Modesty During C Section

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Christina - January 12

I will be undergoing a scheduled c section soon and am wondering if I can be covered up (br___ts, etc.) during the procedure? (Except where they are doing the operation of course.) I know it sounds ridiculous but I don't like the idea of being that exposed even just in front of my husband and the hospital staff during the procedure. Also does it hurt to have the catheter inserted? And how soon will they remove it? Any other information would be much appreciated.


KM - January 15

You dont feel the catheter because they put it in after you've had the epidural. They take it out when you are able to go to the bathroom yourself. usually 48 hrs later approx. It hurts a tiny bit for a sec when they take it out but its nothing and you wont care too much. Your b___sts are covered during the section. the rest of you has to be exposed, but either way hunny you cant be modest when it comes to havin a baby. Dont worry we all go through it


April - January 15

I just had a c-section jan. 11, 2005. I was scared to death but after they once get started you don't feel nothing. As a matter of fact i was wondering what was going on at first then after that i got so sleepy that i was about to fall asleep. My husband was telling me what was going on. Everything will work out and it will all be worth it in the long run! You will be sore after the medication wears off. but i was up walking several hours later! .. You'll do great!


Jackie - January 31

I went in for a regular birth and ended up having a c-section. I lost all modesty by the time I had my c-section. I felt a little weird because they had to shave the upper part of my pubic area, but only because I wasn't sure what to expect. As for the catheter, I didn't feel it either because they gave it to me after my epidural as well. And it didn't hurt to take it out. It was more annoying than anything. You'll be okay, lots of us have gone through it so you're not alone. Just remember, the doctors and nurses perfoming the surgery have done this a million times and they're not there to judge the way you look, they're there to help you deliver the wonderful little baby that's on the way and to make sure he/she gets here as safe as possible. Honestly, after carrying a baby for 9-10 months and then delivering and going through recovery, you should feel pretty darn good about yourself. I felt it was almost a rite of pa__sage for me and one of the best experiences of my life - - being exposed should be the last thing on your mind.


Celeste - January 31

I had a scheduled c-section four weeks ago and as far as I remember, my b___sts were covered up. I was exposed from the top of my stomach down to the pubic area. As far as the catheter, I requested for mine to be inserted AFTER the epidural so I didn't feel it. They usually remove it 24 hours after the procedure. Leaving it in any longer than that runs the risk of UTI. The one piece of advise I can offer after you regain sensation in your legs is to get up and walk as soon as possible. I won't lie; it's going to be painful the first time you get up, but the sooner you do, the better. I'm a registered nurse and I can't tell you how many times I've seen patients develop blood clots as a result of not wanting to get up after surgery. If walking is too painful, move your ankles in a circular motion several times a day while you're in bed. This will help with circulation. Staying in bed too long can also result in a pneumonia so try take several deep breaths throughout your recovery. The nurses might even suggest coughing. Just make sure you hold a pillow up against your incision while you do this. During the first 24 hours you will have a medication pump that you will control by the push of a b___ton every time you feel pain. Please don't worry about overdosing on the medication! Most patients think since they are self medicating that they can overdose. It's a common and understandable fear but this cannot happen. You cannot give yourself more than what is programmed into the pump. If you press the b___ton to administer the med too many times, the machine will "lock you out". Hope all of these suggestions help you recover quicker. Good luck and congratulations!


KM - January 31

I'm jealous lol.. I didn't get any of this self-medicating business..i had to always buzz the nurse and wait forever for her to bring it lol


Judi - February 10

I had my c-section at a teaching hospital, and by my husband's best guess there were 20+ people in the operating room. I weighed 302 when I went in to have my daughter. It was a little embara__sing to be exposed in front of that many people, but between the meds and the miracle of my daughter's birth, I really didn't give it that much thought. They removed my catheter 24 hours after the c-section. It wasn't comfortable having it inserted, but it wasn't nearly as painful as being checked for dialation or having the doctor try to break my water manually. Since you're having a scheduled c-section, you won't have to endure either of those discomforts. I was a little worried about my body knowing when it needed to urinate after the catheter was removed, but I worried for nothing. It's been three years since my c-section, and my scar is so faint it's practically invisible. I have some residual numbness above the incision line. Also, six months after my c-section, I lifted a very heavy object, and felt something give along the incision line. I developed a hernia. So, even though the doctor will tell you not to pick up anything heavy for six weeks, I would be careful for a lot longer than that.


Chris - February 11

I have had 3 c-sections & will be having my 4th in Aug. & the only time they put the catheter in after I was under was when I was asleep with my 3rd c-section. My 1st 2 c-sections I had a spinal block & epidural & they inserted the catheter before they gave me the epidural & spinal block. If you get a good nurse it won't hurt so bad. But let me tell ya I am shy when it comes to my body but they hd me b___t naked laid out on the table with my 3rd & I could have cared less I was so nervous.


Tracey - February 14

Yes you will be covered up during your surgery. You will have a gown on and the drapes they use will cover the rest of you. And having a catheter put in isn't the greatest feeling in the world but, not terribly painful. My cath. was put in before I went to the O.R. because I ended up with a emergency c-section. That was really scary ....more so because it was unexpected than anything. I was in labor and about to deliver when the babies hand and cord were coming out first. So, they put my cath. in and took me down to the O.R. there I got a spinal and the baby was born shortly after. They took the cath. out the next morning. My daughter was born @ 3:37pm and by 10am the next day it was out. It has been 4 wks. and 2 days since the delivery and I am back to normal for the most part. I just can't exercise or lift my other two children without pain yet. If you are stubborn like me you will be up and walking around a few hours after the baby is born. Enjoy the medication...and take my advice and use it! I have delivered two babies naturally and now one by c-section and the first two were a piece of cake as far as recovery goes. You recover alot quicker when you go with a v____al birth but, as long as the baby is healthy it doesn't matter how he/she comes out! Good Luck and enjoy your new baby! [email protected]


michelle - February 23

You will have a gown on. The only thing exposed is your abdominal and pelvic area. The cath feel like a slight sting when they put it in. You won't even feel it when they take it out. It is usally taken out after 10-12 hours. I have had 2 c-sections.


Tonia - February 25

I am having a c-section next week. This is my fourth baby but my first c-section. I am so scared! I am really worried about the catheter and getting a spinal. Do they hurt? I am also worried about having to have a bowl movement or gas during the procedure. Any advice?


Jeni - February 25

I had a c-section 3 months ago and the only part exposed was the area where they cut! The catheter is uncomfortable but I wouldn't call it painful! They took mine out the next day. They don't want you walking for awhile after the surgery so the next morning they took it out and made me walk to the bathroom! Just remember that it will be really hard the first time you get up out of the bed and walking but once you get the first time over with it becomes much easier! I thought I wasn't going to make it the first time they made me get up but once I did I felt soooo much better! I actaully felt better the more I walked around!


Anna - March 24

I had a C section 4 months ago. I was in labor for 17 hours and dialated 9 and the baby got her cord stuck and her heart rate dropped so I had an emergency C section. I was so scared that I didn't care who saw me. They ran me down the hall on my hands and knees on the bed and my whole b___t was exposed and I could have cared less. I know my top half was covered up but I couldn't feel my body so I didn't think about it very much. The catheter didn't hurt for me going in or coming out. They said a pinch but I didn't think it hurt. When they made me get up and walk it was awful but if you hold onto your belly it won't pull on the incision as much and prop your belly with pillows afterwards so you're more comfortable. I didn't get a medicine pump afterwrds either! My epidural line fell apart and so they took it out because I was 'handling pain well'. My advice, be a baby, at least they'll keep you medicated!



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