I Need Help Had 3 C Sections Please Help

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star - February 22

Hey all I had 3 c- sections, my last was in 2001. On my incesion on my right side I notice a protruded ball. Its not really hard its very soft. when I stand you feel it when I lay down it goes away or inside. there really is no pain. I am so scared to death. i am afraid it is an incesional hernia. Im afraid to go the the doctor I dont want to be cut open again. My doctors told me that my unterus lining was paper thin and to not have any more children. did anyone experience this ball like muscle that is inside of. please help an post answers. im really scared. thankss


Re: plz help - June 18

yep,,,I had a c-section 8 mnths ago,, and this monday im going in to get a repair from incesional hernia,, it started out as a small tennis size,,, now its the size of 3 baseb___s,,,, dont let it wait,,,, it will get painful and bigger.... they can do the sergury with out cutting u open,, their able to do it laprospty(the scopes) ,,, it leaves 2 inch scars,,, good luck


ang - June 18

This sounds so scary could you please explain what an incisional hernia is and what caused it, also how do you prevent it? Preparing for a c-section too and this sounds serious. Thanks.


mar - June 18

their not sure what caused the incesional hernia,,, just weakened stomache muscles,,,,, or could have torn it,, or simply a missed st_tch when they we're closing (c-section),, either way,, i wouldnt worry to much bout it,, if u take care of urself and not be silly like i did and leave hosiptal 24hrs after csetion (ops),,, u should be ok


Jbear - June 19

I'm pretty sure I have an incisional hernia. I was moving a mattress six months after my c-section (stupid, I know, but there was no one else to do it) and I fell and felt something give along the incision line. I had occasional pain from it, and I also gained 50 lbs after my daughter was born, which I think increased the pain. Last summer it was so bad that I couldn't even walk across walmart. I went on a diet and lost 80 lbs and the pain went away. (I never had it looked at because I didn't have health insurance) I got pregnant in Dec and the doctor couldn't feel a hernia, but I can feel a bulge when I lay on my side, so the doctor told me if I had one it could be repaired when I have this c-section. After this c-section, I'm not carrying anything heavy (like mattresses) for a few years at least.


pina - January 23

Hi there. I also have had 2 C-sections and a hysterectomy. I was at the Dr. today because of serious pain on my right side. I thought the whole time it was just adhesions. Well, I was wrong. I have an incesional hernia. I know it is scary but you have to go to the Dr. I will be scheduling my surgery soon. I don't want to have it but it can become serious if it is not repaired. Please go to the Dr. and have it looked at before you have to go through the pain I am currently going through.



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