Is There Any VBAC Forum

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another Karen - December 16

Hello, just wondering if anyone can suggest a VBAC forum anywhere. I would like to read as many experiences as I can. My first delivery was a Cesarean due to breech presentation. I am sort of hoping to go VBAC this time for recovery reasons but am lacking the confidence to deliver naturally. This is awful as I was so looking forward to it last time, for some strange reason. Thank you. Perhaps it could added to the topics.


another Karen - December 16

Sorry, I meant to type 'perhaps it could be added to the topics'.


CodyKatie5 - December 16

Hi Karen. I'm not much help really with knowing a VBAC forum, but I do know a woman who had a successful VBAC. Her first was an emergency c-section and her second she was able to deliver v____ally. She told me something quite interesting. She said that a VBAC is actually far less risky than docs make it out to be. She said that more harm to the baby is posed doing amniocentisis than a VBAC. Does you doc or hospital allow VBACs? I had a c-section in August also due to breech presentation (unfortunately, my baby was stillborn because her cord was wrapped 3 times around her neck). I too am interested in a VBAC, although probably not on my next pregnancy simply because of what happened this last time (was almost 41 weeks), but possibly further down the road. Good luck!


another Karen - December 16

Oh my goodness I'm so sorry to hear that. I understand that the risks are minimal and the hospital does allow VBAC. They will monitor the labour closely. I think I just need to hear others' stories to help me feel that more confident. My concerns are so trivial compared to what you have had to deal with, I wish you all the very best and thank you for your reply.


lunamoo - December 19

There is a lot of info out there. I have only heard positive things about women who do this. But you need to find a hospital or doc who support this, because many (too many do not) so check out hospital policy. I also have a friend who had her breech baby v____ally. She just had to find the right birth center who are still trained in such birth. I was breech when I was born! Good luck!!


DeeD - December 28 to put in the w's and type in vbac. they have tons of stories and interesting info. Here is the one I am on.


another Karen - December 30

Thank you DeeD, I've just found it and added to favourites. Thanks, that's terrific


zorylaineperez - June 14

ICAN is a support group you can try that i am a member myself



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