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Melissa30 - February 10

As of today, Feb. 10 I am 29 weeks pregnant. In 10 more weeks I will have my scheduled C-section to deliver my 3rd and final baby. This is my first C-section while I am awake. My first delivery was a normal va___al delivery and my second was an emergancy C-section. I was put to sleep for that one. This time I had wanted to try a VBAC but because I had a placental abruption with my second baby, and I just found out earlier in the week this baby is breech a VBAC is not possible. As the time draws closer the more nervous I get. It's not the thought of being cut that scares me, that I can handle. It's the thought of being cut while I am awake that really scares me. I found out that the doctor will do a spinal and I don't know what to expect from it. I have heard that with a spinal I will have to lay flat on my back for 12 hours. I don't know how true that is but I can't lie on my back that long. I am scared that I won't be able to hold my baby for a long time the day he is born. Holding him is the one thing I have looked forward to since the day I got my BFP. I don't necessarily have a question, I just needed to talk about my fears with other women who may understand how I feel. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. I am quite sure as the time draws closer I will get even more nervous and I will be back.


sahmof3 - February 10

The laying on your back for 12 hours... absolutely untrue!!! At least for a normal spinal C. In fact it is most likely they will have you up and taking a short walk (like to the bathroom) before then. As for holding your baby... hospitals differ and circ_mstances often dictate whether that happens or not. I have never been able to hold any of mine until several hours later due to birth circ_mstances, but others on here had their babies w/ them in recovery. (There's a thread about this several threads down). Anyway, congratulations on your pregnancy. How old are your other two? I have three... they are Nathan, 6 1/2.... Leah, 3... and Justin 19 months.


sahmof3 - February 10

My sections have been 1) awake... emergency after a long labor. 2) Scheduled and awake and 3) under general anesthesia (due to low platelets).


candaceann1 - February 10

Your only 29 weeks, what would make them think your baby is not going to turn when you have 10 more weeks to go?


Nerdy Girl - February 10

I was actually sitting up (slightly reclined) in the recovery room right after the C, so not sure what that 12 hour thing refers to. Maybe that you aren't supposed to get out of bed for 12 hours? That part is true, but you don't have to be flat on your back during that time. You can be sitting up holding your baby for sure!


AmyB - February 10

melissa it will be ok! i have had 3 c sections and they are not bad...the spinal will make your chest feel a little heavy that is normal just keep talking to your dh and you will be fine...also you will feel a bit of tugging (not painful) and then you will see your beautiful baby! dont worry,,,you will be fine! i had to lay flat (well slightly inclined) for 6 hours..they do that to help reduce getting a spinal headache..and i got to hold my baby in the recovery room and had him in my room the whole night...good luck and you will do great! congrats ahead of time on your blessing!!!


AmyB - February 10

oh and as soon as the 6 hours were up i was able to get up and sit in a chair next to the bed...


sahmof3 - February 11

I never knew you were supposed to be in bed for 12 hours! They had me up and walking within about 7 hours w/ each of my boys and in about 2-3 with my daughter. YIKES!!


Melissa30 - February 12

Thanks ladies. You helped ease my fears a little, but I guess I will be nervous until it's over and done with. Sahmof3 my other two kids are Kelly, 11 and Wesley, 8. Candaceann1, my baby could turn but because of the placental abruption I had last time it is just safer for me and my baby to go ahead and have another C-section.


Nerdy Girl - February 12

Wow, sahmof3! I had a catheter and morphine pump for 12 hours after each of my c-sections, and they told me to stay in bed until the cath came out.


sahmof3 - February 13

NG... good grief... no wonder ppl act like I'm a drama queen for how much it hurt when I got out of bed! I had NO morphine at all!!!!! I had to carry my pee bag around, too, because I did still have my catheter. I wrote about that on the "You know someone had a c-section thread..." I was carrying a pee bag, an IV stand and flashing the whole NICU staff because I didn't realize my gown was open in the back when I got up out of my wheelchair lol. How embara__sing!


Nerdy Girl - February 13

LOL. At least you're done now, right?


MM - February 13

I had an emergency C... I had an epidural & was awake for it. The operation only takes around an hour. After an hour or two, I got the feeling back in my legs... the nurse had me stand up a few hours later in my room... the next day I could walk but VERY slowly (& I felt a little dizzy when I tried). I was extremely nervous because I had said no way did I want a C-section... & just the day before after my doc examined me, he told me I had a good birth pa__sage & 90% chance of a normal, easy labour. HA! Try not to worry, they'll take good care of you. I hope you have a nurse like the one I had... she was amazing.


OverRunWithSons - February 18

I have had 5 c-sections & due to have a 6th in 2 weeks. They have all been wonderful expereincecs for me personally. I had labor over 48 hrs with the 1st, I was in distress , the baby was NOT, and after that ordeal (my pelvis too small to deliver over 8 lbs of boy), even Doc warned me ahead of time, my pelvis seemed like it could be a problem, anyway, after THAT expereince , I am sooooo thankful for C-sections, I smile all the way thru them and afterwards, make sure your Doc gives you Percocet to take for pain at home. Some Docs frown on this medication as some patients get Addicted. I had one Doc like that, and if I did not know better, he would have only given me extra Strength Tylenol for pain. No wonder these women were complaining. Everything will be fine. My Husband gets more nervous than me when I have these surgeries. Hope this helps


DownbutnotOUT - February 18

hey Melissa I have had 3 csections, all I have been awake for, I will be having my 4th and final csection on May 31. First off I would recommend a spinal they are terrific! I have to agree the feeling of being cut into, no pain of course, and them cutting, pulling, sewing and pushing is kinda uncomfortable but to see your baby when he/she is born is worth it all. Some hospitals let you hold your bay in recovery while others dont let you, I cried for the 1 1/2 hours I was in recovery with my 2nd son because i wanted to see him and hold him so bad. I was in recovery for about 1-2 hours and than I was taken to my room where I feed and cuddled my little baby, I wasnet allowed to walk for 24 hours after all 3 of mine but I moved alot in the bed: sitting up, going side to side, and even swinging my feet to the edge of the bed and strecthing. It all depends on the dr, hospital, and your medical history. take care


thefifthbaby - February 21

dear nervous i am a pro at having a c-section.i have been awake all 4 u do not have to stay on your back for 12 hours,u can b___stfeed your baby as soon as it is clear and the doctor wants you up and walking around as soon as possible.there is nothing to fear but fear itself.



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