Im Considering C Section Help

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rebelmommy08 - February 16

This is my second pregnancy, my son is 10 months old. The first pregnancy was o.k. until the end, i developed toxemia and the beginnings to pre-eclampsia. my doc didn't explain it too much, i was told that is because i am on medicaid and they dont give the personal care that obgyns give their patients with regular insurance. i have crazy high blood pressure, i always have. im 20, and im terrified about birth with baby number two bc im considering c-section to avoid complications this go around. can anyone offer their advice or opinions? i want to enjoy my pregnancy and look foward to the birth, not dread it. help!!!


smarie1011 - February 28

Hey! Iam 24 and I had my son 18 mothns ago Two weeks early by csection. I had really high blood pressure I didn't really have a choice. It only took about 20 mintues to get him out. I think the scarest part was everything happened really fast and none of it was planned! I went in and 2 hours later I was going in for a c-section.. The doctors all thought my blood pressure would go back to normal but it didn't!! I was on 3 blood pressure pills for 6 months and finially it just went back to normal! What type of problems are you tring to avoid by having a c-section? I think it might be less stress on your body.. There is no way I could have handled a 14 hour labor..(thats what doctor said) And pre-eclampsia is what I had. Its high blood pressure while pregnant basicaly.. Which can turn into Eclampsia.. It can be very dangerous! How far along are you?


ChibiKittay - March 4

Hi, I had similar issues with my first daughter. I had high blood pressure and she was breeched and displaying signs of distress. They had to do an emergency c-section for her at 7.5 months along. I was all very scary but thankfully she came out healthy, needed a little help for the first year but is doing fantastic now. As for the c-section minus the 6-8 week healing period it wasn't as bad as you may believe. You skip the possible hours of labor (which I have not experienced yet myself), and you get to see your child for the first time within 20-30 minutes of the start of the procedure. If you think it may be for the best and your doctor agrees that you should, it may be the way to go. Just make sure to have help set up for when you get home with the little one so that you can settle in properly and start healing ^^


lilybeth - March 23

well i wish i could say that my story was not a little scary too. i went in to the hospital because my fluid was low and i was over due. i was planned to have a normal birth but when they tried to give me cirvadahl i counter reacted to it and it made me very sick and caused my daughters heart rate to drop i ended up needing a fast c-section i didn't find it to painful after wards and i was 22 at the time everyone is different but you should bounce back quite quickly if you are an active person and even tho i have c___ppy insurance the did seem to not jack me around to much.



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