Itchy Amp Tender Inflammation Above Scar OK

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j. - July 9

I am 5 wks post partum today. While I am completely back to prepregnancy status otherwise (good genes), I noticed this week that directly above my scar, running the length of it, is about a 2" raised area. The incision itself is fine and I've had no problems with it. This inflammed area is itchy & kind of tender, especially on the sides and more when I where fitted pants (not tight). Has anyone else experienced this? My post op is still 2 wks away. I did initially (first 2wks post) have a lump on my right side toward my hip which was pretty painful, but that's gone. I don't want to schedule another appt. if this is going to dissipate as well, but it seems strange that it's sort of come up out of nowhere all of the sudden.


jamie - July 24

I have the same thing and im 6 weeks on tues. I have no clue what it is.....go to the dr and be safe about the whole situation....Its better for you in the long run


Jbear - July 25

Is the raised area red? Is it an area that is usually moist from sweat? If it is, does the rash have an odor? I had a rash like that along my c-section scar. The way that I got rid of it was to expose it to air several times a day: that is, to lie on my back in front of a fan and let the fan b__w on the area. I've heard of some people using maxi pads or pantiliners along the incision to keep it dry, but I never thought of that while I had the problem.


j. - July 25

Ladies, thanks for your responses. I was at my ob this past week and she said it was perfectly my case. (I have no redness/moisture/odor.) She explained that the swelling is caused by my abdominal muscles finding their way back to orginal (or close to orginal) position. Likewise, the itching is my skin dealing with the muscle movement and it's own "getting back to how it was before." Jamie, are you a pretty small size normally and almost back to it? My doctor said because I am (usually I take a 4) and within 2 weeks after delivery I was in a size 6 (even though my daughter was nearly 9 lbs.), this may have been contributing to my problem. That pretty much means women who are a bit larger still (so early after delivery) might not notice this kind of swelling so specifically. Also larger women's abdominals and skin might not return to "how they should be" so rapidly. Basically, she put me at ease saying at only 7 weeks post, things are still going to be finding their way back home in my body (afterall a C section is major surgery!!). I agree though that anyone who is dealing with similar concerns should see their doctor, especially if they have symptoms like Jbear.


Kim - August 1

I am 6 weeks pregnant. After my last child about 2 1/2 years later my abdomen started to get itchy and I would scratch, I went to several different Dr.'s until finally one listened to me and did a CT. It turned out to be an endometreoma that came about after my second child. It was surgically removed. It would hurt when pressed down on and it was 3cm. Mine was located above my scar right below my navel. I had a bikini cut. The Endometreomal tissues can end up anywhere according to my Dr. and the research I did . I hope that isn't what you have but have it looked at. Good luck!



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