Is Sleeping Uncomfortable After A C Section

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KH - June 21

I assume you have to sleep on your side or back, but does it hurt still? for how long?


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - June 21

For me, it did not hurt to sleep but it hurt to get out of bed or try to roll to your other side. My husband had to help me with this for about a week. I know some people have no problem.


Michelle - June 21

I didn't hurt to sleep, but I was more comfortable on my back. My husband had to help be out of bed for about the first week. Its painful to get out of bed once you have a C-Section.


angela - June 21

i agree, for me it was comfortable to sleep on my back but i had a hard timr getting out of bed. it lasted for about 2 weeks.


Jbear - June 21

I mostly slept in a recliner, because after the first few times I had to get out of the bed, I was a chicken. The recliner wasn't that comfy, but getting out of the bed hurt a lot.


KH - June 22

does it hurt b/c your beds are high up? I just have mattresses on the floor - will that be better?


Michelle - June 22

I think that will make it harder for you. My bed is high up off the ground and that makes it easier. Getting up on the floor might be more difficult to pull yourself up. I can't really say on that one.


Jackie - June 22

Recliner, recliner, recliner I have had 3 c-secs and I don't know why they don't put recliners in the hospital. First of all getting up and down out of bed is impossible for a couple weeks and I would sleep with the baby on my chest in the recliner for the first 2 weeks we both slept well and comfortable. PS this is # 5 for me I have to get a new recliner.


KH - June 22

are you kidding me that I need help getting in and out of bed every time for 2 weeks? that's terrifying!


yep it hurts - June 22

had a csection, hurt like hell trying to get out of bed. though I was stupid, I thought it would be better to take my bed off the frame so I could just "Roll out " onto the floor. Nope! that hurt so much. I ended up sleeping in a recliner for 2 weeks


Jbear - June 23

KH, I hope we're not scaring you too much. It is pretty painful, because they cut through the abdominal muscles as a part of the surgery. You never realize how much your body uses those muscles until after a c-section. I slept in my bed sometimes, and no one was there to help me get up. It is possible, but it can take a little while. I'm such a big baby, I would take a pain pill about half an hour before actually getting out of bed. But the recliner was definitely good.


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - June 23

My recliner is one that you have to push down with your legs to make it go back in the sitting position. I think that would hurt. I wish I would have thought about that before I bought it. My husband was great at helping me out of bed. I plan on having the baby in our bedroom so hopefully that will eliminate too many attempts of getting out of bed. Time will tell.


Jackie - June 28

Didn't mean to scare you. Here is the deal not everything hurts so much but you have to consider they will give you good drugs to go home with. When you have fallen asleep for a while they will have probly worn off a lot and that is why I think we all have bad memories of getting out of bed. Also, everyone is different. I have had c-secs that were quite painful and some that I had not problem getting around by day #2 (I was careful, but it wasn't that bad). You'll be suprised what you can handle especially when you know it is temporary and you feel a little better everyday.


wendy - June 29

Sleeping right after the baby? Whats that? I was so happy to be horizontal, not b___stfeeding and to not hear any crying that I could have slept on a bed of nails in a freezer. It does hurt to get in and out of bed, but not for too long. Just use it to the fullest and make the hubby get up for those late night feedings and bring the baby to you. Dont worry about being uncomfortable, just worry about finding the time to lay down. Once your head hits the pillow you will be out. Just remember, the pain is temporary, the joy of being a parent lasts a lifetime!


chel - July 1

I slept in the recliner for 3 or 4 nights, then I was able to sleep in bed. I was able to lay on my stomach with a small pillow under my after about 6 or 7 days. I have had 2 c-sections. The first few nights are definitaly the worst.


jess - July 11

i have had previous surgery on stomach and we rented those recloiners that go up by the push of a b___ton.......a GOD SEND!!! Goping to do that again with my section....they are quite cheap because i only needed it for a month- best 50 bucks spent!


Amy - July 11

sleeping for me was hard the best thing i found was to sleep in the recliner all other things hurt i have had 3 c-sections



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