Maximum Number Of C Sections

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DeeD - June 5

My friend has had 7. It really depends on your doctor.


mami71 - June 16

Ive had 3 with no problems. I also know someone who is on her 5th section. As far as a maximum, well--it depends on the individual and how well her body heals/produces scar tissue.


biannesa - September 19

i have 3 s c section and my babies wast prematures 1 wat at 26 week and 2 wast 28 week and the last baby wast at 25 and now his dead because his wat too small and i have placenta privia and i want to now if i can have another baby.


clindholm - September 19

Why were all your babies so early? If you have placenta previa, I think you can only have a c-section, a v____al delivery is too risky.


mquintana - October 17

I was told no more than 3 is good, but who knows anymore.


Mum of 3 c-sections - October 30

Hey there! I have had 3 c-sections, and i really desperately wwant one more baby(hoping for a girl!). My last c-section was elective. My youngest child is 2 and 8 months old now, and is going to be 3 years old soon. Now i am considering one more baby. Someone please help me, and tell me how the 4th c-section was!!! PLEASE HELPPP!!! Thank you!


rikster - January 14

my friends sister in law has had 15 c-sections and all is well so dont let any dr tell you what you can have or not.


laurajayne1987 - January 27

I have only had 1 c-section, but it ripped open and got infected and was a mess and has never felt right since.Last year i was told there is an incisional hernia on the scar and if i got pregnant again i would need to get another c-section. I'm pregnant again, and terrified incase the pregnancy makes the hernia worse or rips the v.weak scar open. argh!!! I'm 99% sure that because of this situation, this will be my 2nd and last child. does anyone on here have any experience with incisional hernias and pregnancy/c-sections? xxx


LadybirdK - January 31

Hello, I am new on here so am not too sure that I am posting this in the right place. I have had 3 C Sections, first emergency and the 2nd planned due to the rough time i had with the labour on the 1st. I was taken in with pain 12 days early for the 2nd and had my section then. The consultant that did the section came to me afterwards and said that my uterus wall was translucent and that i had scar dehisence and that i should definately not have any more children...A while after i saw my own consultant and he said that the surgeon was being over cautious and it would be fine to have more. He said i would be closely monitored and scheduled in for a section at 37 weeks. The main thing was to not go into labour...I went into labour at 33 wekks and had my section daughter weighed 4lb 8ozs... She is absolutely fine now....No one mentioned to me after the 3rd that there was anything wrong with the scar or uterus wall so i a__sume this was all ok this time...I now really would like another baby, my three are now 13, 7 and 5 and i would really like some advice or opinions from you, Thank you


paola - February 7

I have had 3 c section lst one was 39 weeks stilborn baby. The truth is talk to your doctor . People posting about 6 /7 or 15 c section are just bs .


Mike - February 7

Paola, I a__sure you that my mother's six C-sections were real.


luvanurse123 - June 14

did you ever have any more children?


luvanurse123 - June 14

how did the last c section go even with your thin uterus?


luvanurse123 - June 14

Hi I have had 4 c- sections and was considering having another child. Can anyone that has 5 tell me how it went?


becca_lou22 - July 5

i had 5 c sections, the first 2 were "emergency" and the last 3 were "elective" i was told there is no reason why i couldnt have more, i was told that my uterus healed well after each surgery, and that my uterus looked very healthy. the biggest prob i found was the burning sentation of my uterus as the scar tissue stretched, but i was also told it was nothing to wory about


Marci R - August 17

I have had two c sections and I'm considering a third. I didn't ask my ob/gyn what my uterus looked like. Do they keep that for your records? I'm kinda nervous since my last one I was vomiting during the whole thing (which was two years ago). Please share any problems you have had with multi c sections. Details are good. Thanks



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