Is It Safe 2 Have Sex

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SKITTLES - January 9

okay heres the deal .....I had a c-section for the 1st time 2 weeks ago. Me and my hubby are getting anxious and want to make love. Is it too soon? Will it hurt or will anything happen if we do have s_x? Will anything happen such as bleeding, pain etc? Sorry if this is to much info. Please give me advise. I don't feel I can wait 6 WHOLE WEEKS!


Cleep - January 9

I think you should wait at least another week or so. You may find it hurts like h**l if you try. It is major surgery and no matter how well you heal, you just had a baby and should allow time to heal INSIDE as well as outside. I must say you are the first person I ever heard of who wanted to do the whole thing 2 weeks later. By the way, there are lots of ways to "make love" without actual penetration, might try that first and see if that helps. :>)


SKITTLES - January 9

Thanks for the advise. I will wait until I heal more. I don't want to take a chance of infection or pain. Thanks for your advice!:)


SKITTLES 2 cleep - January 9

Can you please explain how it can hurt if I had a c-section? I mean the baby came out of my belly not the other place, right? When you said pain did you mean my belly?? Thanks:)


Cleep - January 9

Hi Skittles! It is strange, but your cervix is still VERY tender as well as your uterus and (GRAPHIC) thrusting can cause pain inside up high. Also, if you are fortunate enough to have an orgasm the contractions that go with that can cause quite a bit of aching pain inside under your scar. I tried at 3.5 weeks and regretted it, waited a couple more and it was better. Hope this helps?


Ca__sie - January 9

SKITTLES,I had s_x 6days after my c-section,i was sore but it still felt nice.He just needs to be easy with you.I still healed up just fine and i didn't get an infection or anything.I say when you feel ready,then go for it.


to skittles. - January 10

how did you feel your surgery went?At a guess pretty well if you are up to having s_x a week or two later.was it as bad as yo expected?


Jbear - January 10

I had s_x 10 days after my first c-section. It wasn't the best experience in the world, but it wasn't terrible either. When I had my second c-section, we waited 3 weeks and it was better.


Omigosh! - January 10

Are you kidding? There was NO WAY I was even thinking about s_x 2 weeks after my c-sections! My hips are really narrow and my scar went from bone to bone, and the last thing I wanted was to even be touched much less fondled or penetrated. Sorry, I don't mean to sound so jacked up, but I can't imagine there's enough pain meds in the world to make me do that so soon. Is this unusual to have real desire so quickly?


Jbear - January 10

I don't think it's that unusual...I was fooling around with my husband in the hospital room the day after my first c-section (of course I was pretty well medicated). I think some of the desire is a desire to reclaim your body...a c-section can make you feel pretty disconnected from yourself, having strangers do all that personal stuff for you afterwards too.


SKITTLES - January 10

I had alot of pain after my c-section for about 4-6 days. Then everything seemed to go away quite quickly. Pain etc. This was my first c-section and yes I thought it was going to be terrable and it wasn't that bad at all. The olny thing that was horrid was the pain afterward for a week. I hope that you all don't think I am odd for feeling that I need s_x this soon? LOL.....Thanks, cleep for explaining everything about the pain to me. Thanks everyone else too:)


Lynne - January 11

My hubby waited until about 4 weeks before we had relations. I was told not to take baths only showers and not to put anything in v____a for at least 4 weeks but I had a cerclage and my cervix needed to heal. It quite frankly wasn't the best experience in the world for me that soon after either but it may have been the fact that I was afraid something might hurt.



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