My Doctor Trying To Scare Me Into Csection

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JenniferB - June 21

I was two days late with my son and the doctor pursuaded me to be induced. The labor was so strong I needed the epidural after only 4cm. I was not aware that getting the epidural that early could cause the labor not to progress. I got to 8cm and the doctor said that my cervix had hardened and I needed a csection. Thank God my baby was healthy but it was a nightmare. My milk didn't come in because I had lost a ton of blood. I am now 25 weeks pregnant with my second child. I told the doctor yesterday that I didn't want another csection and he said it was up to me BUT given my history a va___al birth could be disasterous for me and the baby. He said that there was only a one percent chance of my uterus rupturing but that was a big risk when it came to having a baby. First he scared me, then he made me feel guilty for considering vbac. I am so confused. The screwy part is he didn't even remember why I needed one in the first place but referred to my "history"


Jamie - June 22

I'd say, get a second opinion, and go with your own instinct.


Saird - June 22

EXACTLY my story. My first was the same way. I was 4 days overdue, induced, not ready, ended up in a c. The doctors do not honestly know what labour would be like for us- not real labour- we've never had it! Just drug-induced labour that is not natural and is extremely painful. I would never be induced again. wait it out or use natural methods. Docs mostly want to do c's because it's easier than babysitting a vbac. If you want to vbac, do it now, because if you have two sections or more, then trying a vbac becomes even harder. Good luck.


djh - June 23

I agree wholeheartedly with Saird! If you ever want to experience a v____al birth it is now or never. Saird sounds like she has given cesarean and VBAC births a lot of thought, and she is right on about the unnatural labor with induction. Nearly every woman I know who had pitocin had harder labors than ones who went naturally. I wonder why they can't jumpstart labor and pull the pitocin as soon as contractions are established? Why must they continue to augment the labor after "real" labor has taken over? So many interventions, no wonder woman are having such problems birthing babies anymore. Do not feel guilty about wanting to do what a woman's body is designed for! It is in my opinion, more strange to desire surgery...if there is a choice. Best wishes and stick to your guns! In fact, if this doctor is going to be so unsupportive of your attempt find one who is more genuine in their ability to help you have the birth YOU want.


JenniferB - June 26

I finally got some guts. I just called and switched doctors I am hoping that this doctor will be more open to vbac.


prin12 - June 28

Although I support your right for vbac, I must say. I wanted a my baby to come. I was misarable and a week over due. I'd had Labor contractions for 2 weeks without anything really happening. So I asked about induction. My doctor refused induction and schedualed a c instead. I'm SO glad that he did. If I'd been induced I'd been in awful pain and we'd have an emergency c anyway and the baby may not have made it. After the c he told me she was all tangled up in the cord and couldn't drop. So if you decide to wait to have the baby naturally...don't wait too long. It could be much worse. I hated the c, but a c is SO much better than losing the baby.


Keli - June 29

They have to inform us of the 1% risk of the rupture. I had to sign something, saying I knew the risks. It is easier on the Doc's to schedule a Csection. It doesnt interupt their schedule that way...Plus they get paid more money! Dr.s are really pushing csections right now... and its sad.


AmyB - June 29

prin i am with first baby i was 42 1/2 weeks and he just would not come so due to failure to progress i was delivered by c then when i got pg again with my 2nd son i was told that i didnt have a choice so i scheduled the c and thank god i did b/c my son was 10'1 and i would have labored and then ended up with a c anyways and for me i think the fact that i didnt labor and had all my energy made my recovery now i am pg with my 3rd and although i am scared of the 3rd c i am glad it will be scheduled and over with...i would have rather delivered mine v____al but now all things work out the way you want i guess...the main thing is a healthy baby and mom in the end...good luck on whatever you decide is your baby and your body so i would make sure you get what you want....just always keep in mind an emergency c might be necessary...good luck!


JenniferB - June 29

Please, don't get me wrong. If I NEEDED a c-section for my safety or the baby's then I would not hesitate. This doctor told me at six weeks pregnant that I would need another c-section. At that point he had no idea that I would need one. Right now, my blood pressure is good, the baby is good, and I am having no other problems. He tried to pursuade me to have surgery based upon the 1% chance of uterine rupture. If things should change and I need surgery then I will have it but I don't want a doctor that schedules them for their own convenience and not for the well being of mom and baby. So glad that you ladies were okay.


JenniferB - June 29

It seems that I am back to square one. I was just notified that the hospital that my doctor delivers at has banned vbac. So whether you need it or not, they are just going to put you through surgery anyway. I am so frustrated I want to cry.


Keli - July 1

can you deliver at another hospital. Thats crazy. Why do they ban VBACS?


Rhonda - July 1

JenniferB, I had to have a c-section b/c by dd head was to big to pa__s through the birth ca___l,well with my next baby they did an u/s and said she would only be 6lbs at the most,but my dr would not let me attempt a vbac.He said"i know you would do fine,but i think it itis more safer for the baby,statisticaly speaking"So due to his statistics i had to have another c-section.


SusanJ - July 2

FYI, if you present in labor at a hospital they can not refuse you. If you want a VBAC and there are no other reasons for a section, you have rights! You do NOT have to consent to surgery if baby and you are fine. It is against the law to force someone to have surgery against there will, especially one with so many risks both short and long term. You must weigh the labor progression versus the integrity of your uterus and the baby's tolerance however. I know many women who refused repeat c's and not one of them wished they had scheduled a section. Good luck.


Tjane - July 3

Hi, i just wanted to share, I am in the exact same situation, and I even changed doctors because someone told me that the new one allows VBAC then come to find out, its a hospital policy. After research I found out that all 3 of the hospitals that my insurance covers have the exact same policy. I only have 1 hospital in my area that does allow VBACs and they have a horrible reputation for other reasons and arent covered on my inusrance, also i asked if I could wait until I am in labor and come in and if I could do it that way and she explained to me that unless the baby's head is hanging out when i arrive they will still do a c-section.... I called so many doctors too only to find out the hospital policy thing...... It sucks but I have accepted it and have moved on, I am having a c-section in 2 weeks, Tuesday 7/18/06, at 6 a.m....!!!! Good luck, some have found other ways around it but I was not able to....


sahmof3 - July 4

Maybe it's time to change doctors/hospitals again... what a pain, huh? I think you should be able to deliver how you want to- you sound like an informed person that's not going to take a dumb risk if an emergency does arise!! I hate when some doctors make the risks sound like it would just be IMPOSSIBLE to have a VBAC. I was lucky to have a great doctor with baby #2 who supported my VBAC decision (until 20 week ultrasound revealed I had scar tissue from a D&C infection and wouldn't ever dilate properly, which is what happened with baby #1- I only got to 1/2 cm. after 24 hours- whole different story). Anyway, then she was against it, but so was I (hehe). But, I really am still curious what a v____al delivery would be like. Another thought, maybe if you can find a new doctor you could find one more patient and willing to let you go into labor on your own. I think when I was planning my VBAC they said induction makes the VBAC riskier (plus it sounds like it may have been working against you the first time). Anyway, three c-sections later, I can say I'm only a bit disappointed I couldn't have a VBAC, actually more curious than disappointed as I said before and I'm thankful for 3 healthy kids, so whatever happens just think about the sweet baby you'll have in the end. I wish you lots of luck for the VBAC you want!!! Tammy


Jamie - July 5

In the US, surgery can ONLY be performed if the patient consents, except in the case of a medical emergency. If you don't want a c-section, DON"T sign the form giving your consent. If you don't sign and they cut anyway, you can sue the hell out of them, and then they have to provide proof that there was medical necessity for cutting you open, in which case you would have wanted the c-section anyway.



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