Maximum Number Of Cesarean Sections

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renee - September 17

Lacy i'm so happy to know that another person has been as sucessful as we have, please keep me posted,.If Ethyl can have 10 surely we can have 7 in 2005/06 ,...right please keep me posted ,...good luck


Tania - September 17

Well I talk to the nurse pract_tioner (doc had a emergency) and she told me there is no limit to how many c-section you can have. But they don't ecourage you to have 6 or more. That is what I was told. Good Luck to ya'll


bonnie - September 22

im 35 wks pg with baby num 3 and would so love to go for a fourth .i had two sections and gona have another in three wks . would love to hear from any one out there who has had 3 or more sections . i love being a mom and always wanted a big family, hate to think my pregnancy and baby days are over .


Randi - September 25

I have one child, by emergency c-section because she got stuck in the birth ca___l. We are anxious to have a second. We have been told we will have to have c-sections for the next births. I know the doctors say to wait 9 months before another c-section. My first child is 8 months now and will be 8 1/2 months at my next ovulation. I am wondering if I should wait longer for the next child or if it is really okay to start now. Any advice anyone?


Tania - September 26

Hi Randi my doc told me that 9 months is ok but they really prefer women to wait 1 year to get preg. again. That is what I am going to do wait a year to eighteen months before trying again. I have had two section so the next will be number three. Good Luck


Randi - September 26

I think I will wait another month. I will have to take it month by month because I am so anxious I don't want to think about waiting. Thanks!


Marie - October 1

I have had 3 c-sections (1991, 1998, 2002) and considering a 4th child. My 1st and 2nd were not too bad but I was throwing up in the operating room because of the nausea from the anesthetic. My 3rd was the worst 'coz the operation took longer due to scar tissue and they had to repair a hernia that they found while they were in there. I was also still throwing up during the operation and this time, it took me 11 hours after surgery before I could even see straight. I think I'm allergic to the epidural and I wasn't able to hold any of my kids at birth because I felt so sick. I also found that it took about 6 weeks afterwards before the pain went away and I could actually get up from the bed without having to roll off of it. I've asked 2 different doctors if I can have more than 3 c-sections but they both said it was not a good idea. One specialist even said he could not be my doctor if I tried for a third. However, the doctor who actually did my 3rd c-section seemed to think that it's ok to have more than three. My husband and I decided to do more consulting before we make the decision but this site definitely eased some of my anxiety about trying again.


Katrena - October 1

Hello all I am due to have my third C-Section next month wow I am so nervous this one cauht us off guard but we are glad we are going to have another baby we have a daughter Justina 7yrs, Samuel ( Chunky ) 3yrs, and another little girl on the way her name is going to be Abigail ( Abby) we waited along time for kids we have been married for 14yrs and are happy that we have our kids there is 3 yrs between our kids 3yrs 10mths with Justina and Chunky and 3 yrs 2mths between Chunky and Abby the Dr said the last time that I had a lot of scar tissue and my husband said the nirse had to climb on top of me and push Chunky down to get him out I am not sure what to expect with this one but this will be an automatic C because I don't dialate I got to 5cm with Justina and quit that was from Fri night to Sun morning gl to all those who are do to have their babies I wish you a safe delivery


Tania - October 2

Hi Marie can't they give you something for the nausea before you have the c-sec. That's what they do where I'm at (Louisiana). Anyways hope you get your answer you are looking for. We are thinking about trying for number three in about another 7 -12 months. I have two girls and would love a boy. But for the last one the epidural didn't take all the way so that was kinda scary to feel pain while they where getting the baby out, so it's a big big maybe!! So good luck to you.


Susan - October 2

I emailed awhile ago- I had 3 c-sections, the third being a vertical cut because of all the scar tissue. It was a scary surgery, very complicated to get around all the scar tissue. I wasn't planning it but surprise we are pregnant with #4. I am at a new high risk doctor and she said it is going to be a scary pregnancy. Where your placenta settles can be a huge deal as well as uterine rupture with a vertical scar and she said my chances of hemmoraging during the surgery are great. My point is people think c-sections are "easier" and "the way to go" but boy they sure can cause problems down the road for you, especially with scar tissue. I couldn't have gotten my babies out v____ally so it was obviously my only choice but for people who schedule them out of convenience (which I have friends who do believe it or not) they can cause more problems than you know. I was always the girl who wanted 10 kids so I am excited about baby #4 but it is very scary and comes to the point where you want to be there for your other kids. Lots of you seem to have had many c-sections with no problems and that's wonderful. But if you have scar tissue don't take the issue lightly, it can really cause problems. Although in the end it's all really in God's hands anyways!!


To Susan and Maggie - October 3

Susan, I agree with you completely. We had a somewhat heated debate on another forum regarding elective c-sections with one poster in particular feeling her unecessary c-section was the only way to go. While she had a good experience many of us who had no choice have not. I lost my uterus, ovaries and normal bladder function due expressly to 4 sections. I had transfusions, infections and NICU babies. This problems haunted me for a long time and I personally would rather have a v____al repair down the road than giving up my female organs and having to take estrogen because I am in surgical menopause. To Maggie, if you don't need another c-section due to immature pelvis or anatomical abnormalities or chronic medical conditions I would consider trying a v____al delivery. Some women do ok with more than 1-2 c-sections, I and many people I know did not. Just keep in mind, surgery causes scarring and not just on your uterus and tummy, and no one knows when, where or why the scarring ends up where it does. I am a "fast healer" in regards to surgery sites (not just cs, but other surgeries I had to have) and all the great nutrition, excersise and fitness in the world can't stop you from forming internal scar tissue. Best of luck to you, Gena and I hope you have good future outcomes.


Susan - October 3

To the person who responded to me (Susan) and Maggie who lost your ovaries, uterus, and bladder function. Was very curious about your experience. Did they take your ovaries and uterus during your 4th c-section or was it done at a later date? Did you have transfusions because you lost so much blood during the c-section? Were your babies in NICU because of being born early? Did they purposely take the babies early because of trouble if you went into labor? I'm not trying to be nosy but these are all things my doctor has warned me about and I'm just curious how they unfolded for you. You don't have to go into major detail if you don't want but you sound so similar to my situation I am very curious. Thanks! Susan


re: To Susan - October 3

I had to have all my sections due to an extremely small pelvis. I had the transfusions because I bled horribly during #'s 2,3 and 4 cs. #3 the bleeding was due to scarring and the fact that, yes ladies, you can have to have forceps w/a cs!! My daughter (only 5.5 lbs.) was laying transverse and up high and I required quite a bit of blood. My 2nd child was caught "napping" and took a breath in utero thus collapsing his lung-NICU for 17 days (7# 5ozs.) I fought pre-term labor w/#4 for 2 months prior to his birth and he was finally born 7 weeks early due to unstoppable labor. I feel that was from a uterus that was irritable from c-sections, they said that was quite possible. With #4 I had my tubes tied, I didn't want any more c-sections and 4 is enough. It was when I had uninterrupted monthly cycles that all my bladder problems, awful periods, pain, clotting monthly, etc. showed up. I suffered for quite a few years before I went to a female gyn who recommended a hysterectomy (v____al thank God) but when she got in there she had to cut my bladder away from my uterus to remove it due to scarring and found adhesions pulling down the bladder, my tubes, my ovaries and part of my colon...this was all due to my c-sections she said. Thanks for asking, it is the part of c-sections people don't tell you about when they say "you had your baby the easy way" (huh? What part?) I to this day do not understand what those women are talking about! I will pay for my c-sections for the rest of my life. My sister is only a bit larger than me and she delivered v____ally. After #4 vag for her she had some tearing and her doc fixed her up and she is totally fine and "better than new" according to her. I would do a v____al any day if I could have. My Gyn told me I heal rapidly and sometimes that isn't a good thing as your form too much scar tissue. Cutting through scar tissue in subsequent c-sections causes more scarring to occur elsewhere, not just in the surgery site so I would be careful about how many c-section one has. I feel the lucky ladies who have done well with multiple c-sects are the exception,not the rule. My advice is be careful how many and why one has a cesarean and monitor what changes happen to you after you have periods and female health were perfect before I had c-sects and all my doctors agree it was uterine surgeries that caused my problems. At any rate, I am grateful I had the last resort of c-sections otherwise my kids and I would not be alive but I sure paid a never-ending price for them. Good luck to all, no matter what method of delivery and I wish we could all labor just a few hours, push a bit and eat dinner that worries, no injuries, just joy, don't you?


Amy P - October 3

susan i am also the girl that wanted 10 children, well more like 5, but i have had 2 c's and had major amounts of scar tissue....i am trying for a 3rd but i am scared, adni know that will be the last one.....sad :( i would love to have like 5 kids!!!!!! wonder if i should ask about a verticle cut?


Susan - October 3

I don't know your name but thank you for sharing your history of your 4 c-sections, it sounds awful but interesting. They told me on number 3 my uterus and bladder are completely adhered together with scar tissue so removing my uterus with number 4 would be too risky. (Makes it hard for this Catholic girl to decide what to do about not having any more!!) Anyways, thanks for sharing your story. And to the girl who also wanted 10 kids...DO NOT do a vertical cut unless the doctor thinks it is absolutely necessary to get the baby out. If you get pregnant again it greatly increases your chances of your uterus rupturing (they don't just cut your stomach vertically, they cut your uterus that way too). They only did it to me because they couldn't get around all the scar tissue with a smaller regular cut. It is not ideal by any means. Thanks everyone, I was sure glad to find this forum!!


to Susan-from 4-c/s - October 4

I am so concerned for you! Your bladder stuck to your uterus is not a good thing, you don't get proper bladder functioning and such. I did not have my hysterectomy at the time of my 4th c-section...he was a preemie and I had been in labor a total of 5 times with him (took Yutopar daily for 5 weeks trying to get him to term) so they did not want to do any more to me with my bleeding probs, etc. Anyhow, I had the hysterectomy 10 long years later. If you begin to have problems don't wait or let doctors tell you lot's of women have painful, labor -like periods after you are done with your c-sections. You have doc_mented proof your bladder has adhesions, ok? Do not suffer as long as I did and caution other women you meet about the terrible, long-lasting side effects c-sections can have. My 37.5 hour unproductive labor (w/no epi, just IV meds) was better than all the after-effects I have had. Good luck and be your own advocate when you are done with your babies. Be careful!



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