Maximum Number Of Cesarean Sections

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Meeka - March 22

I've had 3 c-sections and I'm pregnant now. My doctor pretty much insisted that I should get my tubes tied because it was not recommended to have another c-section, but another doctor told my that he had did a c-section on a woman who had 6 and it was it was hard to get the skin to close properly because of all the prior cutting. I know people who have had at most, 4 c-sections. It's pretty much depending on the case itself. I see alot of people saying they had bad scarring or complications. With my sections I healed fine and had no complications.(knock on wood) My last c-section I opted to have it, because I didn't want any complications like I previously had where I was forced to have "Emergency" c-sections.


Melissa - March 23

I have had 3 c-sections and this last time I was in surgery after he was born for a hour. I started to ask questions and my doctor told me that my uterus was very thin and he was trying to repair it as much as possible. Consequently this surgery has been the hardest to heal from. I was told that my body would have a hard time carry another baby to full term. I know people that have had 5 c sections. It all depends on your body and how you heal. Your doctor would be the best one to tell you how your body would handle another surgery.


Kris - March 23

my story is similar to Melissa's..I had my third son, third c/s last April and was in surgery an uterus was seconds from rupture when they got in there. It was so thinned out from all the scar tissue built up in the 8 years since my last son's was so thin they could see my son's face THROUGH my uterus. If we had waited longer to go to the hospital... I shudder to think... anyway... doc says if I want #4 baby I need to do it with a couple of years so scar tissue won't have time to build up the fact I am 37. Oh, the recovery this time was harder and longer, too. But, I will brave it if we are blessed again!


sara macias - March 29

This is the REAL


aimee smith - March 29

I have had 3 c-sections and have been advised by my doctors not to have any more children. who do they think they are? Do what you want ladies!


Becky - April 5

I have had five c-sections. While having my 5th child the doctor said that due to the amount of scar tissue that he had to remove from my abdomen after the delivery, that I should not have another one. My oldest child is seventeen and my youngest is now six years old. I have four daughters and one son. I would like to try for another son but I think that I will just be thankful for the five I have. The reason why I had so many was due to my short stature four feet eleven. My husband is six feet one and my children have out grown me. LOL I could not dialate for anything. I tried for forty hours with my first but my pelvis was too narrow. Hope this info helps.


Judy - April 7

I have had 4 c-sections. No problems during the deliveries although my doctor recommended not having anymore because my uterus was so thin and she feared uterine rupture. After my third c-section the a__sisting doctor said the baby was "waving" to him before they delivered her. I believe some women can have many c-sections, depending on the condition of their uterus. She said nothing about my scar tissue, but my c-sections did take longer each time for the babies to be delivered because she had to cut through the scar tissue. I would like another doctor's opinion on this matter because I still think about having a 5th child. And does scar tissue continue to develop even after you've healed?


dayna - April 8

Ic am about to have my 3rd c-section on May 16th. I am very nervous because last time i had a lot of scar tissue and it took so long to get the baby out and sew me up that the anesthisia started warring off and i started feeling what they were doing! I live in a new area and doctor is new to me so he has no idea, hopefully things will go better this time, i am in the same boat, i wanna know if anyone has had a similar experience.


Judy - April 8

Yes I did have the same thing happen with my 4th c-section. I felt like the doctor was tugging my stomach up to the ceiling! She was going to suture me, but instead used staples since I was feeling it. I can't really say it was pain I felt, but the tugging increased significantly. It also seemed to take a while for our 4th to be born. I had to be put under for my first two births. The first I had a window with my epidural during labor and when they decided to do a c-section, they tried to increase my epidural, but it did no good. The second, they tried a spinal, but that didn't completely work (poked me before cutting which I felt) so I was knocked out again. The next one I spoke with the ansthesiologist and they did a combo spinal epidural. It worked the best. Unfortunately that anesthesiologist was no longer working for baby #4, so I'm not sure if it was the anesthesia or just that it took longer that I was starting to feel more. I would recommend meeting with the anesthesiologist to explain your history.


Mary Overmyer - April 9

I do not know of any web sites, but I have had 5 c-sections and my fourth pregnancy was with twins.


Katrina - April 11

I have had 3 c-sections and will more than likely have a fourth one this coming 12/05 or 01/06. I have found these posting to be very helpful. My abdominal pain has gotten worse, but this is the last child.


mara - April 15

Im pregnant with my 5th baby. I'll be 19 weeks on Monday. This will be my 5th C-section as well. My 4th C-section was the longest to get the baby out, due that I did have a bit of scar tissue to work thru. I had epidurals for all of them and will most likely have one this time. The doctors haven't told me the status of my uterus, just that after so many C-sections there is more risk. For us as a family this will be our last one, and will have my tubes tied after delivery while Im opened up.


jandalyn - April 29



Eunice - May 4

I have had 5 sections. The first three were aprox 5 years apart. There was lots of scarring. #3 was by far my hardest recovery. #4 came exactly 2 years after #3, and then #5 came 18 months after #4. It doesnt appear that scar tissue was as big of an issue with the last three. Is that because it had less time to build up due to the fact that they were so close together? My uterus looked fine the last preg. Any of you ladies that have had lots of long was the diration between deliveries? Thanx.


Kathy - May 5

I have had 5 sections. Chidren #1and 2 r 21/2 years apart,#2 and#3 18 months #4and #5 4 years apart.


SM - May 6

I'll be having my 4th C-section also in December if I decide to keep this baby. I am constantly back and forth with this decision. But my doctor said I should be fine with the 4th C-section.



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