Maximum Number Of C Sections

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Jillian - September 9

What is the maximum number of c-sections a woman can have?


Jodi - August 24

My doctor said that with technology today, there is no limit.


Sabrina - September 9

I was told 4


frances - September 15

my sister has had 2 c sections and is pregnant now and her doc said that this would be the last child she can have


Ana Hodkinson - November 12

I have had 3 c-sections and all went well, my doctor said it depends from one person to the other, He actually said I could have another if I wanted too


Michelle - December 11

I am scheduled for my fourth one in April. My doctor said he once met a woman who had eight! He told me the number varies. After my third, he said I had very little scarring, and it would be safe to try for another if/when we wanted.


rebekah - December 22

well it depends on the women and the care she receives as well as how she takes care of herself our past president t. roosevelt wife had 11 so go figure but i say too be on a real safe side stop at 4 but who would dare do more than 3????????


PL - January 2

I think it depends on how previous sections went and maybe what your Doctor thinks. I have had 6 so far and might be pg now, if I'm not then we'll keep trying. ( I wouldn't mind having 2 more!) I have 5 girls and my youngest is a boy, he is almost 18 mths old, so I think I spaced them out pretty good. He was the biggest of all my children,(10lbs) the rest were between 9.5 lbs to 9.3lbs so as you can see I have big babies. My doc said the next one will probably be close to 11lbs and I believe her because she was right about all the other weights of my babies. I'll be happy to have another c-section, especially if it's going to be close to 11lbs.


tj - January 12

I have had 2-sections and a myomectomy. My doctor is concerned about me having a third baby due to scarring. What factors could help me make up my mind about trying to have a third baby (which would have to be c-section at 36 weeks)?


kristie metcalf - January 14

they say 5 for any woman


Shona - January 18

I've had 7 c-sections and 10 weeks pregnant now. My doctor said, 7 or 8 c-sections, what's the diffrence! (I did give birth naturally with my second.)


Owen - February 14

I am currently about to have my third and my doctor said there is "standard" set limit. She says that it is truly a test everytime they open you up. If there is ma__sive scar tissue or thinning then you know the risks are higher. I had no scar tissue when they did my second one and hope to have a fourth child if all goes well with this one.


sara - February 16

I am 17 weeks pregnant with my second baby. My first baby was delivered by c-section after a 22-hr labor. I now have a low-lying placenta and I am worried that if it stays this way, I will have to have a repeat c-section. Does anyone have any experience of this? The doctor says my uterine scar is "normal" - do some women not have any scars at all after a c-section?


cathy - March 1

I am about to have my 3rd, and I heard that it varies from woman to woman how many is safe. I know a woman who had 9, but I don't think I can have that many b/c my uterus was very thin last time. I hope to at least have 1 more.


mclaughlin - March 29



tammy - July 6

i am unsure totally , i am worried cuz i have had 4 c/s and the last time they had to repair my bladder due to it being scarred in the past and stuck to my uterus, all went wonderful tho no complications. they never said i shouldnt have any more . i wasnt planning any more, but now i find myself pregnant again and scared to death. and not wanting to tell anyone . i know they will think i am crazy. can any one offer advice and help put my mind at ease.


ProvrbLdy - April 28

I have had six C-Sections. My oldest child is now nearly 18. My youngest will turn 6 in August. My husband and I are desiring another baby in the next year. I have had some scar tissue, but feel confident all will go well.



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