Maximum Number Of Cesarean Sections

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Tami - June 5

My aunt had eight c-sections. i don't think there really is a set number as long as you can handle it!


Happy Mommy - June 6

HAVE YOU CONSIDERED VBAC? Go to for more info!


Renee - July 3

I have had 6 C-sections so far the 1st Jun 87 due to failure to progress each one after was scheduled. My last child another son was born mar.00 the DR who deliverd my last child asked if I wanted to try VBAC I was too afraid to consider it. During the last surgery it took forever but the Dr removed as much scar tissue as possible, I am 37 and had my 1st 5 from ages 17-23yrs and my last 2weeks before I turned 31.(all boys) we had a miscarriage Nov 04 , and plan to start trying for number 7 in sept. My husband is extremly nervous so i've scheduled a consultation on july 13 to get the Dr's go ahead before we proceed,....I will keep you posted,..good luck


Di - July 14

I've had 4 successful sections - with no problems. I am an RN and have the same question as all of you. My first 3 were with the same MD - then he retired. Before I got pregnant with #4 - I went to a new OB and questioned him. I was told most doctors don't like to do more than 4 - but that he could not give me a number. After I had baby #4 (with no problems!) One of the four doctors in the group told me not to have anymore. Another partner told me one more was ok - but not to push it after that ----- soooo I guess it all has to do with who you ask!!! Good Luck!


Renee - July 15

I am the one who has 6 c-sections i went to the Dr. yesterday and was advised of all the possible complications,..however the GOOD NEWS is that he gave us the go ahead ,...but this one should be our last. We scheduled an ultra sound on 8/16 to take a look at me utrerus before we try ,...i'll keep you guys updated


Danielle - July 23

I just had my 4th c-section 6 months ago, and didnt have to get my tubes tied, the ob said to me, depending on your surgeons and recovery a woman can have up to 7 c-sections these days (not that I want that many) There are many sites Ive found useful, but one that stood out for me, even if youre not overweight is this one this site is fab.... kmom has put together a great site with useful info and heaps of personal stories from hundreds of women whove had many c-sections, VBACS etc... goodluck :) my website with my 4 childrens birth stories can be found at my 4th one didnt go so well thanks to the surgeon, but Im currently trying to find out if the uterus can heal itself it is torn during surgery... goodluck again Dani


Danielle - July 23

Hey Renee, did you ever have your uterus tear with any of your c-sections, my last surgeon didnt cut my uterus big enough, and my sons head was a bit too big, my uterus tore on the inside... Im currently waiting to see my ob about whether we can have another... there is no info on the internet anywhere about that... though I have had 4 c-sections already... I would love just one more... if I can.. email me at dandgpike if you can... thanks


Amy P - July 24

hello...i have had 2 c sections my sons are 2 ans 4...i think i am pregnant with our 3rd. i am scared to death after my second the doctor told me i had ma__sive amounts of scar tissue..he said my uterus was adhered to my bladder and rectum..he told me to wait a few years if i wanted another one...well that doctor left our area and i am soooo scared if i am pregnant again, but you know i think a 3rd is managable as long as the doctor is patient. i have heard from a few doctors (i am a nurse) that the scar tissue just means the surgery takes longer, and that the scar tissue is their problem not the doctor told me that no matter how much scar tissue there was as long as your uterus was vialble you were safe. i hope so! i know i had quite a bit of scar tissue after #1, but he also told me he cleared it out so hopefully it wont be as bad this time!


Melissa - July 30

I am pregnant with #5 have has 4 c-sections. My MD has been the same the whole time 97,99,2001,2003 # 5 will be 2006.I think it's more difficult because of the number of children to take care of. I have had alot od scar tissue and each sections has taken a longer amount of time but the MD say's it's fine.I think it up to the MD level of comfort. Good LUck everybody!!


Amy P - August 18

hello, well i found out that i wasnt pregnant and now we think we want #3 i talked to my doctor about having another one and all of the previous scar tissue and he said there is an increased risk of damage to the bladder and colon due to the adhesions but he said it is managable and we could do it if i wanted too.....i think i do! RACHEAL what happened to your you still have problems?


Angel - August 19

i know that having repeated cesareans is not encouraged by medical professionals but can someone enlighten me as to why specifically?


WJ - August 19

I came across a website last weekend where this woman has had eight c-sections and she is pregnant with her ninth child, due next year, which will also be delivered by c-section of course. I will forward along a copy of the web link later so everyone interested can have a look at it.


Renee - August 20

well guys i had an ultersound on 8/16 and my Dr gave us the go ahead for c-secation # 7 although there are risk involved with repeats the ultra sound looked great,....wish us luck will keep you posted


amy - August 21

what can they tell by the ultrasound?


Ang - August 22

I too would like to know what you could see by ultrasound. Please forward info. Thanks


Nancy - August 26

I have had 3 c-sections without any problems and the OB has given me the go ahead for #4. I am 40. Like you I have not been able to find information on this topic. I have heard a lot of rumors of 2 and 3 being the limit. Even some nurses and doctors talk of the dangers of sections after 2-but I believe that Rose Kennedy had 10! and that was a long time ago. I am catholic so Rose is my hero. God bless.



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