Left Sided Abdominal Swelling And Pain After C Section

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Kimberly - October 12

I also am having trouble with my left side aftre my second C-section. I first thought it was because I've been working out so much, but now I'm thinking differently. I'm so thankful I found this site. I plan to call my OBGYN tomorrow. I hope we all can find a solution. God Bless


tissylou - October 18

I am having the same problems. I had 2nd section on 9-23, since then the left side is great, no pain or lumps. I do have a burning, hot poker sensation on the right, somewhat tender to the touch and an egg size lump underneath. Is this hernia, adhesions,hernia or what?? At my 2 week appt my dr said all was ok but he checked the scar when I was lying down and you really cant see it unless I am upright. I still have pain on the right and get very uncomfortable after standing or trying to work for a couple of hours. Any ideas??


emma - October 18

hey my name is emma iv had 3 c sections due to prem babies ,,,,,,,1 and half yr later i still suffer servere pain my my right side of my stomach it comes and goes my insides feel so brused this started happening after 3rd c section iv now had 4 dignosis 1.brusing 2 infection 3 scar tissue 4th ibs i know how u feel but what is it my stomach swells and gets v painfull xx


Amy - October 21

I apparently am not alone! I am 12 days post open myomectomy for fibroids and endometriosis, I too have a breif stabbing/burning pain on my left side when I dare to cough, sneeze or move the wrong way. I also have a good sized lump that is painful when touched. Doctor appointment tomorrrow and I too wonder if it is a hernia or did something foreign get left inside of me. Any insight?


Brenda - October 21

I too suffer from this. My second pregnancy was supposed to be a VBAC and while in labor the dr, not my normal one, talked me into doing a csection due to baby having a fast heartrate. For the rest of my life I will regret that decision. Now I have constant pain on my right and it's worse after working out and intercourse. Dr's are too quick to give csections.


Robin - October 25

IT BETTER! After an entire year of pain from my c-section, my doctor finally did a laparascopy to figure out why I had such constant disabling pain. I had scar tissue wrapped around my left ovary, strangling it- and I also had a cyst which could have been contributing to the pain. I was put through thousands of dollars of tests and made to go through several painful treatments before they did the surgery. I am trying not to be angry for the year of enjoyment I lost since I had been asking for an ultrasound since 3 months after the surgery. I would encourage all of you with disabling pain to demand a laparascopy as it is the best diagnostic tool and it is likely the only way to fix the problem anyway.


Liz - October 26

I had my second c-section in November 2003. Since then I have had a very bad burning pain in my left side that comes & goes. It seemes to get worse around the time of my period. While I am having it my stomach feels swollen to me but dosen't really look it. At my 6 week check up I was still in very bad pain and still bleeding so I was put on antibiotics for a possible uterine infection. I work for a gynocologist so after about 4 months of pain I saw the nurse pract_tioner at my office & had an ultrasound done. It was normal. I just decided to wait it out to see what would happen. The pain has not gotten better and sometimes I think it is worse. It is like a burning pain that is not deep inside. It feels more incisional and just above the incision. It seems to get worse when I am on my feet alot or if I work out. A couple weeks ago it was so bad that I decided to see the Dr. that I work for about it. He said he thought I may have an incisional hernia or a nerve entrapment. He sent me to a general surgeon. The general surgeon didn't think it was a hernia. He said it could possibly be an endometrioma. He ordered a CT scan. That too came back normal. He wants me to go see a pain management Dr. to get some injections. I am willing to do it but don't think it will work. I don't think that a laporoscopy will help because the pain is not deep inside. I don't know what to do. It is hard to take care of 3 kids with such pain. If anyone finds some answers please let me know. Sorry this is so long. By the way those of you with lumps under your skin should go get a CT scan for a p[ossible endometrioma or hernia.


Robin - October 26

Liz- your story sounds so much like mine I swear you could be me! I went through the gamet of tests. My CT was normal. The injections from pain management made my pain worse, which was at least diagnostic that it was deeper than the abdominal wall which is where the doctor's thought the pain was coming from. So I got an MRI, which showed a cyst, but that didn't explain where my pain was coming from either. I was so hestiant to get the lap but now I wish I would have done it long long ago.


Liz - October 26

Robin, did your pain feel deep or did it feel more like it was in the abdominal wall to you? I think I am going to try the injection just so that I know I tried everything. If that dosen't work I will most definatley be getting a lap.


Robin - October 27

Liz, for the longest time I thought it was the adominal wall, essentially because it felt different than when I had appendicitis, and I was tender to the touch at the internal incision line. The only medication which seemed to help was muscle relaxants, so my doctors thought it must be abdonimal wall too. However, when the pain got to its worst, I could feel it clear into the inside of my hip bone, similar to when you are very pregnant and the baby is pressing on your hips. You might as well try the injections because if it doesn't fix your problem it will be able to diagnose if it's deeper down. When I had the injections I did get numbness, but the pain I had was still searing pain, so obviously below the abdominal wall. Beleive me- I did EVERYTHING, from physical therapy, to drug therapy, to injections, to trying to ignore it and move on- none of which worked. I really hope you get some help! The last year was horrendous for me, I had nearly given up hope on everything.


Liz - October 28

Robin- Thanks for the info. I will keep it in mind. I don't think the Dr's realize how common this is. I feel like they all think I'm crazy. I will be sure to ask for a lap. if the injections don't help.


Liz - October 29

Exactly! I had several doctors tell me that "there couldn't be" anything wrong, and my last doctor say I was 1 in 1,000,000. I even convinced myself for awhile that I was imagining the pain. It's been a really tough year. I am really trying to move past it, but I keep becoming angry on everything I missed in my baby's first year b/c of this. Don't give up- even if the doctors don't give you an answer as soon as you like.


Jolene - October 29

I have the same problems that all of you are experiencing. I met with a surgeon last week, he told me that any tests he could do such as a CT scan would not show anything abnormal. I had surgery today and he found a small hernia and he also removed some scar tissue. I will know if the surgery helped when I get my next period. That's when the pain was the worst for me. I will give you an update at that time. Good luck!!!


Johnnie - October 30

I also had a repeat c-section 6 weeks ago; my first was 8 years ago. Since this last one, I've had pain in my abdomen, can't sleep on my stomach, I run low-grade fever about once or twice a week with chills/sweats and feel just like I have the flu (complete with body aches). My incision became infected about a week after delivery, but antibiotics cleared it up. My doctor is baffled---he has no idea what causes the fever,etc. I'm also STILL BLEEDING which is very depressing!!!! I've been back for check-ups 4 times since I had the baby, now he's scheding me for a test to see if they may have "kinked my kidney tubes" during delivery or if they may have left something inside me. He said that I had ma__sive amounts of scar tissue from my first c-section and that's one reason I"m having these complications.


Liz - October 31

Johnnie- It sounds to me like you may have a uterine infection. You should have your Dr. put you on some new antibiotics. Once that is cleared up the bleeding should stop & so should the fevers & pain.


Mel - November 11

Hi everyone. I can't believe all of this! It is so shocking. I just had my second c section 4 months ago and am not suffering from abdominal pain, however I am experiencing a strong burning, stinging pain during s_x and am wondering whether it could be realated to the caesar. I also had a wound infection with my first c section and the surgeon said I had a lot of adhesions. I am suffering from night sweats too. Does anyone else have these problems? or is it in my head?



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