Is There Anyone Who Has Had 4 C Sections

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can - October 10

I am pregnant with my third child and scheduled to have my third c-section. I tried giving birth naturally (and I mean with no drugs at all) However, it just wasn't meant to be; something to due with my pelvic bone, etc. I cannot deliver va___ally. Anyway, I really had my heart set on 4 children and I wanted to know if this will have to be my last child or if anyone knows anything about the risks, etc. of a 4th c-section? Please share your experiences. Thanks


Anne - October 10

My sister is currently getting ready for her 4th c-section. I know it is possable but I dont know how dangerous. She will be getting a tubal this time.


Deb - October 11

Yes, and frankly it is pushing it. Have the doctor check your bulging uterus before he cuts into it to see how thin your uterine scar is...if he/she can see it is thin don't have four. I had tremendous, long-lasting problems after so many c-sections ending in a hsterectomy and my ovaries gone. Be careful and be happy with 3 if that's what happens. Good luck!


can - October 11

Thanks so much for your responses. I will remember to talk to the doctor about the condition of my uterine scar and I will follow his advice... there is always adoption for a fourth child. Thanks


Renea - October 13

This is my 4th pregnancy and c-section. Ask your doctor about the condition of your uterus. Mine was fine with me having 4, but suggested no more after that. Everyone is different and heals different. I know people who have had 5 and been fine, and then I know those who have had 3 and had to stop. Only your doctor can tell you-and he can tell exactly when he is doing your 3rd c-sect. because he will be in there and can see how your uterus is.


=== - October 29

Every woman is different and maybe for some women two sections are all they can have for health reasons but I know a woman who is about to have her ninth C. So it depends on a woman's scarring, individual health, etc. Your doctor will be able to tell you specifically.



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