New Cesareans No Muscles Cut

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Lindsey - November 13

Hi I was watching some baby show on discovery health the other day (sorry i cant remember which, there are many of them now) and they showed a csec being done and the surgeon cut the skin but did not cut the muscles, he worked around them and pulled the baby out the side. (Im talking the stomach muscles, obviously the uterine muscles have to be cut) He explained it helped the healing process. I might have to get a csec, I want this done, I don't want the permanent bump from the muscles being severed. Anyone know more about this??


Lindsey again - November 14

Uhmm ok I read more that no mucles are cut in either type of incision ever. So why are people telling me they get 'tha flap' from the stomach muscles being cut? What is this from then? Is this flap just from extra weight gain during pregnancy? Whats up, please help.


djh - November 14

Hi, I had my muscles cut, contrary to what a lot of people like to say. My doctor verified it and said why. I have extremely conditioned ab muscles from Elite gymnastics and he couldn't get them to budge during my c-secs. Also, I am very narrow from hip-to-hip and he didn't have room to push the muscles aside AND tuck my bladder up out of the way...that I know because I heard him talking to the a__sisting surgeon. I think the flap comes from the fact that the scar adheres internally to the underlying fascia and peritoneum and gets "stuck" to something. Therefore, if your skin above is loose or you gain weight on the area above your scar, you will have an overhang. Believe me, it doesn't take more than a couple of pounds to see the flap too. My sis had a csec and she is pretty thin, but if she gets up a couple of pounds she has one. I don't, and I don't know why, maybe it is because I WAS cut...who knows though. I am also thin. Good question.


Lindsey - November 15

thanks djh


djh - November 15

No problem. Lindsay, ask your doctor what method he/she uses. There is one called the Misgav/Ladach in which the muscles are slightly nicked and then pulled apart (or separated) rather than cut clean through. It is supposed to be less painful for the mom. I am not sure what you mean about the baby being pulled out the side....that doesn't seem like it could actually happen as you have internal and external obliques which run counter to the up and down rectus abdominals. Let me know what your doc says.



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