Left Sided Abdominal Swelling And Pain After C Section

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Cathy - August 26

Actually I did have abdominal pain on the left side for quite some time after my first c-section. I believe it was partially because how the nurses told me how to get out of bed and I believe I may have torn my incision. The problem did eventually go away but I don't remember when.


Jade - August 29

Hi there firstly I have had my fourth c section in march of this year. I was left with a hernia and went back several times because they kept saying nothing was wrong now my hernia is now so big there is no doubt what it is. I have to go to hospital in 6 months to see if they gonna operate or not as I have a lot of extra weight and they wont help me till i loose it. I never had a scan or anything I think you need to pester untill they sort it. Dont wait like I did till its bad. Also I had that burning twisting pain after my third section and it took almost two years to go and now I only get it on occasion. So it will go but like I said keep going back if its bad. Good luck to us all. : )


Robin N - September 7

Summerrae- did you have the lap yet? Did it help? My ob is recommending a lap if my problem doesn't magically resolve in the next few weeks. I am now over 10 months post partum and have been battling this pain the entire 10 months. I am terrfied of surgery since that is what got me into this mess!


Julianna (mujul79) - September 9

Hi, I am 15days PP and am also havignthe same issues on my left side. I go to the Dr. on Monday and hope to find somthin out.


Tracy Weiss - September 14

Yes, I need answers. I am having the same pain on my right side. I had a staph infection and complications after the csection. Now, over 4 months after the csection, I am still having pain, soreness, pulling ,etc on my right side. I still can't sleep on my stomach as if I try to sleep on my stomach the pain wakes me up. I have pain on my incision area as well as major back cramping if i try to sleep on my stomach. Are there any answers to my problems. As I did not see any solutions to my symptoms. If any one has any answers, please email me and let me know. It is not comforting to see that there are many others suffering from the same symptoms I am , yet no one has any answers. [email protected]


Nicole - September 19

I am having a sharp, burning pain on my right side upon getting out of bed at night. The pain is pretty intense. It only lasts for about 2-3 minutes and goes away. I am 1 week 3 days post abdominal myomectomy surgery. Does anyone know what this is? Should I be concerned? Please help.


nicoleB - September 19

I can't believe I found this site! I had my second C-section 6 months ago and went to my obgyn a few months after delivery because my incision was extremely swollen on the left side and tender. I also get sharp pains every now and then. The doc said the incision looked ok and sent me home. Now, its happening again and I am experiencing cramping and back pain and a pinching sensation when my three year old sits on my lap. I am calling the doc again tomorrow and I'm glad I'm now armed witth some of my own info.


Latrice - September 20

I've been having the same problem but I don't have the urge to use the rest room. Whenever I have to urinate I get a sharp pain to let me know when to go. My stomach is burning and my back hurts bad. I took a urine test its negative.


Kim - September 23

I had a c-section 2 and a 1/2 years ago and experienced pain on my left side. I had breakthrough bleed after bowel movements and intercourse. I never had this problem before. I had an ultra-sound, ct scan, and there was NOTHING. I demanded that my birth control be switched from Ortho-cept low to the bithcontrol patch and haven't had any pain since. I have been on the path for 6 months now and no more pain or random bleeding!!! Hope this helps someone :-)


Robin - September 24

I am 11 months now from my c-section and still having disabling pain, mostly on my left, but clear through my entire internal incision. My doctor thought maybe a neuroma developed in the scar and sent me to an anesthesiologist. The anestesiologist gave me a "nerve" block and I was supposed to have instant relief. I have been in even worse pain since the injections! It's awful. I feel like the doctors are making me a guinea pig to experiment on. This problem is ruining my life. I feel like I am going to lose everything because of it.


Nikki - September 28

Wow, I wonder if doctors are act ually aware of this? It would appear that all this is completely normal. I too am having problems after c-section 5 months ago.The area is tender, and just recently I began having sharp pains in my left side. My period exacerbated the pain, which now only acts up if I leave my bladder full for too long, fart, laugh, cough or sneeze, or when I lay down after long active day. Saw my doc today, she thinks its adhesions and gave me another anti-inflammatory. She doesn't get it- those drugs do not help, I need something stronger but she is antsy to provide. Its very annoying to be forced to suffer with this. Any suggestions on how to get her to understand and give me pain relief? Im nursing so I want to hold off on the laparoscopy she suggested, been there, done that, know that it is painfull. HELP!


Robin - October 1

Nikki- if your pain gets worse with your period there is a strong change that endometrial cells have attached to your scar tissue. It's pretty undiagnosed but actually not that uncommon. There are some articles on the internet about it and my OB happended to write a paper on in as a resident so he actually checked me for that. Unfortunately the treatments are 1) harmone treatments which you can't do while b___stfeeding and 2) surgery to remove the endometriosis


Robin - October 1

An update on me. I had an MRI this week because the anesthesiologist I saw thought there may be a 1-2% chance that my low back was causing my pain. The result came back showing a 5 cm growth in my pelvic cavity. I am scared out of my mind and mad as hell that it has been almost a year of this and just now have they done the MRI. I am going in for an ultrasound so they can get a better idea of what the growth is.


Andrea - October 2

I had my third c-section 5 months ago. I have a burning sensation the size of a golf ball on the right side of my c-section. I went to the doctor today and he said to wait another 3 months to see if it goes away. He said its probably a bundle of nerves that have been aggravated due to the scar tissue forming. I also have a small hernia that is causing me a little discomfort. I'm very upset by this and hope that in time it will feel better.


Vic - October 6

Summerrae, I am so happy to have come across this website, although it is concerning to see so many women in such pain. I have had 2 c-sections. My first one was good. I had not pain, I recovered for the most part. My second baby, was 2 weeks early because the placenta was weak due to the previous c-section and the way the incision healed. It was coming lose as it was attached to the incision. I was told no more babies.. I have been in pain for 15 months and continued to visit the doctor as I was in so much pain it made me so sick to my stomach. I have been to doctors, a specialist and had a CT scan. Nothing turned up. The doctor did suggest that I go see a Gastoral Specialist but the CT scan shows that the bowels are good. He did suggest that I could go and have plastic surgery to correct the incision. I wake up every day in pain. I can not sleep more then 6 hours a night or the pain is so intense the next day. I wake up stiff and sore, my stomoch burned and my incision pulls. I feel horrible for being so young. I am unable to lose weight and feel that this could be hormonal, I am so unsure.


Kimberly - October 12

I also am having trouble with my left side aftre my second C-section. I first thought it was because I've been working out so much, but now I'm thinking differently. I'm so thankful I found this site. I plan to call my OBGYN tomorrow. I hope we all can find a solution. God Bless



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