Kids 15 Months Apart After C Section

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EM - December 30

Does the lenght of time between births effect the risk of uterine rupture if you try a VBAC for the second? I am 7 weeks with my second and my son is 7 months old. I had to be induced for him because all of my water disappeared (never found out why). After 9 hours he was getting too distressed so I had a c-section. I will never let a doc put me on pitocin or any other inducing drug ever again but if I go into labor naturally I would like to deliver naturally. With a little one at home I'd rather not have to have the long recovery time from a second C-section.


Gemma - December 30

My two little girls are 16 months apart and I had a wonderful, safe, and fantastic VBAC! Discuss all options with your doctor and go to the best, most fully-equipped medical center you can find. My scar was perfect and intact at delivery. I am so pleased with the difference in youngest daughter is now just one month and i have been light jogging for 2 weeks!!!! No pain meds, no problems, feel fantastic except for lack of sleep. Best wishes and happy New Year.


babygirls1st - December 30

i had 1 c-sec with my first 3.5mos ago, my dr. told me to wait 2 yrs to try VBAC.


Em - December 30

Too late for me to wait 2 years. I was told a year and a half but here we are nevertheless! Gemma, thanks for the positive feedback...anyone else have similar experience?


megan - December 30

i had my last baby by c-section b/c the head woulden't fit through the birth ca___l,i am pregnant and im due in march,well my kids will be 13mos apart and my doctor said i have to have a repeat c-section.I want to try a v____al delivery but he wont give me that option.


janine - January 2

i had my first c section on the 21st jan 2005, and got pregnant by accident 12 weeks later, we decided to go ahead with the pregnancy, and my doctors told me that it was possible for me to have a vbac even as soon as 12 months after the first c section, unfortunatley things didn't quite go to plan and i had to have another c section, i just think you have to wait and see how things go nearer the time of birth


Em - January 3

I had my first appt today and my doctor told me also that as long as it has been 12 months since the last c-section I can try a VBAC. Of course if the same complications occur I will have to have a c-section. I really want to try a natural birth because I do not look forward to taking care of 2 babies after being cut open.


to Em - January 7

I so agree with you! I had my babies very close also and I had a wonderful VBAC the second time. It really helped since I had another infant at home. Just keep reminding your doc that it may be in his patient's (YOU) best interest to not require recovering from major surgery, pregnancy and caretaking responsibilities for 2 babies. My doctor felt strongly that he didn't want me to try and recover from surgery with a 1-year-old at home.


EM - January 13

I read the materials from the hospital and now they have me really gun shy. It says the risks of a VBAC to the baby are brain damage or death!!! I really need more info and can't wait till my next appt to ask my questions they have the surgical team handy, are they doing ultrasound or what to detect a tear, can they be ready in seconds to do an emergency C. I'm not afraid of emergency vs. planned C since my first was emergency and it went just fine (its not like a movie where everyone is racing to cut you open). Any other questions you think I should ask?


Michelle - January 13

I am having a planned c-section on Monday, my first daughter will be 17 months. I didn't want to risk the utrine rupture and all that. I figured since I had to have an emergancy for the first because I couldn't progress *I actually went from 7cm down to 4cm* I figured this would be a bit better to have a planned one. I dont want to risk another emergency c-sec also... the recovery is worse I hear.


Gemma - January 13

I had a WONDERFUL VBAC after a c/s and it was no comparison! The risk of uterine rupture is so low as to be !% or so. Did you ladies know that the risk of uterine rupture is 1-5% with pitocin and a normal pregnancy without prior c/s? So your risk with VBAC is actually LOWER than most women out there everyday having pitocin enhanced labors. I would try it, unless it is very clear the same problems will probably show up. I LOVED LOVED LOVED my VBAC and my daughter is only 6 weeks old and I have been jogging for 3 1/2 weeks, not one pain pill ever...Good luck.



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