IBD Colitis Amp C Sections Vs Natual Births

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Newline - May 13

Hi, I've been recently diagnosed with proct_tis which is a form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease / Colits. Have been ttc about 5 months. Doc has said that if/when I conceive I will need to have CS i/o natural birth - so, anyone out there who is in similar situ, or who has had sucessful natural birth while having IBD ? I am concerned about prospect of C-Section - no issues with them as such - but it just is not my chosen preference so would like to hear how anyone else managed ! Thanks in advance for any input !


torbman - May 13

I have IBS, Is that the same thing? Not sure, but my first was a c-section, and second I got to have her naturally. Is it because of the pushng?


Newline - May 14

hi torbman, thanks for info, not same as ibs - it is inflammatory bowel disease and is chronic illness which can have periods of remission but basically lasts for life - your bowel/colon/rectum basically gets attacked by your own immune system - and it bleeds - it's very pleasant as you could imagine :) I think the pushing is the issue because it must put your insides under pressure - so that's why I'm after some feedback from people who have it. I am thinking that you could do nat birth if disease is in remission - i.e. if you're not bleeding/haven't bled for a long period of time....not sure...hopefully someone out there might have some info !


Saird - May 16

I don't really understand that, because during a c-section your bowels are touched and misplaced and the whole bit and I never had any bowel problems before the C, but certainly did after. I ended up with IBS because of the C...so I just don't understand having one to get around a bowel problem. But I'm not a doctor, so let me know if you learn some more info.


Newline - May 18

yeah, not sure myself..interesting what you said re displacing bowels during section - hadnt thought of that. Presume pushing would be worse maybe as might cause more bleeding in rectum/bowel... will have to talk to doc about it. thanks all for input !


Chem400 - May 21

I concur with Saird, i never had bowel problems except for constipation untill AFTER my c-sections! My colon scarred to my uterus because of those lousy operations and I have severe IBS now, also I had to have a hysterectomy because of the problems a__sociated with c's. Wise to get a specialist's opinion and really make them explain how much handling and moving around they do with the section, it is quite a bit and they are not gentle. Heaven forbid they knick your bowel like they did my neighbor...let us know how you do.


Kira_lynn - May 23

Howdy. I have crohns and i've read lots of info about women needing c/s. I have 3rd degree tearing from severe constipation and its too "risky" in the docs eyes to have a normal birth. I agree with him, plus i've had surgery and my body's been through a lot. Oh andd im only 21 and the doc says its the first csection on someone my age.



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