Left Sided Abdominal Swelling And Pain After C Section

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NicoleC - August 22

Elizabeth, Thank you so much for the in depth a___lysis that you provided on incisional endometriosis. I got endo from my c section, which implanted itself in my lower right abdomen, and was lodged all the way on to the stomach sheath....I had the excision in April, and have started to have recurring pain for two cycles now in July and August. Have just gotten on the pill. Am afraid that the excision did not do the trick and am wondering what is next to minimize recurrence.


Summer - August 28

I had a c-section 8 weeks ago and I have pain on my right side sometimes and it is a__symetrical also. I am going to my obgyn on Monday to have it checked out. I also just started my normal cycle again and it is extremely bright red...almost like fresh blood, has anyone else had this?


April - August 28

I'm having the same pain you describe...and don't know the cause...have been trying to get to the bottom of the problem for almost a year now... my baby is 15 months now and this was my third c-section--I did not have this problem after my first or second c-sections. I've already been for a colonoscopy and an ultrasound. I think I'll be going for the laporoscopy next...I have another appt. with my Ob/Gyn next week.


Sherry - September 7

I am having the same problem as many of you above....left-sided pain following a second c-section. This section was 17 months ago and I still get a frequent shooting pain on the left side just above my scar. Generally the pain is bearable but I have had several occasions when I have been on my hands and knees in excrutiating pain. I have seen my gynae, whom I used to work for and know well, he is going to operate next week...he thinks it is possibly a neuroma or a nerve caught in an internal st_tch....previously he mentioned adhesions which are a possibility. He has said that he cannot guarantee that he can correct it...but I don't know what else to do as I simply don't want to go on having constant pain. Any feedback anyone can give me would be appreciated.


April - September 7

Emma--if you can send me the journal articles that you reference, I would appreciate. Please send to [email protected] . Thanks! I'm off to see my OB yet again tomorrow... sigh...


Lisa - September 11

I had a c section five months ago, i'm getting really bad pains especially on the left side, I also have a lumpy bit on the left it's really making life difficult as I have a toddler and when I pick him up it just makes it worse. I can't belive all the posts with similar problems. I went to the doctor and he didn't really say much, he just gave me some cream that he said might work. If anyone with similar probs has anything to say write back at [email protected]


Emma - September 11

April - Sorry I didn't see your post earlier (have been moving house) but I will send you articles today. Hope your appointment went well...will be in touch via your personal email. Cheers


Dawn - September 11

OK ladies- I'm joining the crowd. It has been 3 weeks since my 2nd section and after that horrible burning, stretching pain (the kind that makes you feel like you can't stand up straight) had gone away, it has returned. I started feeling again like my section was just a few days ago. I do recall the nurse in the recovery room fore-warning me that I would have more pain on my left side because that is the side my doctor was standing on when she performed the surgery. She informed us that the side the doctor stands on when operating ultimately receives more surgical trauma and has more tissue and muscle damage than the other side. I'm trying to heed her input and avoid going to the doctor just yet to be checked for a hernia. Sometimes we have no choice but to try and diagnose ourself with the way these doctors push us off. I will say if you really think you have a hernia don't delay in seeking medical attention as my uncle had a post-operative hernia that strangulated and he lost his leg because it cut off the blood-flow in his main artery. Incisional Hernias should be taken seriously. After having a cyst removed on my right ovary years ago, I experienced alot of pain on that side for nearly two years afterwards. After countless doctor visits, CT scans, an MRI, a colonoscopy and then finally a Ct scan with contrast (contrast being the operative word) they finally found that I had a stone in my appendix. So for nearly two years I suffered with appendicitis but doctors could only diagnose me as a hypocondriac(?) Good luck to all of you finding relief from this common ailment.


Sherry - September 17

Didn't have op yesterday - cancelled at last minute. My pain is not now considered to be gynae.....have been referred to a general surgeon (I am in UK and we probably use different terms). I am now very confused and wonder what on earth could be now causing this pain as I a__sumed it was something to do with my section as it started soon after. Any ideas? Will post details of my diagnosis if I ever get one!


Kriston - September 20

Keep after those doctors, ladies!!!! I had an emergency c-section almost 6 years ago and am still trying to get answers. I have major pain in my scar(hot,stabbing pain that pain killers don't help) a few days after my period. No pain during my period at all. I also have a lot of trouble with constipation those days and pain on my left side that is higher than my scar. I have a knot the size of a large egg just under my scar that gets bruised very easily. I have convinced my doctor to give me another laparoscopy(my 3rd) AND open up my scar and remove anything that should not be there. And have a general surgeon present at the operation. Anyone who might be going through something similar please respond!


nellie - September 21

I've just noticed that I should have said that my small lump is on my right hand side, not my left. I nearly think it gives me problems in my digestive system, the scar tissue?? must be attached to my colon or something, my doctor has prescribed medication for IBS and I have been given blood tests for gluten etc, nothing turned up or has helped, as you could well have imagined. I don't want to be 'opened up' again, as I would like other children in the future. I wonder if I needed a section next time that they would remove the old scar tissue??? It may sound strange but I feel better in knowing that this feeling after my section isn't normal and maybe in the future if I have another section it could be corrected and 'maybe' the next time I could heal better. I thought this was all part of having a section until I read everyones comments here. thank you.


nellie - September 21

I've just found a site called 'Womans Surgery Group' read about 'adhesions' on it. I think it relates to all of our problems!!


Linda - September 22

nellie, I have the same thoughts as you. I would like to have enother kid and hope to correct the problem during the next C-section without doing a laprascopy now.


nellie - September 30

Emma thank you very much for your information. I did what you said and investigated 'incisional endometriosis'. I have went to my docs and insisted they refer me. They have reluctantly agreed to refer me for an ultrasound, they had wanted me to wait a while further to see what happens, but I said I have waited 2 years 5 months already. Last weekend I was very sore (think I was trying to ovulate?), that's what made me go to docs in end. I was made to feel like I was complaining about nothing! You can't see my lump/swollen part, but I can feel it and when the doc pressed down on it, it hurt. Was yours like this?


emma - September 30

In response to nellie - yes you describe a lump the same as min in presentation. Its not visible but I can feel it (note that it changes size depending upon my phase - larger and more painful during ovulation and period time). Hurts like hell when it gets pressed on!


Audry - October 3

I am meeting w/ my OB/GYN surgeon today. I had my gallbladder removed on 9/15, they took photos of my uterus, which appears to have adhered to the abdominal wall during the healing process after my c-section (17 mos ago). I'll know more after my appt today. Anyone have this happen after a c-section??



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