Maximum Number Of Cesarean Sections

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KATHY - January 24

I too have had 4 c-sections with no problems. Would love to try for #5 but am afraid of complications. I'm afraid of hemorraging or placenta acreta.


Bridget - January 24

I don't really fear that because even if it DID happen... it has always been a risk and my doctor watches me very close. I know that during surgery I may end up needing a hysterectomy. I have a lot of faith in God too... and just lean on Him and trust Him to take care of me!


mara - January 27

I found out this past week that Im pregnant with our 5th child. This will be my 5th c-section to. Haven't been to the doctor yetl; have 1st appt. next friday.


Kathy - January 28

Did you have any complications with the first four c-sections. My OB said there was signigicant scar tissue with my 4th.


Beth - January 29

I, too am pregnant with #5 c-section. I will deliver in March. My husband isn't a big fan of the surgeries so we may call it quits but I will be anxious to see what my Dr. says about the scar tissue and the uterine wall. He is pretty "old-school". When I told him I was pregnant again (as he is a family friend) he said, "Oh no!" But he was mostly kidding (I think!) These answers were really helpful to me at least to know what to ask him about as far as any more! So, Thanks!


KATHY - January 31

My husband is the one that is terrified of me having a 5th. How did you talk your husband into it? Good luck with delivery. Keep us posted!


Cindy - February 3

I had 3 c-sections and bad scarring in my uterus. Unfortunately, my 4th baby was just lost early in pregnancy b/c the baby implanted in the scar tissue. Two of the best in the country said too dangerous for a fourth.Going for a third opinion-we'll see. Good luck


Kelly - February 7

I have had 3 c-sections with no problems and would like to have baby number 4. My OB-GYN (who is head of Obstetrics) says "no problem", he can do #4. He worries more about the stress of having 4 kids rather than the stress on my body!!


Sara - February 9

I have 6 children, 3 of which were C-sections, and 2 of which were V-BAC's. The last 2 were both C-sections. After our fifth, I had prayed that God would heal my uterine scar as well as if He had performed the surgury Himself. When my sixth child was delivered, the doctor could not find the place where my uterus was cut. We are planning to have at least a couple more children. They are a blessing. I have prayed the same thing about the last C-section. I read that Rose Kennedy had 11 C-sections. Having children is so much safer now than in the past. So many women used to die just from the simplest things. Multiple C-sections are low risk compared to any kind of childbirth of 100 years ago.


Chris - February 11

I have had 3 c-sections & will be having my 4th this Aug. My doctor informed me when I found out I was pregnant that once you get up to 4, 5 & 6 c-sections it can be dangerous to a womans health because problems with scar tissue & bleeding out. So I am scheduled to have my tubes cut & tied on the day of my 4th c-section. There is just too great of a risk to the moms health. He also told me that this c-section will take longer to get the baby out sew me back up because of scar tissue. BUT I do know women have more than 4 c-sections all the time. It's just too big of a risk for me.


Rachael - February 26

I have had three c-sections. My third involved a longer cut and my bladder was cut in the process, because of scarring. I cant really get a straight answer. They wont say absolutely no I cant have a fourth, but they dont advise it either. I really want one more. Anyone else have more than three with bad scarring?


Rosie - February 27

I had 2 section and pregant with my 3rd going to have it section I want to have a 4th child later but just worried about the diffculties in it, my doctor advice against it but I just looking up info on it..


rita - February 28

I'm glad to see that other women have had more than 3 c-sections. I am 5mths pregnant and will have another c-section. I had twin girls with the first. My concern is/was that they had to open me up again after my first section because of blood clots still in my stomach. I don't know if that counted as my second section or not...which would make this my 4th. We really want a son also. I think this one may be a girl. If it is we want to try one more time about 4 years from now.


sara macias - March 5

What is the maximum number of c-sections that a woman can have.


Sherri Inez Wright - March 7

i to have had three, and now i am pregnant due in september so i was curious to but was told that it was fine.


Meeka - March 22

I've had 3 c-sections and I'm pregnant now. My doctor pretty much insisted that I should get my tubes tied because it was not recommended to have another c-section, but another doctor told my that he had did a c-section on a woman who had 6 and it was it was hard to get the skin to close properly because of all the prior cutting. I know people who have had at most, 4 c-sections. It's pretty much depending on the case itself. I see alot of people saying they had bad scarring or complications. With my sections I healed fine and had no complications.(knock on wood) My last c-section I opted to have it, because I didn't want any complications like I previously had where I was forced to have "Emergency" c-sections.



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