Incision Opening Fluid And Blood Pouring Out

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sarah - January 14

yesterday i had my staples taken out, 5 day's after my c-section. last night my nether-region felt puffy and hard, i pushed on it twice, and as i was about to stand up, my incision broke open - fluid and blood started pouring out of it. .. i went to the er, and the told me to keep it dry and to change the padding regulary. . .. they didn't do anything else except bandage me. .. . told me that i would be fine. .. i can't find any information on this happening. . .. does anyone have any advice or web links to share. . . .sorry this is so long. .. . i'm scared and worried. up untill a little while ago the drainage from it was minimal, then i layed down to take a nap and felt a burning sensation, when i got up my pad was soaked threw.. . . ohh one other thing. . . .before the incision broke open, i was so soar, but as soon as it broke open.. .i was in no pain whatsover.. . and now its a diffrent type of soarness. .. . like a crampy i just got cut feeling


pam - January 17

I had a similar experience. I had a collection of blood behind my incision due to a drug interaction with my anticoagulent meds.The pain was amazing. Dr. did not believe me at first that I was in bad pain and nurses gave me more Motrin. The Dr. was eventually aware of this and removed a few staples, the blood gushed out. I bled for two weeks afterward- a lot of blood. I am now 5 weeks post c-section and "oozing" fluid that two drs. say is "okay". I see other posts "When can I have s_x?" and I think..oh my G** s_x now? yeck! I guess so long as you do not have a temp and no redness or swelling, you are okay. Personally I am not upset about hte emergency c-section, but am about my lack of healing at this point. Sorry no real answers here, just plenty of co-sympathy. Pam


Becky - January 17

Hi Sarah, I had an emergency c-section 3.5 months ago to a beautiful baby girl. She was in the NICU for five weeks, and I ended up being in the hospital for two weeks due to complications with my incision. After a series of high fevers, high blood pressure, my incision popping wide open after the staples were removed, blood gushing out of it, a series of different techinques to "pack the wound", a second surgery to clean up the incision site, and a staph infection I finally got to go home (after which I had to report to the wound care center daily to get the wound packed). Blood did gush out of my incision a few times while I was still in the hospital. The nursing staff didn't seem to think it was a big deal. Just a pocket of fluid breaking open and releasing itself. It didn't hurt when it happened (anymore than usual at least). They called it a hematoma. I'm not a doctor and can't tell you if this is what you had... but it sounds similiar to what I had, so I hope this helps!


BJ - February 10

I had a similar experience. However, my staples were removed 3 days after my surgery, my wound opened about 4 days after that. I was also in pain prior to the wound opening. When it finally opened I felt soooo much better. The bummer was that I now had to have my wound packed and bandaged daily. The wound was 6 cm long and 3.5 cm deep. They also found a tunnel that was 5 cm long. The good news is there was no infection. The bad news is I'm still healing and have to schedule my day around getting my wound checked. It is however healing fairly well according to the nurses. They are packing it with a substance called Accticoat. They also encourage me to take Vitamin C, drink lots of fluids, and eat extra protein. I was wondering if this could have been prevented if my doctors would have done something differently.


Ronda - February 11

Nearly four years ago, when I had my daughter, my incision opened up the day I got home from the hospital! Blood was pouring out of the incision so we went back to the OB and she cleaned it out and packed the wound. I had a visiting nurse twice a day to repack the wound which was very deep but not too wide and fortunately, not infected. The healing process put a bit of a strain on my first weeks home with my baby but after six weeks, I was healed. I think anyone who has incision trouble should definitely have their own OB/gyno look at it and not leave it up to ER docs. Also, this is just my opinion, but if you don't believe that things are ok when your doctor says they are, I think you should demand an explanation from your docs as to why it's ok for you to be oozing fluid after several weeks. With a new baby to care for, the last thing anyone needs is the worry that things aren't right.


KM - February 12

eek.. I had a section just 11 wks ago. i had no problems at all with my incision. I didn't think it was very common to have complications, but apparently it is..Sounds pretty scary and painful. I would definitely get my doctor to take a second look.


terry - March 12

take it easy. i hope you feel better. i am mother to nine children just had number 9 10 weeks ago by c section #3. so far so good but my recovery hard also. so much scar tissue caused my bladder to attach itslef to my abdomen wall so that was the most painful part. c sections are very scary and take alot of extra care so stay off of your feet don't do any stretching or pulling. regular take it easy stuff. hope you feel better. i'm trying to heal for number 10. [email protected]


Mary - March 19

I had a csection on 3-8-05 and 4 hours after coming home from the hospital ended up in the er with fluid running running out of my incision. The ER doctor told my OB that they should have left the stables in longer and admitted me. I stayed in the hospital until the next morning then my OB released me with more antibotics. They say as long as I am not running fever that I do not have an infection. I am so worried that something bad is going to happen and they are just letting me sit here. Has anyone else gotten a response from the OB like this?


Lindsay - March 24

I had a c-section on 3-17 and spent the next four days in the ospital. On the third day my incision began leaking fluid and blood and I was told it was normal. Later that night it leakd more and dripped on the floor and ran down my leg. On the 21st I was due to go home with my baby, my staples were removed, I went to sit on the toilet and blood gushed out of my like a hose spraying. I must have lost two cups of blood. My OB came to see me and told me it as a hemotomia and that my leakage would taper off and sent me home. Four hours later I got up from feding my baby and felt blood running down my leg, when I went to the bathroom I sneezed, my incision burst wide open and my abdominal wall and bowel were visible. I was taken by ambulance to my econd choice hospital and underwent the most painful emergency surgery imaginable. This (I hope is an uncommon occurrence) but I would definitely get an OB opinion or if your case is lke mine and you are scared, GET A SECOND OPINION!!! Good Luck in future.


Lisa - March 24

Its been 6 months since my c-section and I still have an infection going thru a whole bunch of stuff right now meanwhile my ob says I was stressed wasnt infected, got a second opinion Mri and sure enough its still opened and infected. I have been feeling miserable for months now I know why


Emily - April 16

I had a c-section on 3/31 a week later I was back in my OB's office w/ an open, infected incision. A few days later the other side of my incision also opened up. My husband is now packing it twice a day for me and I have to go see my OB every other day. She says it takes awhile because the opening must heal from the inside out. The packing takes away the pockets of fluid that are leaking out. Unfortunately, the openings must stop leaking entirely before it is healed. Apparently, this could go on for a long time. It's been over a week for me already and I am hoping it doesn't take too many more weeks.


lisa - April 23

I had a c-section on 2/21/05, my incision opened and i had 3 openings inside- one was 9 1/2cm, 5cm, and 5cm, the nurse was out daily for 4wks, then my husband started packing it. after 8wks, i am done with the packing, but now the outside must heal, when i was at the doctor she "ruffed up the skin" she rubbed it with gauze until it bled then took twisser to "tweak" the skin, the outside is now started to heal. it has been a horrible ordeal, and i still have no idea why this happened.


Cindy - April 24

I had the same problem with my C section and had to have a home care nurse come in everyday to clean and change the wound. for 2 week then (My husband did it when she wasn't there) It took about a month to heal. I thought I was busting open everytime I moved but it healed pretty good thanks to hubby's care in packing.


Tristan - April 29

My baby girl was born on April 10th by c-section. A week later I woke up covered in body fluid and blood, we went to er and they said it was a good thing a pocket of fluid had developed and needed to drain. The following Monday I went to my OBGYN who packed it and said to take care of it twice a day. We are almost two weeks into the care and now it smells funny and must be scrubbed out 3 times a day with gauze and re-packed. The Dr. asked me to do it myself midday - but I tried to touch it and it scares me so much. I feel like pa__sing out and just keep crying - I am very lucky I have a great husband who is doing the packing for me and will come home for lunch to do it. I am still scared and on antibiotics now - I feel mutated and like I am rotting inside. This has been so hard trying to be a new mom when you have this opening of about an inch and are worried about infection. Everyone seems to think it's no big deal, but for me its hell I feel completely unattractive and can not wait for this to be over. It has to heal from the inside out before it can be re-st_tched. Thank you for giving me a forum to express this nightmare, it helps to here others have gone through the same thing.


ms. confused - April 29

please go have it checked out...sounds bad, ima serious. I had a c-section and took a long time 2 recover but its been 8months..ima good since 2 months ago. I was sewed..dr. did a good job but my body was super weak i guess


lisa - April 29

Tristian, Hang in there, it took my wound 9wks to heal from the inside out. The smell may be the packing you are using, i was using Aquacell- and it smelled horrible, i will never forget that smell. are you taking pain meds before the packing. I found that it helped. write back and let me know how you are doing


tristan - May 12

Thanks lisa - doing much better. Got re-st_tched back up last week. Hopefully it will not re-open. Again thank you to all - this forum helped so much!



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