Labor During Ceseraring

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jody joy - October 14

can you all tell me if you are going to have a planned ceserean do you go into labor at all or do they just dope you up and cut the baby out before you go into labor?and what happens if you go into labor before your suppose to have your csection?


My answer - October 15

If your C is planned... they will just "dope you up and cut the baby out" without you having to be in labor first... hence the term "planned C". If you have a scheduled C date and go into labor before that, then they will simply preform your C when you arrive at the hospital.


djh - October 24

Hi jody joy- sometimes the 2nd c-section is easier if only that you dont' have a bunch of labor behind you. That doesn't mean it won't be painful however. A few women say on these forums they actually "enjoyed" their c-sections...well I didn't enjoy the operations and recoverier at all, but my babies are fine and we are all ok. Good luck next time!


Jbear - October 24

Your doctor will probably start checking your cervix a few weeks before your c-section is scheduled to see if you're likely to go into labor. My second c-section was easier than my first, because I didn't have to go through a day and a half of them trying to induce first, I had a smaller incision the second time, and I didn't get a spinal headache. The only thing that was worse than the first one was a lot of shoulder pain, which the nurses said was caused by the tubal.


Meah - October 24

No, they don't let you go into labor so they plan the C-section a couple of weeks before your due date. If you go into labor, u must rush to the hospital for an emergency C-section. This is what I was told.


charlotte - October 25

jody,thats the beauty of a planned cesarean.No labour.....Had the date,arrived at the hospital apprehensive,the nurses were wonderful,trying to help me relax.In theatre there wre all these people in their blues..but my husband came when I had popped onto the bed,they put the music we chose on,my husband sat next to be,but did'nt say a lot,too engrossed at looking down the table.I thought I felt a little sick once,but it was ok,it felt like my stomach was on a fast spin with the washing machine,no pain,just odd.It was wonderful,so relaxed and the baby came out,and I was wide awake and pain free.The recovery was not as bad as people say,just remember to take the pain medication.The scar is fine,we are happy with it,as it brought us our baby,some women say it looks ugly,but I remember the reason why its there,and in time it will fade.I did enjoy this birth.


Kimberly - October 25

Charlotte, I am glad you had a good c-section with music and all, that is not what most women get, and YES THE RECOVERY IS AS BAD as some people say, just not yours...what are we...liars? To Jody Joy, I am hopeful you do not need a surgical birth, but if you do, it is not always fun and easy so be prepared, considering I went through many hours of horrific labor without uttering a sound it shows I am not a weener about pain, and my c-sections were all very rough recoveries. Sorry, Charlotte, I don't mean to come off as mean, but you had in my experience, an unusual delivery experience. I enjoyed the fact that my babies and I were alive but I certainly did not enjoy being cut open and I did not feel my c-sections were like being at a Spa.



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