I Had My C Section

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Rhonda - March 13

On the 9th of March,and got to meet my beautiful Chloe Skye.She weighed 5lbs12oz,and 171/2in.long.I am recovering really well.If you have any questions,feel free to ask me.


olivia - March 13

Congratulations! I am glad you are recovering well and enjoying little Chloe Skye. Great news!


rk - March 13

Hey Rhonda, Congrats & glad you're doing well! I'm pretty much back to normal already after my c-section! I can't believe my little guy will be 2 weeks old tomorrow! Feel free to email me pics! Take care!


Melanie - March 13

Wow, was she early? She is a bit small for a full-termer. Glad she is doing well and I love the name! I took about a month to start feeling better, glad you are doing well. My cousin had her baby v____ally yesterday morning and she is sitting about 2 feet from me with my new nephew! She just asked me if we could go to the store tomorrow, wouldn't it be nice if we all could have had her birth? She rocks. Anyhow, Congrats!


Rhonda - March 13

Thanks everyone,rk im glad you are recovering real well,i dont know how to e-mail pics,plus i dont have a scanner.Chloe was a full term baby,39wks+1day.But she is so awesome,so tiny.shes a real good baby.


marcie. - March 14

Rhonda,congratulations. Was your c-section a elective one?Also,was it as you expected? I am glad you are recovering well.


Rhonda - March 14

Marcie,I had a c-section 13mos ago b/c my daughter weighed over 8lbs and would not come out,so the doctor had to do the c-section.And with this one he would not let me try for a v____al delivery b/c he said a repeat c-section was safer for the baby.Ya it was pretty much the same as last time,but i was still real nervous.I am amazed at how quickly im recovering,a little sooner than the last one.


marcie - March 15

good on you rhonda,I am glad you are doing well.


rk - March 15

Hi Rhonda, How are you feeling? I'm surprised how quickly I'm recovering also! I took the car out for the first time yesterday! My back still bothers me but at least I can drive. It's been 3 months since my dr wouldn't let me drive! What a pain that was! Glad you're doing well & keep in touch!


Rhonda - March 16

rk,my back still bothers me too.I went and got my staples out today.I feel pretty good,just a little sore.Im glad you are doing good.Boy time sure seems to fly.


to rhonda - March 20

how long was it before you were up moving around?did you get an infection in your scar?i am having a c-section in 3wks.im scared about it.were you in alot of pain after it was done?thank you for any answers.


AllEyesOnMe - July 13

Why did you have to have a c-section?I had one four yrs ago with my ds and i will probably have to have another one.I seen another post where you said you are pregnant again"that was quick"do you think you will have another c-section?



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