Left Sided Abdominal Swelling And Pain After C Section

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Pez - May 14

Nikki, I am so sorry about all of the pain you have endured! What a nightmare! I am supposed to be calling my GYN to be put on the surgery schedule for next month to have laproscopy to check out the "incisional endometriosis" but I am a little frightened that there might be some problems and I could end up with an emergency hysterectomy. Might sound silly and far-fetched but who the heck knows what might happen! Best wishes with your needle biopsy if your thyroid. I had half of my thyroid removed in 2001 due to nodules. My TSH is still ok and I am not on any replacement hormones for that yet which I am glad about because thyroid issues can bring on a whole new set of health issues.


karen - May 14

Hi everyone Like many readers of this site, I am really shocked about the number of women out there who have been experiencing chronic pain after c-section. It is now just over 3 months since mine and I am still in pain across my abdomen, I think where the incision in my uterus must be. It has been chronic for a few weeks, not getting better or worse, though today seems to have started getting worse. I have decided after reading many of your experiences that I am going to make sure I get the after care I need - so far I have been waiting 6 weeks to get a specialist appointment on the NHS, but it could be weeks more until I get the referral. So, think I am going to have to go private - not sure how many of you out there are writing from the UK, but if anyone can recommend private specialists (ideally in London area), please let me know. Greg, glad to hear that the ma__sage therapy worked for your wife. Has anyone else found solutions by alternative therapies? Anyway, good luck to all of you for speedy healing. I will def post another update on this site if I feel I gain any knowledge / experience that might help others.


Nicole03 - May 14

I haven't been on this site for quite sometime. I had my surgery last March 6th for my removal of incisional endometrioma. And I am happy to report I have had ZERO problems since. However, wish me luck as my next c-section is looming - I am 9 months pregnant. I am in a totally different state, with completley competnant doctors this go around....I only pray the same thing doesn't happen. However, the one thing I appreciate is that this Dr. knows exactly about ins endo and wouldn't let it slip through the fingers like the last joker!! Good Luck Everyone!! Nikki, I am praying for you sister, nobody should have to endure what you are going through!!


emma_h - May 14

It is years since I originally posted here about incisional endometriosis and it is great to come back and see that at least some women have found answers to their (very often disbelieved or ignored) problems. Last month I finally had surgery to have my incisional endometriosis removed and honestly, the surgery went so well and I healed so quickly that I regret leaving it until I could no longer bear the pain. I was lucky, my endo was relatively superficial and was removed in day surgery and after 4 weeks I am fully healed, PAINFREE even when I have my period!!! and back to a regular life. I am still angry that this condition is under-recognised and possibly even denied by many gyn/obs and the lack of responsibility for this condition which arises primarily due to "shoddy" surgical practice in the first place. Be aware ladies - if you return to the doctor who performed the C-section it is highly likely s/he will diagnose any other condition under the sun (most commonly a hernia) than incisional endo. You need to get a second, more-informed opinion. If your pain is around your C-section site and has cyclic symptoms you should find out what you can about incisional endometriosis and ensure this diagnosis is given serious consideration by your doctor.


mum24 - June 20

i have soreness on the left side of my abdomen it feels brused almost 6 months after section. It is tolerable but is sore when pressure is applied. does this sound familiar???


GinaRachelle - November 23

Wow, To Liz and Robin, my story sounds very similar as yours. I have had 2 c-sections. First one was ok, developed what I was told scar tissue on the right side of my scar (inside), by the second pregnancy I developed a hernia. (can't remember if it was before or during) had second c-section. During surgery, doctor repaired the hernia, and had a tubal ligation. It's been almost 5 years since my second c-section and I have dealt with pain and swelling on the right side of my scar. It is literally driving me insane. My OBGYN has given me injections, I have been rechecked for another hernia, negative, I have had ultrasounds, v____al ultrasounds, physical therapy and even have been sent to a chiropractor because of some back issued and thought it would fix my scar swelling?? Back got fixed, lump not so much. I have been referred to another OBGYN for a second opinion but I am at my wits end. It feels like it is on the scar. I have more numbness on the right side that runs right down by my bikini line and under by crotch area. And numb in the lower back area just to the touch. Was so glad to find this link. I am wondering if Laprascopy would be my answer. So frustrated!!


alib55 - December 6

I cannot believe the responses here, i am so thankful i looked. I am just 3 weeks post op with 2nd c/s and have already had a hematoma evacuated from the incision line which left a large wound still having to be packed daily by visiting nurses. I have been complaining of L sided pain that raditates to my groin and just had a CT scan to rule out hernia. low and behold now my whole incision line feels more swollen and extememly painful. not what i call normal healing. found out recently that my ob did not even close my c/s but left the room and allowed a resident and intern to cause this mess. I am now going to go to another doctor, does anyone know of someone in the South Jersey, phila area? thanks.


sctsldy - December 10

I have have somewhat of the same problem. Mine turned out to be that uterine cells got trapped in my scar and my hormones are causing it to bleed just like a cycle and it has no where to go so it is forming a bubble inside my abdominal cavity. The only to fix it is surgery to remove the ma__s and scar tissue. I meet with the surgeon this week. I have been dealing with the pain for almost 4 years


Sctsldy - January 23

I have friends that have decreesed feeling in the left side but not pain. Mine hurt on the left side and it actually turned out to be adhesions and that my scar adheared to my uterus. So if I were you i would defanatly go through with the surgery. all my pain has gone away except for the site but that is to be expected. I hope all go well for you


Nicole03 - January 24

Jaiden, Have any of your docs brought up endometroma?? None of my CT scans brought anything up either. Waste of money. Sorry the exp surgery didn't work. Did the doc even know what an endometrioma is?? Not many know what they actually look like. Mine sure as heck didn't!!!! Idiot!!!!!!!!! My suggestion to you is to find an OB Oncology Surgeon (very precise)-- Make a consult -- tell them what you suspect possibly endo -- go back in again -- they have to know what the heck they are looking for to make sure they get a clean sweep of all the membranes -- meaning, they need to cut a bigger section out, then biopsy the edges to make sure they are "clean" with out the "dirty" cells which cause all the pain. I am so sorry you are in pain. I was right there with you after a battle of not getting answers. This site is actually the place I found all my symptoms and it WAD an endometrioma. Surgery is the only way to cure the pain and it is not guranteed but it doesn't sound like they even knew what they were potentially looking for. Let us know what happens!!


LAGA - February 1

Nicole, thank you to responding to jaiden. I too have a similar experience. I had a c-section in Feb. 2007 and I continue to have severe pain in my right abdominal region. This pain prevents me from bending at the waist and I continue to have sensitivity to touch, and intermittent sharp stabbing pain. My OB performed a laparoscopic procedure to see if she could identify the cause of my pain. She was not able to find anything. I had MRI's on my Neck, Back, Pelvic, right and left wrists. All tests came back negative. My OB says this pain is a superfiscal pain that will not show up on a test. Since all of these tests have come back negative my doctors are starting to give up on me and have said they have tried all that they know and can't figure out why I am still having so much pain. The doctors are not willing to explore without confirmation of the problem. My son is about to turn a year and I cannot bend down to pick him up without severe pain. My doctors keep prescribing medication such as percoset, and Lyrica. These medicines have provided me with little relief. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this type of pain and what tests were performed that identified nerve damage. I am getting extremely frustrated with my doctors giving up on me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


purdue05 - February 13

TO EVERYONE! You have no idea what a blessing this is to know there are other women out there experiencing the same thing I am. I, too have been experiencing constant pain since my c-section 10 months ago. My left side is more tender than the right. It is also swollen and sensitive to the touch. My incision is red and raised. I have had a CT Scan and a bladder scope that both turned up nothing. My doctor put me on Elavil and sent me to physical therapy. I have been going to physical therapy for the last 5 months only for the pain to become worse. I am at my wits end with this. I see my doctor next week to discuss the next step. She will either do steroid shots into the incision site to break up scar tissue or go iback in and clip some of the internal st_tches to help gain more mobility. While in there she would remove scar tissue. I am lucky to have a wonderful doctor, husband, and family who have been so caring throughout this whole ordeal. I hope everyone else going through this has a support system!


tummy tamer - February 14

Hello- I have developed a C section recovery kit, because as a Licensed ma__sage therapist for 20 years, then an emergency C section, I was shocked at the lack of care....My web as of 4/10/08 will be csectionrecoverykit.com I will also be at the baby forum in LA on 4/12 with my new product especially for C sections and will have my ma__sage table to demonstrate techniques!! Adhesions may form in 6 months, and perhaps the way you healed and then posture with baby increased the tension on your left side- but what is impotant now, is you compress you tummy, with even an wide ace bandage- especially after the laproscopy! did you see a chiropractor or LMT to see if your jips and pelvis are aligned- please do soeven with the next surgery- your bones are a foundation for your tissue! Also- you must begin ma__saging your tummy, just lay hands on tummy and roll your palm side to side and up and down, on your tummy. Go to the pressure that feels safe and good, but not painful, but effective. Do you have incontinence also? Remember any surgery can create adhesions, even the laporoscopy, becuase there is cutting- shearing and sewing- compress and ma__sage- go to my website and get my Fascial ma__sage technique booklet for ongoing self help treatment. Another thing you can do right now, if your scar is healed well- is grasp your tummy where it hurts and lift tissue away from the core, create space- Breathe!! Aloha!


Nicole03 - February 15

LAGA, It sounds like you have endo....do you have a nodule in your stomach. Does your pain seem more severe from Ovulation through the end of your period??


Sally7 - March 31

I had my first child and c-section 5 weeks ago. A couple of days ago I started to feel tender on my left side and noticed a lump. After surfing the web and coming across this site and reading everyone's experiences I am now terrified and depressed of what may soon be in my future. Has anyone just had a lump and tenderness on their left side that did not turn into the pain and complications that you all describe?


chrissy - September 6

Hi everyone I happened upon this page and couldn't help but notice you all having alot of the smae problem and at one point I had it to. I have 2 children both by c-section and with my first I kept having alot of the smae pains you all are explaining on my right side by the incision . I had a home care nurse visit and she said everything looked fine but I countinued to have the pains but because the nurse said everything was fine I a__sumed it was just a natural pain from the c-section but it was not!! I continued to have the pain and it got worse to the point where it hurt to do anything including walk then I started running a high fever that would not break when I went to the emergency they did blood and urine test they told me my white blood cell count was very low and I had a urinary trat infection and kept me to give meds. but it did no good so the did more testing and found that I had inflamation in my uterus and an apses outside of my uterus on the right side where the pain was. Everyone you should really have them do these test including CT scans and ultrasounds this is nothing to play around with mine was so bad I was away from my baby for about 2 weeks and had to had blood transfusion and lots of meds. I surely though that something bad was going to happen to me and then where would that leave my beautiful little baby. Find out as soon as you can !!!!



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