Maximum Number Of Cesarean Sections

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Nancy - August 26

I have had 3 c-sections without any problems and the OB has given me the go ahead for #4. I am 40. Like you I have not been able to find information on this topic. I have heard a lot of rumors of 2 and 3 being the limit. Even some nurses and doctors talk of the dangers of sections after 2-but I believe that Rose Kennedy had 10! and that was a long time ago. I am catholic so Rose is my hero. God bless.


renee - August 27

my Dr did the ultra sound to see if he could detect any tears or rips on my uterus although he did state that some may be undeteted by the ultersound its always good to take a look, he said the my lining was thick he saw no rips or tears my uterus was shaped a lil oddly due to all the surgeries but other than that everything looked fine, and since I've not had any complications with my pregnancies or C-sections and all my recoveries were swift and uneventful he gave of the green light,..however we were advised that i'm at a higher risk for certain complications but the risk were the same during my last pregnancy and all was well


amy - August 27

my husband and i are trying now for #3 and the doctor gave me the go ahead even though i had all of the bad scar tissue last time...he told me that i am at a higher risk of bowel and bladder damage this time due to the scarring...has anyone ever had damage and what was it like? i know that they HAVE to by law tell you the risk and i know that they are a small risk but i wondered if it has happened to anyone and how many sections?


amy - August 27

OH and i wanted to respond to TARA...i know exactly how you feel after reading your post from before i feel like that is me saying it...i am trying to become pregnagnt with the 3rd and i was told i had quite a bit of scar tissue myself and i am VERY afraid of having another but ya know all i can think is that they do them everyday and if there was a real serious risk i can not see the doctor saying okay i would do another one on you, ya i think it will be fine, and even though i am scared i have faith in the lord to help me through! thats all we can do


ang - August 28

Renee, I hope you don't mind me asking but how far apart are your children? Also, how old are you, (hope i'm not getting too personal), I just wonder if age has anything to do with healing so quickly after so many c-sections and wether or not they should be spaced out. Thanks.


Susan - August 28

I was glad to read everyone's comments as I've searched the internet for information on multiple c-sections and found NOTHING. On my 3rd c-section they had to cut me vertically because of all the scar tissue and it was a mess...almost hit my bladder, couldn't get my uterus out, lost a lot of blood. Even after all that my doctor said he wouldn't tell me to absolutely not have kids. So I just found out I'm expecting #4 and I'm terrified. My husband is convinced I'm going to die on the table - he said the last one was like watching a deer be gutted. We are thrilled about the idea of another baby but so scared about everything going okay. Here's my you all just continue to go to your normal ob or do any of you feel the need to see a high risk doctor? Do you feel like you need someone especially skilled in surgery? Of course my doctor says he can handle it but everyone is telling me I need to see a high risk doctor.


amy - August 29

wow susan sounds like you had a time....when did they choose to cut you vertical? they didnt cut both did they? how was your recovery? i think i would trust the doctor that told me it would be ok to have another one....also were you told after your 2nd that you had alot of scar tissue or did it happen after the 3rd? see i am terrified b/c after my second they told me i had ALOT of scar tissue and another would be a risk.....however that doctor left town and my new doctor gave me the ok for did you know before going into #3 you had scar tissue?


Susan - August 29

Amy - After my 2nd they noticed all the scarring and said if I had any more to make sure I had a vertical cut. I had a new doctor for the third and he was hesitant to do a vertical cut because of recovery (and it's darn ugly) but afterwards he said he was glad he did, it would've been very difficult to get the baby out without that kind of cut. The actual recovery pain was similar to my other C-sections but it lasted so much longer. Even after a year it still hurt (in my gut, not the actual incision if that makes sense). I don't know what to tell you about having another - it seems like if they can give people new hearts they should be able to get a baby out around scar tissue. But the risks are terrifying. My doctor said the main issue is if they need to get to the baby very quickly (because of distress or something) it's really hard. If you are not pregnant yet maybe you could look into having some of your scar tissue removed - they can do that with a laser through your belly b___ton (although I'll admit my doctor said I had too much that that wouldn't even make a difference). Good luck, it's a tough call.


amy - August 29

when is #4 due susan? keep us posted


Terri - September 2

I had my first c section back in 2003 and i was wondering the same. i was actually thinking that three kids would be ok for me cuz i don't want the scar to be too bad. so i thought a perfect number for me. i think it just depends on how many you want and if you can find someone that will do them. i found it was defently easy to recover from a c section. i was up and moving around the next day after i had it. is it harder to get pregnant after you have had one though was my thing? my fiance' told me that he heard this thing on the news saying that it is harder to get pregnant after a c section and i defently want more kids, if not three at least one more!!! make it an even number.


from Renee To Ang - September 2

hey ang this was my 1st posting it should answer all your questions I have had 6 C-sections so far the 1st Jun 87 due to failure to progress each one after was scheduled. My last child another son was born mar.00 the DR who deliverd my last child asked if I wanted to try VBAC I was too afraid to consider it. During the last surgery it took forever but the Dr removed as much scar tissue as possible, I am 37 and had my 1st 5 from ages 17-23yrs and my last 2weeks before I turned 31.(all boys) we had a miscarriage Nov 04 , and plan to start trying for number 7 in sept. My husband is extremly nervous so i've scheduled a consultation on july 13 to get the Dr's go ahead before we proceed,....I will keep you posted,..good luck


Ann - September 4

I am about to have my second baby by c-section. I just recently asked my doctor how many babies one can have by c-section. He said it all depends on the woman and how much scar tissue she has. Some people can only have two and some can have much more. He did say that four was pretty much the limit for most people though, because after that you risk uterine rupture. I personally don't think I could handle more than 4.


Ol - September 8

I am going on Monday for my 4th section. I have a lot of anxiety, and this is for sure my last one. I talked to my Ob before getting pregnant this time and got a go-ahead. I guess from my experiences and trying to find info, I can say this: it is very personal and depends on each woman, her general health, condition of the uterus (mainly scar tissue) and how well your last sections went. Normally right after the surgery the doctor can tell all those things and make recommendations about having more sections. I guess even if advised against having another section does not always mean that a woman should not get pregnant again, but it is rather an indication that risks and complications can increase. A lot depends on the Ob as well, some might br more cautious then others. The truth is that basically, after consultiong with your Ob, it is still YOUR desicion- your body, your family, your life.


Tania - September 9

Hi Renee 6!!!! sec. how do you do it?? I have had 2 and debating on whether or not I want to go through it again for #3. I have two girls and would love to try for a boy. You must have had some good preg. I had high blood pressure with #1 bedrest for 3 months and a low sodium diet and gestational diabetes with #2 and a diabetic diet so what will #3 bring?? Kinda scary. But I think we will probable go through with it I go for my annual checkup next week and will talk to the ob about it then. We have a ways to go my 2 is only 4 months old now so I will wait until she is at least 1 yr old. How was your recovery for all those sections?? I find my 2 was not as hard as the 1st. Good Luck with number 7. Tania


lacy - September 11

hi I have had 6 and found out I am pregnant with my 7th. Your OB can give you more info after your next C section to see how your uterus looks. Mine was very transparent "window" which could rupture and tear the arteries on each side, which is usually deadly. But, ask your OB after you give birth. Ethyl Kennedy had 10 c sections!


renee - September 17

Lacy i'm so happy to know that another person has been as sucessful as we have, please keep me posted,.If Ethyl can have 10 surely we can have 7 in 2005/06 ,...right please keep me posted ,...good luck



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