some oxygen and i was lots better, it went so d__n good, i didnt feel anything before or after, and yeah I was sore getting out of bed after they shut my pain relife drip off, but really the whole prceedure went very well!


Carissa - January 15

To Jessica R. thank you for your post. It is so nice to hear from someone who had a very difficult v____al delivery still be open-minded enough to listen to a c-section warning. Mine was a risk that is there, but fortunately doesn't occur as often as bleeding, and tearing. I believe you are the poster who had a severe tear and wants to avoid it by going c-section this time. I believe c-sections are options for women in certain circ_mstances. You are right in exploring those and trying to do what's best for you and your baby. It sounds like your delivery affected you, not so much the baby's health and a c-section may be in order for you. Please read with an open mind the posts regarding c-sections and like you said, ask the doctors to be VERY candid with you so there are no surprises. I think it is a disservice done by doctors to "dumb down" the whole procedure. If you can handle it, ask them to be very graphic about the procedure so you can monitor your own post-c health afterwards. If a woman doesn't know that pain in the back or under the belly b___ton could be a sign of complications, she may just think it is soreness from surgery and not tell her doctor. That was partially what happened with me, I did not know that so many other structures and organs could be affected by a c and endured increasingly worse symptoms before a crisis event occured forcing diagnosis. For now, I use the IV infusion pump, but we are exploring implants and neurosurgery/nerve by-pa__s options. Good luck with your baby, you have some serious decisions to make and I feel for you. To Steph in Cali, Congrats on your baby and a better birth experience!


Carissa - January 18

To Steph in Cali, congrats on your safe and better delivery this time! Hope you and baby are well. You have a nice sized family and you are very blessed. I wish all of us could have a better experience the next time around.


steph in cali - January 18

i wish everyone the best and if your living in the antelope valley area, in california, I would recommend my doctor, just let me know.


Sharlene - January 31

Hi Carissa, thanks for the thread, I had a traumatic vag birth and if I tell my story, I get jumped on by other vag birth women who tell me how easy their birth was yadda yadda.. so its kind of the same thing I guess. Only, as difficult as it was, I have never a__sumed a c would be easier, and I am really scared of it. The bottom line is, its major surgery and with that come complications. My v birth was just awful but I got through it and will give it another go this time round. I am glad you had the courage to share your negative story, there are lots of people hear looking to hear both sides and unfortunately they just get brow-beaten,, judged and preached at most of the time.


Carissa - January 31

To Sharlene, i hope you have a much better experience this time around. It is never my intent to in any way minimize the v____al mom's birth nor to say that sometimes a c isn't better for a woman. I applaud you your bravery for coming on here, and for "giving it another go" you are my new heroine!



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