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AmyB - July 4

just wanted to let everyone that i talk to know its a boy...boy#3 for me!!!


lovemy3 - July 5

Hi AmyB, How exciting. Did you have any preference. Hope you are doing well.


AmyB - July 6

i wanted a girl but now i am very happy that it is a boy! i am doing really well i am 24 weeks this sat. and so i am finally 6 months! and dont feel so guilty about "showing" :) anyhow how are you? have you decided to try or wait a while?


lovemy3 - July 6

hi there, glad to hear you are well. Boys are so sweet, my last one is a little boy. we are definately going to wait for one more cycle so that means conception mid- august. that way if we do get pregnant I think we could still go to Florida in Decmber because I would be only 20 weeks. I guess the dilemma now is the weight battle. I am really overweight, I could lose a good 70 lbs. With my last 2 babies i lost a bit of weight and had fairly good pregnancies. With myfirst baby I was this weight at conception and had very serious preeclampsia. I was cautioned to lose weight for future pregnancies and I did and faired ok. This time around with my youngest turning 3 and my oldest 11 and me just having my 37th birthday I feel time nipping at my heels. My dh just had his 40th and we both feel if we don't try for the next 6 months we will call it quits and let it go and he will have a vas. Its on my mind each day and I think that it is hindering my weight loss success. I still worry about the what ifs and sometimes feel selfish like I'm pushing the envelope and on a regular basis try to convince myself that I should be done. Like I said before my dr is a high risk specialist downtown and is awesome and well known for his clinics care so I am co nfident in the care but sometimes that isn't enough and I worry that my weight will be the death of me, but then I feel time is ticking. All the women in my family were menopausal and finished their last peiods around 40, so this could be it. So thats the dilemma. So really I will have to wait and see come August 1st. I go tommorrow to get the results of my physical so I'll see what kind of shape I'm in and that will influence my decision as well. I'll keep you posted, thanks


AmyB - July 7

well i wish you the best of luck! i am also pretty overweight so i have kept my weight gain to a minimun at least i am trying.....i have only gained 4 lbs and i would like to keep it under doc says that is fine b/c i am about 70 lbs overweight luck!


lovemy3 - July 7

Hi there, Have you thought of any boy names yet? How exciting, I really hope I actually am able to still get pregnant again. Went today for the results of my physical today, not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing. My tests were all amazingily perfect!! So thats great although its not motivating to lose weight- lol. I am very happy, I have a clean slate to start with. I didn't discuss baby issue with her, she is my family dr and didn't even think baby #2 was a wise decision as ob's is not her speciality. So i just left that alone. I did lose 8 lbs though and and am going back in another 2 weeks to weigh in again. With each of my pregnancies I saw a perinatal dietician and stayed they same give or take a couple of lbs and she was great with that as well. I'm glad to hear all is well, have a super weekend.


AmyB - July 10

hello! we are leaning toward Camden Levi...but i dont know there are other names i like too..and isnt naming these lil guys harder than anything? anyhow i wish you the best of luck in getting pg and i think you will be fine! i am starting to get really nervous about this 3rd c section....i am rea__suring myself i will be fine but you always freak out about the what if...what if i would die...kinda stuff! anyhow i just cant wait for it to be over with and me and baby are healthy and happy!!


lovemy3 - July 10

Hi there, that sounds like a nice name. It is hard to pick names I find too. What is your due date? Have you booked your c-section yet? Try not to stress, it'll be fine. Just think of all the sections that performed just today and how many of the women did great and are healthy. Talk to you soon.


AmyB - July 10

i know! thanks for the vote of confidence :) no it will be in the middle of october sometime?


RMC - August 6

Hey Amy, congrats! I have three boys & am desperately hoping its a girl, but will be happy either way. Hope all is well.



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