My Child Is Her Condition Due To A C Section

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E - June 27

I am curious to know if have a c-section could be the reason my child is so active, and easy to anger. She's happy one minute and angry the next, either throwing things or hitting people. When she was little she use to bang her head on anthing-the floor, the corners of rooms, etc. She is 6 years old and it's almost unbearable at times. Could this have been caused somehow by having to have her c-section. I had to wait for 7 hours to have my c-section after they knew I wasn't going to dilate any further. She was born with a very cone shaped head and a big mass on top of head which went down after several hours.


joesmom - May 27

My first child was born through c-section.I was in hard labour for 18 hours before they decided I wasn't going to be able to birth naturally.My son is 6 and over the last year has been showing his hyper active side, and has been known to completely loose his temper at times. What you are discribing though seems very extreme, i would talk to a pediatrician ASAP to find out what is behind this behavior.I don't believe it is at all related to being born via c-section.I would strongly reccommend that you nip this in the bud while she is still young before it gets out of control. Good luck!


Shelly - May 31

Have you talked to a doctor about this? You might want to take her to a neurologist or a neuro psych. She could have suffered brain trauma. I'd check it out. Look at this site:


Julie - June 27

It very well could be and I have read that a child can bang their head because of restimulated pain. Read "Dianetics" by L.R.Hubbard as there could definately be something to what your saying and she could get that incident addressed and handled.


j - October 11

unless you are planning to join the "church" of scientology.....I wouldn't recomend reading Dianetics or anything else written by L.Ron Hubbord. Ask your ped. his thoughts on what's going on with your child.


skeptical - December 2

it's easiest to blame the c-section, but i'd look at other factors too. my sister was a c-section baby and had a temper as a child, but we grew up in a broken and emotionally abusive family. i'm not saying you're abusing your child, by no means! but i'm just saying it could be environmental... good luck, and don't read that book on Dianetics. go see your pediatrician to see if your daughter suffered any nerve damage. two of my friend's babies had very coned shaped heads and neither of them have had any problems with temper tantrums though.


. - December 2

Ask Dr. Phil.


T - December 19

Here's my question for you. Did your child hit her major milestones (like walking) late? Does she make eye contact for more than a couple of seconds at a time? Does she like counting things? My oldest son has autism and the temper thing was part of it. He was also a C-section baby and very ill after birth, but in his case he would have died otherwise, the cord was around his neck and he is a twin, besides. The cone-shaped thing and the ma__s are actually pretty normal for v____al birth babies. Let us know how she is, GL.


rebekah - December 23

no this sounds like a brain chem problem adhd or add or bi polar you need to have her checked out alot of kids today are this way from the sugar intakes and what ever else! but no c section is the best and safest way to deliver a baby for mom and baby both! so being a nurse i have to say no!



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