Maximum Number Of Cesarean Sections

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Gena - August 28

I have had three c-sections. I wanted to know if there is a risk of having more than three c-sections. If anyone could please guide me to websites that would provide more insight. Thank You!


maggie - August 28

I just had my baby by c-section three months ago and was wondering just how many babies I could have that way. It is exciting to hear that you had three and that hopefully I could too. Unfortunetly I have been trying to find info on that same topic and couldn't find anything yet. Good luck.


nes - November 28

I asked the same question from my midwife and she said she has since 5 c-sections but normally doctors don't like to perform more than 3.


Kristin - November 29

I asked my Dr. the same thing and she said it depends on the mom. The more C-sections you have, the greater the risk. It also depends on how much scar tissue you have from the previous c-sections and how well your dr. perfomed them. I am having my 3rd in January and am considering having one more baby after this one!!


Carrie - November 30

I'm pregnant with my 4th child. The first 3 were by c-section. I've since moved to a new state and am in need of a new OB. My last doctor told me that he removed much of the scar tissue during the last operation. He also told me that he's seen up to 5 c-sections. I too, am looking for information on multiple c-sections.


Michelle - December 11

I am having c-section #4 in April. My doctor told me he once met a woman who had EIGHT - but that was unusual. He said it is different with everyone. After my third, he told me I had very little scarring, and could have another baby if I wanted.


KM - December 12

I'm curious about this too, I just had my first baby and ended up with an emergency section. I'd like more kids and the future, and probably am able to deliver v____ally because my section was just due to the baby's positioning.But a section is way easier than long hours of labour, and also the recovery i find, would be easier.


Bridget - December 18

I have had 5 c-sections and was given the go ahead to try for #6... we are hoping right now that we are pregnant!! My uterus looked so much better than she thought it would!! Little to no thinning of my uterine wall!! Hope that helps!


Sarah - December 20

I have had 3 previous C-sections and I am also looking for more information on whats safe.I have found a little bit of information at mabey it will help you to.


Elentara - January 5

The risk increases after three, I know several women who have had four. However read an article that one woman had 13!


tracy - January 5

i have had four and had no problems


Tracy - January 7

I dont know the answer to that question but I can tell you my history. I had a c-section with my son in 1987 due to HELLP syndrome. Then in 1989 and 1994 I was able to give VBAC births to my daughters. In 2001, I had twins and the first baby was frank breech(b___t first). So a c-section was needed. Now I'm pregnant agian and my doctor is a little worried if I try another VBAC. So we are secheduling this c-section.


KM - January 7

I just went for my 6 wk appt after my section.My doctor said the # of sections i can have is unlimited, and the risks dont increase with each one. The only thing is eacht ime I may be left with slightly more scarring.Also, I am not advised to try for a VBAC because my section was due to my baby being in a posterior position (head up) because he had no room to turn in my pelvis. It is more likely than not for it to happen again/.


Dawn - January 9

I am also worried about this, As I am pregnant with my fourth child and with 3 previous c-sections and each getting longer to heal from I am worried about the pregnancy and delivery. I also a bit over whelmed with worry due to out of 3 kids the past 2 and new one comming is back to back pregnancy's. There is 15 mo. between the scnd youngest and with my youngest and this one there will be just 23 mo. between pregnancies and also deliveries. I wonder if not only scar tissue and how many c-section deliveries but also the time in between pregnancies and the stress on the uterin walls and ligaments.


Debra - January 19

I am 42 and currently pg with #5 I had 4 previous c-sections and plan another one, my youngest is 14 months, the dr that performed my last c-section in oct 03 said I had excellent tissue and couldnt see any previous scars on my I think it all depends on your tissue, how well you heal, how well you take care od your body, etc,,,I have large babys, from 9lbs 4 oz to 10 lbs 3 oz..had no problems with my pregnancies or my multiple c-sections, no stretch marks or nothing...hope this helps


Bridget - January 19

I just posted a while ago... and I AM pregnant and will be having c-section #6 in Sept!!! WOO HOO... I will have to post after the baby is born to let you all know how the surgery went!!


KATHY - January 24

I too have had 4 c-sections with no problems. Would love to try for #5 but am afraid of complications. I'm afraid of hemorraging or placenta acreta.



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