My C Section In A Nutshell No Problem

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bbm - July 12

My C-section was scheduled and this is how it went: (for all of you out there who'd like a quick start to finish example). The morning of it was spent in a room for about 30 minutes, answering questions and getting changed. In the OR, I was given a spinal tap which took 5 minutes and didn't feel any worse than a dentist's needle. It froze my legs within seconds. The baby was out in 10 minutes and was washed and swaddled in front of my husband and I while the doctor st_tched me up. I didn't feel a thing and the whole procedure took about 20 minutes. I got to touch my baby right away. I was wheeled into recovery where I was feeling a bit groggy and nauseous from the after effects of the spinal tap, but the baby was put to my br___t right away. I stayed in recovery for about an hour. Then I was wheeled to my room and the baby was put in a bassinet next to me. I was extremely nauseous, still vomiting since the OR. This continued on and off for about 9 hours until the evening when it stopped completely. A nurse also got me up and made me walk to the washroom during the ordeal. Yes, it's dramatic at the time, but really no worse than a bad hangover. Pain killers kept the pain of the incision away for 3 days. I was sent home with a prescription for more, which I think I used for about a day along with some Tylenol. The morning after the C-section, I passed gas so I was able to eat meals. Some trapped gas in my upper abdomen caused some horrible pain on one afternoon until I told my doctor and then he gave me some kind of pill for it. At home, on the 4th day, I was walking around, cleaning and doing everything I have always done. The stiches were on the inside so they melted away after about 2 weeks. The incision was done under my first belly fold so there is no "flap" like I've heard people lament about . My doctor agreed to be careful when cutting, because I asked. All in all, the whole C-section seemed fast and only mildly painful, and if I would have known all of this I never would have worried.


Keli - July 12

COOL! I am glad your experience was good. Was this your first c section? Thank you for sharing your story. I am scheduled for a C next tuesday, and today my hair dresser filled my head with her c section horror story.... Congrats to you!!!


bbm - July 13

Keli, yes it was my first, and now that I know what to expect, I tell my husband that I want more babies. I'm also not the only one I know who was walking around the same day or the day after. I remember walking around my room, cleaning up for visitors the next day. I don't know what kind of horror stories your hair dresser had, but the receptionist in my office shared her story of having 3rd degree tearing going natural and had to sit in a tub after every bowel movement for 4. And a cousin of mine had 2 reconstructive surgeries on her v____a after going natural. All I can say is that I'm glad my invisible st_tches about 4.5 inches/maybe 8 st_tches long were done above my pubic hairline instead of a dozen or more below


kcll - July 18

I also had a c-section and like you the only problem I had was the naseau from the drugs they gave. When the drug wore off so did the naseau. I recommend c/s though I never gave birth naturally to compare. I was scheduled but I had a bad experience as I had to be induced so I know what it feels like to be in menstrual cramps x 100..with a scheduled c/s you skip all the pain. Afterwards it is painful but not enough to keep most in bed. I was doing my normal chores when I got home as well and I also had low hemogloben from the c/s and I had my tubes tied. I don't want anyone to think its a piece of cake but its not anything to really worry about. I also prayed throughout the delivery and held my husbands hand. My daughter is now 3 and 1/2 months and I love her to death. Remember why your doing this too..its all worth it.


bbm - July 18

I agree. No surgery is a piece of cake, but I'm definitely pleased with my exsperience. I guess it's because it was scheduled. I love my son so much now that I can see doing just about anything anyway, and I want another ;)


marranie - August 10

thank you for your post, i am scheduled for c-section due to placenta previa and have been scared witless after having had two natural births. I have been worried about not being able to look after my kids, the baby, driving the car etc and your story has given me a positive att_tude. I will look at the positives (ie... not taking nearly a year to want to have s_x again from tearing, weakend bladder control for months from all the pushing etc). Also bbm my sister had to have reconstructive surgury on her v____a from her last baby too.... thanks for your uplifting post.


sahmof3 - August 10

Glad to hear it went so well for you. My first section was after a 24 hour labor and I had low platelets and wasn't supposed to have an epidural or c-section, but needed both, so the recovery wasn't that great, but my two scheduled c-sections were soooo much better!! With my 2nd I was up walking about 3 hours after surgery, because they wanted me to get down to NICU to try to nurse my daughter- now that's a bit soon, even for me (I like getting up ASAP, because the hospital beds KILL my back), but it helped me not get stiff. Anyway, sounds like you are doing very well. Congratulations!


b - August 21

You're welcome Marranie. My ds is almost 5 months old now and it's like it never happened. Sure, the scar area can be a little sensitive at times, just like any scar and will only turn white after a long while but don't be afraid. I just heard another horror story this past weekend involving v____al birth and forceps. Good luck with your baby!


LeilasMommy - August 24

Hi Ladies I too just had a c-section on August 3 and my recovery has been AMAZING I feel great and could not have asked for a better looking scar - you can hardly see it...this was my first pregnancy and I tell you in 2 weeks I lost 30 pounds - if I knew c-section /pregnancy would promote weight loss i would have done it long as - as I only gained 23 lbs during my pregnancy...ha ha ha Good luck to all those scheduled for a c-section. Mine was scheduled and went smoothly - !



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