Incision Opened

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orie - June 8

i had a c section one month ago ....but 2 weeks after i had it my incision now i have a tiny hole that was 7.2 cm deep..from really tired of having to stuff gauze in it but im hoping it really heals soon! anyone else's incision open...if so how long did it take to heal...and how deep and wide was it!? thank you!


Nerdy Girl - June 9

Mine was not "approximated" well (whatever that exactly means). I think it just means that they did a c___ppy job lining up the skin over my original scar. My incision was bleeding through the staples at the hospital, and then just fell open when they took the staples out. It was not open all the way into my abdominal cavity, but through the skin and fat. It took 7 weeks to close, and I had to seek out help from would care specialists on my own because my doctor gave me ill advice. Yours sounds more serious because it is so deep. I have a lot of posts on this forum regarding this topic from when it happened to me 6 months ago. I will see if I can find them.....


kcll - June 9

My husband had surgury and his incision became infected as well..he had to keep packing it with gauze until it finally healed. It does take awhile but you need to do it. It sounds like yours is healing really well..I'm not sure how deep it was but I do remember when it happened. His shirt kept getting wet and when he pulled it up we saw the liquid coming out of his incision. He has a scar from it but he's fine and I'm sure you will be too..just keep doing what you're doing and you'll be better in no time.


kcll - June 9

Also did you read the post Csection recovery? There are alot of women there who posted about having the same problem..that might help you as well


orie - June 11

Thanks so much for the i havent read that post but i will now kcLL Thankyou!


DWhite - June 15

I had my incision opened 5 days post-op. I had a severe staph infection called MRSA. It's normally a hospital born staph and it's one of the hardest to get rid of. I was re-admitted for another 5 days. Then I had to have something called a wound vac. It's this small portable machine that basically sucks the infection out of you. It's attached to you so where you has to go. I had to wear it for 4 more weeks. The nurses were coming to my house 3x a week to change the sponges (OUCH!) and make sure it was healing correctly. Everyone kept telling me that the wound vac was the quickest way to heal that type of incision. It was a pain and hurt. After the wound vac was removed, I still had to do the wet to dry packing for another 2 months. All of this started in December. In March I had to have a hysterectomy. I found another doctor for this procedure and was told that it looked like a bomb went off inside of me. Our daughter was 2 months premature so we were also dealing with her being in the NICU and trying to take care of our other children. I still have problems with my incision draining...6 months postpardum. I've been told I may never get the feeling back in my lower stomach. What bothers me the most...I told the nurses before I left the hospital I was in pain and something wasn't right. They blew me off and acted like I was just complaining. I CAN'T SAY THIS ENOUGH...IF YOU THINK SOMETHING IS WRONG, STAND UP FOR YOURSELF AND MAKE SOMEONE CHECK YOU. If I hadn't of done that, we wouldn't have our daughter today...we were told she would have been dead within a hour if not taken by emergency C-section. I just didn't do it after I had her.



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