Next Pregnancy After C Section

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lerato - August 22

how long do i have to wait to fall pregnant again.i have a vertical c section


ellie - August 22

how long do i have to wait to fall pregnant again.i have a vertical c section


mulu - August 22

3 years


kerry - October 19

I was told 6 months to 1 year after a c section


Nes - November 28

I was told 18months


Carrie - November 30

It's best to consult your OB/GYN. Everyone is different. I had two c-sections 18 months apart but it was a bikini cut. I had a friend who had to have the vertical c-section and her children were 20 months apart. You might consider that the vertical c-section puts you at a greater risk for uterine rupture should you go into labor with the second. Be cautious and get your doctor's advice. Good Luck.


jules - December 14

My doc said 2 years before I get preg again. I had a bikini cut and lower uterine incision. He said this is the best chance for the uterus to heal completely. good luck!


Angeline - December 16

Thank you for posting this question and for the answers to it. I just had my second vertical cesarean section 7 weeks ago. My first c-section was an emergency after they lost our son's heart beat - the vertical incision was due to his size and the urgency to get to him. My second was planned. In between my two boys I had a hernia operation and the Doctor told me that I should wait at least a year after my hernia operation before trying to get pregnant. Our first child was 14 months old at that time. We had our babies 4 years 3 months apart, and hope to have another child in a couple of years - which is what brought me to this site. My Doctor said another baby is no problem at all, though I did not ask about time frame because at 3 weeks postpartum I was NOT interested in the slightest to have another baby! Thank you again for this post.


Kim - December 31

My doc suggested 3-6 months (my C-section was the bikini cut type, so the wait didn't have to be as long). We currently have 2 children (a boy and a girl), so we're probably 'done' anyway. My daughter is 8-1/2 months old now.


lilmama - January 2

I had a bikini cut incision and got pregnant when my son was 4 months. My doc did not say anything about this being a problem


vicki - January 5

I had a c-section bikini cut. I was first told 9 months before the c-section by the surgeon. However, my family doctor said I could start trying for another baby right away as I am 35 and did not want to wait much longer to have a second baby. I have healed quickly with no complications.


lauren - January 9

I had a c section 6 months ago and my partner and I are planning now to have another baby. I had to have it due to the size of him but I was told to under no circ_mstances fall pregnent in the first 3 months, don't no if this helps you but good luck.


Christina - January 15

You have to wait 9 mos. before becoming pregnant again because i just asked me doc cuz i just had a c-section in Dec. and i wanted to know how long before we could start "trying" again for our 3rd child and she said at least 9 mos. before you become pregnant cuz you need a total of 18 mos. before delivering again adn if you become pregnant after 9 mos. then it's 18 mos. by the time you deliver.


Christina - January 15

Sorry, i forgot to mention that i had the bikini cut also but still have to wait no less than 9 mos. according to my doc.! I don't know if this differs from other docs but that's what mine told me


grace - September 17

I just found out I am pregnant again about 5 months from csection. I healed well, but doctor told us to wait a year. I am b___stfeedding and didnt think I could get pregnant. I am so scarred. Should we consider abortion? Will my uterus erupt? I had no complications with my csection and it was a bikini cut. Please anyone else have something similar and everything okay?? I would like this baby. thanks,


N - September 18

Grace - talk to your doctor. As long as you haven't had any complications from your previous c-section then you should probably be ok. There are women who have had children 10 months apart by c-section, but you will almost definately have another one with this baby. Yes, there is always a risk your uterus can rupture, but it can be very small with the right care. Your doctor will probably do alot of ultrasounds, some in the beginning to check on how things are, and a few in the end to watch the incision area.. If it looks like it could rip open, they will just do a c-section early. Congrats on your babies!


brina - September 21

august 18th 2004 i had an emergency c section its been almost a year and i want to try for my second but it seems something is wrong i didn't get the chance to ask my obgyn how long i should wait but i figured since its been a year and my doc said i was healing well when i had the st_tches and staples removed. i'm regular so i was wondering if anyone is going through the same thing . i also took the depo shot once after my six weeks was up could this be a set back too.



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