My Wonderful Birth Story

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Gavinsmom - February 6

Sorry it has taken me so long to post this, but better late than never! I went in for my c-section (due to breech baby) Jan 25th at 10 am and my surgery was scheduled for noon. I was brought to my room and hooked up to the contraction (was actually having little contractions) and fetal monitor. The nurse started my IV. My nurse was the BEST nurse ever! Very welcoming and caring. I also had to fill out some paperwork and sign some things. All of my family was with me and got lots of pictures of me looking nervous. Around noon, I walked to the operating room w/ the nurse. DH had to put on scrubs and wait outside until I was done being prepped. They sat me on the table and they explained everything they were going to do as far as the spinal and all that. The anesthesiologist was awesome! I didn't feel a thing when she put my spinal in. My legs got warm and numb instantly. They helped me lay down on the table and then my nurse put the catheter in. I was already numb, so didn't feel a thing! I was so nervous that everything kind of became a blur. My DH then came in and stood by my head and held my hand. I remember hearing the dr and nurses talking and feeling tugging. The next thing I know, I hear them call out 12:46 pm and heard a HUGE cry! I felt so relieved to hear him screaming! He only weighed 5 lb 6 oz and was 17 1/4 in long, but he definitely was a strong little guy! He got 9's on both his apgars! After they cleaned him off and suctioned him, they brought him over to see me for a minute. The nurse snapped a few pictures of DH, me and Gavin together, then they had to take him to the nursery. DH went with him. Then, they sedated me for the sewing up part, so the next thing I remembered was them wheeling me to my room to recover. The only part that upset me was that I didn't get to see my baby until 5:30 pm. They wanted to keep him in the nursery for observation. So my dh kept going back and forth to the nursery...he would take a whole bunch of pictures and video and then come back to show me sweet of him! They FINALLY brought little Gavin to me and let me tell you, it was worth the wait! It was absolutely love at first sight! :-) Around 10 pm, the nurses came in and had me get up. Even after a shot of morphine, it wasn't the most comfortable feeling! LOL! But, once I was up and going, I did just fine. The next morning, around 6am, the nurse came in and took out the catheter. It didn't hurt a bit! I was able to go to the bathroom right away. By 10 am, my dr came in to see how I was doing and how my insides were feeling and moving and put in the ok that I could have a full diet! YAY! I was starving! I was up and moving the whole day...spending time with my new baby, entertaining visitors, etc. The next day we were released to go home - so had to spend 48 hours in the hospital, which flew by! I was up and moving just fine at home. I did stairs no problem, etc. The only thing that was really uncomfortable for me was getting out of bed. It did and sometimes still does feel like my ab muscles are on fire. It is tolerable, but uncomfortable. I am going to ask my dr about it at my 6 week check-up. Overall, it was a wonderful experience for me and I would do it a million times for such a rewarding end result... my healthy little boy! Even though I had such a peanut, he is growing SO fast and is sure to be caught up to his weight class soon! He is almost 6 lbs already and he left the hospital weighing in at only 4 lb 15 oz! He eats like a pig and I am so proud of him! He also sleeps well at night...gets up every 3 hours to eat! Oh, how I LOVE him SO much! So, put another check mark by the "successful and easy c-sections!"


sahmof3 - February 6

Congrats! I'm glad it went so well. I was actually just over on 3rd trimester seeing if you posted your story yet! Enjoy your new little man (sounds like you already are ;-)).


K - February 6

Congratulations!!!! I'm glad it was a good experience for you. I'm so glad Gavin is doing so well! Sounds like you are doing great too! The ab muscles on fire feeling will probably be gone by your 6 week. I used to feel like my insides were going to fall out. It goes away.


srigles - February 6

That's so awesome! Glad everything went so well for you!


SuzieQ - February 6

Yay! I'm so glad everything went well for you :) It sounds like you had a good experience and now you get the fun of a baby!!!



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