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rae - November 14

hey guys. i lost the other post, haha. i havent been on in so long, lifes been completely hectic. two nights ago we decided to keep our baby!!!! im so excited. we called sister/brother/his parents, but not mine yet. im so nervous and scared to tell my parents, but im going to do it soon. if not today, tomorrow, haha. i just know that they are going to have a very negative reaction, and im not looking forward to it. but other than that, everything is great. i miss talking to you guys! if anyone is from oregon, i know some of you were, does anyone have any clue about assistance? i dont know what is avaliable and how to get it or where to go. we do need as much as possible, especially housing assistance, because come december 21st, (or sooner, or later) im going to be evicted because baby makes 3 in a 2 person maximum occupancy apartment. we want to stay in the gresham, wood village, fairview area.. close to work and school, and such. also, i need help with names! i hope you guys dont mind me throwing some out there every once in a while. the last name is going to be rodman. (mine too, come summer) so dennis is out of the picture automatically... which kinda sucks because that is a family name. my dads and brothers... anyhow, im really excited, and im going to try to get on here more often. <3 rae.


Jbear - November 14

I don't know how the laws about apartments in Oregan work, but in Texas a baby is not counted as an occupant until the baby is 6 months old. So check with your apartments, you might be able to stay in your apartment for a while longer. Believe me, moving right after you've had a baby is not the best of plans. Here is a link to the department of human services (welfare office) in your state: (remove any dashes). You should sign up for WIC too...if you don't b___stfeed, it provides formula, and if you do b___stfeed, it provides some healthy food for you, and education about nutrition.


amy p - November 14

rae i am sooo happy for you..i think you will be sooo happy that you did will be so happy when you get your little guy and get to hold him in your arms, and especially now that you know you are taking him home with you!!!!!


Deb - November 15

HI RAE!!!!! I am out at Mt. Hood Tues. and Thurs. from 9-12...Math wing if I see a pregnant young lady standing there looking at faces I will know its you.. cant' stay on long tonight. More soon. Congrats on keeping the baby boy. Did you call Dina Levin yet? Gateway women's clinic, please check her out, you wont' be sorry.


Jenn... - November 17

Rae, I am so happy for you. I am the Jennifer you contacted via email. Anyhow, I want you to know that your baby boy can have a wonderful life, even if money is tight. My mom didn't have much when I was growing up financially, but my family was rich with love. I truly believe that is all you need to start a family, everything else will fall into place. Best wishes with your baby boy!!


rae - November 17

thanks guys. i found the perfect apartment today. i have no clue how we are going to pay for everything, but im hoping it will all work out. hopefully, anyhow. we have to continue paying rent here and then we also have deposits and first months rent and all that stuff. so, hopefully it will all work out. i didnt get to levin, i actually got a quick appointment at the womens clinic by the hospital. everything ended up working out there. now all i have to worry about is housing stuff. im going over our lease tonight, because we really need to make sure we can afford it. its 585 a month for where we are now, plus up to 575 for a deposit, and then 550 a month for rent.. which will all have to be paid on the 1st. we have to continue paying the 575 + 550 until february 1st, which would be the last time. so december, january, and february. i hope we can do it... well, im gonna go do that. there is a community a__sistance thing im checking into. hopefully it will work out. hope, wish, pray for us.. whatever it is you do.. we are gonna need it! thanks!


Deb - November 17

Rae, it is illegal to discriminate against children in the State of Oregon in regards to rental properties. Call the landlord/tenant hotline and see how long you have. If they don't want your baby, they have to let you out of your lease...sid pro quo...something for something. Seriously, check with your housing office for the city. Best of luck, you don't have much time left. Who's your OB?


rae - November 18

thanks for the advice. we are going to check into that as soon as possible. id love to be out of this lease. they were trying to get us to go for a one year, im so so glad that we didnt sign that. hopefully they will try some sort of discrimination thing, and we will be able to walk out no questions asked. or maybe they will just let us out. (*hoping*) im seeing regis mcdonald. my next appt. is a week from monday, and im very excited. k, well, im gonna go re-read our lease again.. and again.. until i can find a loophole. <3



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